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Hordak is the leader of the Evil Horde and is a thorn in the side of not only She Ra and He Man, but Skeletor too. He was the main villain for the She Ra on the Princess of Power cartoon and uses a combination of magic and science powers. He was also a mentor to Skeletor at one stage until Skeletor betrayed Hordak and trapped him in another dimension, until Hordak returned for vengeance on all!


Name: Hordak (Filmation Version, SDCC Exclusive)
Line: Masters Of The Universe Classics
Manufacturer: Mattel
Released: 2014
Price: Then: $45, Now: $75 Minimum
Scale: 7 inches in height
Accessories: Magic staff and Imp


I was holding out for the Filmation version of Hordak, because to me it was what I pictured in my mind when I think of Hordak, not the black and grey version. My waiting paid off when San Diego Comic Con 2014 announced Hordak as the filmation version as an exclusive. Now, how to go about getting one when I’m in Australia?
First I tried BBTS, but they were sold out, so off to eBay instead. I managed to pick one up for a decent price, however the seller sent me a message saying the Imp chest had been delayed and I had the choice of waiting or cancelling. I did neither; I just wanted Hordak and Imp so I said: “Just send me Hordak, please.”
The only catch was that Hordak was intended to be a Christmas present for myself, meaning I would have to wait until then to be able to have him; hence why this review is so late.

There’s a fair bit of reuse here, but, that has come to be expected from Mattel. Hordak is pretty much just a repaint of the original Hordak release, without the cape. This doesn’t bother me personally too much, although a new head would have been nice. I still like the original head; it’s a very evil looking head and works well for Hordak. His armour is also the same from the original release, having not bought the first Hordak, (with the intention to hold out for this very one) I like the added bulk to his chest and the boots are a nice touch too. Everything here is sculpted well, Mattel have a great base body and they get a lot of use from it.


The Paint on Hordak is what I would expect from Mattel: it’s neat and used where needed and sometimes even where not needed! For example, the head is painted white. I would have just been happy if they cast it in white instead, but I’m sure it was cheaper just to paint blue plastic white instead. Apart from what I think was a weird choice the rest of the paint is used for detailing, like on the body armour, hood or boots. Everything else is cast in the colour it’s meant to be. I really love the blue tone on the arms and legs and I also love the contrast between the blue, black and red.

Hordak uses for the most part the basic He Man body and it has the following articulation: ball jointed head, swivel/hinge shoulders, hinge elbows, swivel wrists, ab crunch, swivel waist, swivel/hinge groin, hinge knees, swivel boots and rocker ankles. It’s a great amount of articulation and you can get Hordak in a good number of poses for the most part. His head is restricted by his hood and his ab crunch is a little restricted by his body armour.


Hordak comes with a couple of accessories, namely his Magic staff, additional canon arm with hand and evil sidekick, Imp. As before the staff is the same as for the original Hordak figure, but this time in a light grey colour with the same red Horde bat on top. It’s still a great and appropriate accessory for Hordak. It fits in his hand snugly and he can hold it without any problem in one or both hands.
The arm cannon arm with claw hand is great too! It has a number of nice looking robotic details on it and the claw hand can be place into the wrist without any issues. It’s a shame he only comes with one arm instead of two. Changing the arms over was a little tricky for me as it felt like too much force might break it, however the plastic is quite sturdy and after a couple of pulls the arm came out of the socket quite easily.
The last accessory, and easily my favourite, is the little Imp figure! He looks pretty cool and matches the source material quite well. He also has a little bit of articulation as well. His head and arms are all swivel joints and it’s nice such a small figure can still be posed a little bit.


Nothing to worry about here, Mattel has made a solid figure as usual.

I paid about $45 USD plus shipping, back when it was first released around the time of SDCC 2014, from a seller on eBay. I was quite happy with that price seeing Hordak ended up being a Christmas present for myself, so I ended up paying nothing for him. After a quick check on eBay it seems like, as per usual, the price has gone up pretty high so the cheaper the price you can get for him, the better!

Hordak is pretty much just a Filmation coloured version of the original Hordak release. Apparently we will get the robot Hordak head somewhere down the line. That’s cool with me if that happens, but right now I’m quite happy with the figure as is. I don’t have any other Hordak figures, so he’s my only Evil Horde leader and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve stated before that I’m collecting the MOTUCs figures based on my love of the toy designs, not the original cartoon. I think this version of Hordak should be in most people’s collections; just don’t pay too much for him.




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Mattel’s ‘Masters of the Universe Classics’ line has been around for a few years now and they are bringing us the original characters from He-Man updated and improved from their original release back in the ‘80s. The Sorceress is a very important character in the MOTU-lore being the guardian of the secrets of Castle Greyskull – the source of He-Man’s power. The Sorceress is also the mother of He-man’s ally Teela and is considered one of the wisest beings on Eternia.


Name: Sorceress
Line: Masters of the Universe Classics (MOTUC)
Manufacturer: Mattel
Released: 2012
Price: $22 – $35 then, Now: $140 – $200
Scale: 6.5 Inches in height
Accessories: One staff, Zoar bird and perch for Zoar


I’ve been collecting MOTUCs since they were first released. I had never watched an episode or owned a toy when I was young, but obviously still knew about MOTU. What episodes I have watched, I haven’t been impressed with. The animation, when compared to say Transformers or Dino Riders, most of the time, comes off as being lazy, although well-drawn and the action and/or cartoon violence is minimal if non-existent. This really makes it a struggle to watch for me.

The toys however, were something else as in many cases they are very interesting and creative. I only own two of the original vintage character toys: Beastman and Grizzlor. When the first few classics figures were released, however, my interest was piqued. If any type of He-man figures were going to draw me in, this was going to be it. A modern update of the original toyline appealed to me a lot. Being about 25-30 figures in to the line (only purchasing characters I really liked) I’m finally getting around to reviewing at least one figure from the series. I purchased Sorceress when originally released and I’m glad I did, as prices have now skyrocketed for the figure. Without further ado let’s get into my thoughts on the MOTUC Sorceress figure!



Staying true to its original sensibilities the MOTUCs line uses base bodies and adds parts and accessories to that body to make as many different characters as possible. In my eyes there is nothing wrong with that as it’s something toy makers do all the time, and if done right can have excellent results. With the Sorceress, Mattel (or to be more exact Four Horsemen studios) are using their female base body for this figure (for the most part at least). However, there appears to be a number of newly sculpted parts like the skirt, torso, tops of the boots, head and wings. All the sculpting work is great; there is very good detail work on the feathers located on the clothes and the wings. The head sculpt is one of the many high points of this figure, even though it looks a lot like a Teela head variant to me than Sorceress, it is still done very well and evokes the look of the character perfectly.



The paint on the Sorceress is mainly limited to highlights or shadowing. There appears to be dark washes over the blue cloth parts and dry brushing on the feathers that adorn the top of the boots, skirt and head dress. These applications work quite well and helps bring out the detail. The main paint has been applied to the face. It is very clean and there is hardly any slop. This is pretty much the same standard adhered to all MOTUCs figure I have, so, there are no complaints from me.



Sorceress has a good amount of articulation being the following: ball jointed head, swivel/hinge shoulders, bicep swivel, hinge elbows, swivel wrists and waist, swivel/hinge post hips, hinge knees, swivel boots, hinged ankles and rocker feet. Unique to this figure is a three layer swivel joint for the wings so they can be spread out manually, which is connected to the shoulder. You can get plenty of poses from this figure, even if the head and wings do hinder from time to time. It’s still a great base body and works very well for the female MOTU figures.



You get a small number of accessories with Sorceress, the most important one being the staff. It looks excellent, but is made from a very soft plastic so comes out of the packaging a little warped. It has settled down a bit over time and is now fairly straight, however it’s not perfect. Zoar and his perch are also quite cool and help round out the Sorceress pretty well. I’ve got a feeling Zoar is meant to represent the Sorceress when in falcon form, hence the colours chosen for it. This bird has been around the block a few times and been included with most female figures released so far, but, in this case it’s very appropriate that it’s included.



There are hardly any problems I can think of with this figure. It’s for adults and collectors who will take care of it. Perhaps, one should watch out for bent staffs. That’s about it.


I bought this figure off eBay back when first released and I paid a slight mark up from its original price. After checking eBay just quickly you are going to pay an arm and a leg for this figure right now and I really don’t think the price is justified in this case, it is in no way worth between – $140 – $200 ever! If you are able to score a cheap one right now, jump on it as quickly as you can.



I really don’t have too many issues with Sorceress; she looks great, can be posed well and the accessories are appropriate. Being a very important character in MOTU she looks great in the collection. If you already have her in your collection you are doing pretty well for yourself. If you haven’t picked her up yet and I can’t imagine why not, unless you are just getting into MOTUC and you will have a long, hard and expensive road ahead or you and Sorceress is reaching sky high prices.


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