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Chaos Man is made by Real X Head, which is a small Japanese company run by Mori Katsura, who makes vinyl toys. Over the years there have been a number of figures and variations released as well as collaborations with other people or stores. There are a number of Mutant Chaos variants ranging in size and shape. Chaos Man is a larger sized figure and kicked off  the 8” adult sized figures from Real X Head, which have proven very popular indeed!


Name: Chaos Man
Line: N/A
Manufacturer: Real X Head
Released: 2009
Price: First released – 6,000 YEN (guestimate). Now – varies 6,000 – 9,000 YEN
Scale: 8 Inches in height
Accessories: None.


After buying a few Pheyaos Men, how could I not pick up at least one Chaos Man? It is the character that started the larger 8” Real Head toy series after all! So with an intention to buy at least two Chaos Men I ended up with a semi translucent red/pink version with a black rub (bought in Japan) and the subject of tonight’s review: A fully painted version (bought from the US).



I’ve partly covered what I think about the sculpting on this figure in my Pheyaos Man review. There are a couple of small differences between the two, firstly the hands have one less finger on them and secondly, but much more obviously, we have a different head. All parts have great amount of detail and it never looks like too much detail in the one place, its spread out really well. I’m a big fan of this base body and it still looks amazing even after acquiring a few Chaos Man/Pheyaos Man figures. The new Chaos head sculpt is excellent and coupled with the new body really makes the character look a lot more mature.



This is where this particular Chaos Man really shines for me. Beautifully blended reds, golds, silvers and blues topped off with a black rub that not only shows off the details in the sculpting, but really makes those colours pop! Masterful work with the airbrush gun on this one, by Goto-san Real Head’s one and only painter. Normally the paint application is always to a high standard, but for this one I think it’s really been pushed to the next level!



Chaos Man has six points of articulation: head, arms, elbows and waist. All these joints are swivels and can be rotated 360 degrees. For this type of figure and the material it’s made out of, this is a great amount of articulation for the larger size. You can get a good number of subtle, yet expressive poses as well as little more extreme ones. It really is a great base body for the small, yet growing, variants and collaborations.



No accessories for this figure, besides the scarf/neck wrap if you can even call it an accessory. It still looks pretty cool and it’s good this was carried over from the smaller figures.



There are none at all – this is an adult designer toy after all. It is made very well, so there are no issues with it.



I paid around $100 for this particular Chaos Man, it’s a bit of a mark up, but I haven’t seen this colour way anywhere else, so sometimes with Real Head figures you do have to pay a bit more then the norm. I bought this particular Chaos Man from Vicious Fun, and as per usual I’m very happy with their customer service, packing and prompt shipping too.



I enjoy this figure just as much as the Pheyaos Man version, considering they are fairly similar, it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. Chaos Man looks cool and the size is very impressive too. I’m very happy to be slowly building my own ‘Chaos family’. If you have any of the larger Real Head figures, you are going to need at least one Chaos Man in there as he is the starting point for all the rest.

The ever-growing Chaos Family

The ever-growing Chaos Family

Chaos Man and Pheyaos Man

Chaos Man and Pheyaos Man


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