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The Foot Clan are one of the most feared (fictional) ninja clans in Japan, led by Oroku Saki, known as the Shredder. The Foot Soldiers are his main minions to help in carrying out his evil schemes, originally human, they are now replaced with robots.


Name: Foot Soldier
Line: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Manufacturer: Playmates
Price: Then:$3.99 MOC, Now: $40 – $50 USD MOC, less if loose.
Scale: Roughly 4 inches in height
Accessories: Electro-Shock Mace, Turtle Shell Biter, Turtle Carver Knife and “Weapons Rack”

When growing up around the time I did, you no doubt had certain toys you grew up with during your youth. Transformers, Dino Riders, Lego, various Kenner Toy lines and definitely Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

My brother and I had the main turtles and villains, including the foot solider and I’m pretty sure we had at least two them and It’s always good to have some supporting characters during play time and the foot solider fills that role nicely.

Unfortunately for me and my brother most of our Ninja Turtles were given away to our cousins (against our will) and were never seen again.

So as you do when you get older, you want to reclaim your childhood, buying back some Ninja Turtles figures become a must. I don’t think time has been very kind to the original TMNT Foot Soldier, but I still have a soft spot for him even after all these years.


One thing Playmates original TMNT line always had going for it was the amount of detail in each figure. You could even say they had too much detail at times. The other thing was that the toys hardly ever matched the cartoon in appearance or colour palette.

However, this is still a pretty cool looking Foot Soldier; it’s very gangly limbs and thin build. I’m not sure if this one is meant to be a robot or not, but it definitely looks creepy.

Plenty of detail in the clothes and armor, the bugged out eyes are pretty cool too.
He’s pretty much sculpted in the one, slightly awkward pose, which pretty much all of the TMNT toys were.


Generally, I remember Playmates doing a pretty decent job with their paint applications, even if the toy is cast in most of the colours it’s meant to be. But, most of the time the overall colour scheme doesn’t match the source material (for me in this case the cartoon).

I’ve seen some photos of a custom figure made using this one as a base and painted in show accurate colours and it looks amazing, it’s a shame Playmates never did this themselves as I think it would have been great! The grays and blues are just a little bit too dull for me, however the purple looks great!


A grand total of five points of articulation. All of it swivel joints. Pretty standard for a toy from 1988. You are pretty much keeping him in the same pose, unless you are playing with him.


Playmates always included a decent number of weapons with each figure. They came packaged on a “weapons rack” which I always thought was Playmates just being lazy and not cutting the weapons off the mold tree. So it’s up to you to do that.

There’s a bit of variety between each weapon and they all look pretty neat. I think I prefer the Turtle Shell Biter the most.


Nothing to really worry about here. Obviously if the figure is loose you might need to scrutinize it a bit more closely before buying it.


I paid about $40 USD for one, but that MOC and back when the AUD was at parity with the US dollar. Plus shipping costs. I was pretty happy with that considering the age of the toy and I wanted one that was in excellent condition, so I paid a little more, you can still pick this guy up for next to nothing loose.


I think the Foot Soldier is a pretty neat figure, there are a few nit picks I have with it, mainly the colour palette choice, I feel could have been for cartoon accurate or at least, release a version in that style. The sculpting and accessories are the best parts of this figure and let’s not forget it’s an “army builder” toy as well. Which is always a good thing. If you have a vintage TMNT toy set, you’d need at least one Foot Soldier in there or two to round out that display a bit.

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Shredder is the evil leader of the Foot Clan of ninjas, bent on world domination. He’s easily the most well known adversary of the Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles. He’s not a very nice guy and is always hatching a scheme to take over the world somehow. But, those plans are constantly being foiled by the Turtles. It seemed like he was surrounded by a good number of incompetent morons, whether they be robot or mutant. It always seemed like no matter how brilliant (or hare-brained) Shredder’s plans were, the turtles would always come out on top.


Name: Shredder
Line: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Manufacturer: Playmates
Released: 1988
Price: Then: 3.99 MOC, Now: $20-$50 Minimum MOC.
Scale: 4 inches in height
Accessories: Sword, Ninja Stars, Fist Daggers, Kama


Who didn’t grow up with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon as a kid? It combined a good mix of humor, action and interesting characters with great animation and lets not forget great toys! I quite fondly remember having a set of the turtles and a few Foot Clan thrown in for good measure, not to mention the subject of tonight’s review: the Shredder. Even though he didn’t match the look in the cartoon too much, I still remember having the toy as a child and spending many hours playing with the toys. Has he aged well with time? Let’s find out!



The sculpting for Shredder is pretty good, his look appears to be based more on the comic then the cartoon and one of the more noticeable things is that the paint application on the helmet and face doesn’t match what is sculpted, this was obvious to me even as a child and I thought it always made shredder look a little weird. Shame they never released a version where he was painted correctly. Besides this one imperfection the rest of the figure looks great! Excellent detail on the armour and torso are the stand out parts. Plus the cloth cape/gown is pretty cool too.



I don’t have heaps of Playmates figures, just the key Turtles characters and a few Toxic Crusader toys so I can’t say what their track record is really like. I’ve been lucky to get 90% of my figures with great paint applications. With that said, Shredder’s paint applications are decent, but there is a bit of an issue with the purple in some spots, where it gets a bit soft towards the edges. The blue on the head is fine and the same can be said about the black paint.



Shredder’s articulation is as follows: Swivel head, swivel shoulders, swivel forearms and ball-jointed hips. It’s a nice mix of articulation, but it is mostly hindered by the horrible pre-pose the figure has been sculpted in, yes, it suits the character, but it really makes it a chore to have any fun with the figure outside of that pose. It’s even annoying at times to even keep him standing upright! So to make it crystal clear you aren’t buying this figure to put him in any crazy poses – that’s for sure.



Shredder comes with a good number of accessories, in this case nothing but weapons; the bad part is he can’t really hold any of them. With the exception of a couple of them, most just slip right out of his hands, the sculpting doesn’t help this, but it really makes a lot of the included weapons pretty pointless. The weapons themselves are pretty neat and most of them are included with the turtles figures as well, so there is a bit of reuse.



No real issues here. If you can help it, try to get one with a decent paint application. My Shredder had a bit of excess plastic on the blue armour parts and the weapons did too. Not a big deal, I just had to clean them up, but it was annoying none the less. Otherwise, Shredder is one rock solid toy.



I paid the middle of the road price for my new Shredder MOC and I’m quite happy with that as I was re-claiming my childhood when I purchased him. However, it really depends on which version you want, if you want to get the original version or a re-issue. There have been a few re-releases and even reissues by now so; you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding one in your price range. Just don’t pay too much for him, he’s not really worth anything above $40 MOC for the 1988 edition.


Check out those weird ninja back muscles!


Shredder has a lot of good and bad points, but he’s still a fun figure and definitely needed to go with any vintage Ninja Turtles collection. I just wish they had picked a better stance or given him slightly different articulation to make him a bit more enjoyable to pose and play with. He’s still worth picking up as it’s a classic toy of an iconic cartoon villain.



Sword accessory not pictured. (Shredder pretty much just stole one of Leonardo’s swords anyway)


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The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are a group of crime fighting mutant turtles lead by their sensei, Splinter and are named after four Renaissance artists’. They battle anything from small-time criminals to megalomaniacs. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles began as a comic series before being turned into a cartoon series on TV with a number of movies made as well. The toy line to accompany the cartoon series was very popular and successful lasting about ten years or more.
The Movie Star Turtles toys are based primarily on the second movie, The Secret of the Ooze and feature accessories used by the turtles from this movie.

Heros in a half-shell!

Name:Movie Star Leo, Movie Star Don, Movie Star Raph and Movie Star Mike
Price:Then $5 to $12, Now – $50 to $100 MOC
Scale:4.5-5 inch figure
Accessories: Various weapons/props for each Turtle and ooze canister




The Packaging for each turtle consists of clear plastic cover with tray, to hold the turtle and it’s accessories which are mounted on a sturdy backing card which features stills from the movie on a film negative roll and turtles logo on the front. On the back of the card there is a large still from the movie as well as product picture of all four turtles and accessories with a bio for the turtle at the bottom of the card. Each card is mostly the same with slight differences being the name of each turtle and “Mutant Movie Moment” picture on the back of each card and the bio. I quite like this packaging as it is very bright and colourful and features stills from the movie; I would say it would blend in fairly well with the previous turtle packaging, but still stand out on its own as well.




The sculpting for each turtle is done really well. I feel these are accurate to the source material and in my eyes capture the look of the turtles as they appeared on film.  They have nice sculpted details on the skin to give them a realistic appearance. There might appear to be re-use for each body, But it seems that all four turtles arms, legs and torsos are all different sculpts with subtle differences to each arm and leg as well as torso, for example there are scratches placed differently on each turtle’s stomach shell. Each head also has a different facial expression ranging from plain (Mike) to just down right crazy! (Leo)  The Arms, Legs and Head are all cast in a rubbery material used to mimic the look of the turtles in the movie, it works very well, however it can sometimes affect how well each turtle will stand in certain poses. The accessories for each turtle are also sculpted quite nicely and tend to be cast in either grey or brown plastic where applicable. In a lot of ways this keeps in step with the original turtles and weapons.




There is very little paint on each turtle – it is mainly kept to just on the bandanas, arm and knee pads, wrist covers and shell for each turtle. The paint application tends to be fairly clean, but there is still some slop here and there on each turtle, but it’s nothing to really affect the overall appearance. The eyes on each turtle are also nicely painted. For whatever reason, there are also dots or marks varying on each turtle painted on, with Leo having the worst of these, I’m assuming they are meant to add more detail, but do tend to look a little odd. There is no paint on the accessories the detailing on these are stickers applied to various items, such as the ooze canister.




The turtles have the following articulation: Ball-jointed neck, ball-jointed arms and ball-jointed legs, giving them a grand total of five points of articulation. It’s not much and less than the original figures. This is largely due to the rubbery material the parts are cast in making things like wrist articulation a little hard to do. You can still get the turtles into a number of nice poses, but, not as many as I would like.




Each turtle comes with a fair amount of accessories, besides their own personal weapons, they share the same ninja stars and ooze canister, but also come with additional movie or character themes items, such as Mike with the sausage nunchuku as used in the Secret of the Ooze movie or Don with the fire extinguisher. These accessories are quite fun and work well with each turtle and in most cases can be swapped between them. I understand Raph is a rough and ready dude, however I’m a little puzzled as to why he would want a turtle shell shield and turtle shell yuk-yuk yo-yo.



Potential Problems

The only real problem besides losing those damn ninja stars would be having the turtles fall over on you due to their rubbery legs, current count Raph – 2.These are well made toys so there are very little problems to be had




Mint on Card prices can vary, but it seems the going rate is about $50 per turtle. Not too bad, but they will be cheaper to buy loose. Ebay is the place to go, as usual.





I really like these figures, I never had the movie versions when I was a child, only the original four, but I did enjoy the movies, they were fun for what they were and in a lot of ways so are these the figures. They aren’t prefect, but only have a few minor faults. There is a lot of play value and they sure do look good posed together. They have many nice accessories and very detailed sculpts and do look quite cool. Highly recommended for teenage mutant ninja turtles fans.  



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