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Drax is played by Dave Bautista in the 2014 live-action movie, Guardians of the Galaxy.  Drax’s family was murdered by Ronan the Accuser, acting on the instructions of Thanos. Drax has vowed revenge on not only Ronan but Thanos too. Drax made his first comic book appearance in 1973.


Name: Drax (the Destroyer)
Line: Movie Masterpiece Series
Product Code: MMS355
Manufacturer: Hot Toys
Released: 2017
Price: $200 USD – $220 USD
Scale: 1/6
Accessories: Various accessories and display stand.

After what seems like forever, Drax is finally here to complete the original Guardians of the Galaxy team, for a long time, it seemed like Hot Toys weren’t going to release him, or there were rumours of him being cancelled etc. But, the waiting has finally paid off and he is now here and ready to be reviewed! But Drax’s release is still not without controversy as many of Hot Toys fans have still found plenty of things to nit-pick about, some warranted, some not. I’ll try my best to cover all the issues and more in my review.


Inside the box you get the following items:

One Drax figure
Seven Interchangeable hands
One rocket launcher
Two blades
One pair of red Ravagers pants
One figure display stand



This was another one of those figures where fans were very vocal about the likeness or lack of likeness if you will or even lack of emotion in the sculpt too. I feel most these complaints are a bit of a bridge too far, as it looks just like Dave Bautista and it looks just like Dave Bautista dressed as Drax. Think, however, with the expression, the complaints are justified as he does need just a hint of emotion in his brow or mouth.

The main problem is, Drax’s character was a bit blunt and emotionless at first and opened up a bit over the course of the movie. With that in mind, I think the head sculpt works well, but it doesn’t work too well for action poses. It would be nice if Hot Toys at least changed the head a little bit for the figure from the next movie, but either way, I’m still happy with it.

The body is the other big talking point for this figure. I wouldn’t say they have started from scratch 100% but the chest is definitely new, but the proportions are a bit off, his pectoral muscles are a bit elongated when compared to photos and even his torso in general.

I don’t know if the arms need to be made bigger, but maybe a little more definition in the biceps would be nice and at least some sort of lat muscle would have helped the overall look of the torso immensely. Needless to say, the detailing on the tattoos is outstanding and  looks very cool, in person.


Hot Toys have done a pretty outstanding job with the paint application on this one. The intricacy of the tattoos made it a real challenge to mass-produce this figure with consistent results. With that in mind, I feel Hot Toys have produced this figure as flawlessly as they could. It’s definitely that high level of quality everyone has come to know and love.

A number of people weren’t happy with the skin colour of Drax, claiming he was too gray and not green enough. Well, there’s a video on Youtube, that show’s Dave Bautista having the Drax makeup applied and in that more natural lighting, it looks just as grey as the figure. So, no complaints from me, it looks great, it looks realistic and it matches the source material in my eyes.


Drax has the following articulation: Ball jointed neck, swivel/hinge shoulders, elbows, and wrists. Ball jointed waist, swivel/hinge hips, double jointed knees and ball jointed ankles. It’s a little less than the normal Hot Toys figure would have and that’s due to the torso having a lot less articulation than you would normally expect, Hot Toys sacrificed articulation for looks this time round.

I’m pretty happy overall with Drax’s articulation, I could get him in enough poses, I felt looked good once photographed. I did find the arms a little lacking more than I would have liked and even the torso a bit too and while we are at it, the hips are a bit restricted by his pants and underwear as well.

Even with all these limitations, I still enjoyed posing Drax quite a lot, it made it more of a challenge for me and I’m pretty happy with the results. For my display, he’s going to be in a museum pose, so I’m happy. I tried to push Drax’s articulation as much as I could for the photos and even with the trade-off in joints I’m still happy with the posing potential you have with Drax, you just might need to be a bit creative.


It’s not very often these days you get too many extra items of clothing with standard release Hot Toys figures, IMO. So, it’s nice Hot Toys included an extra pair of pants to go with Drax, so you can have some choice. Both pants fit quite snug and look excellent.

The best part of the outfit for me, is Drax’s boots they are not only quite detailed, but very chunky as well with the right amount of articulation at the ankles, more so the joint is quite stiff and couple that with the large size of the boot, makes Drax very steady on his feet and during the photo shoot, I never felt like he was going to fall over on me.

Technically, he also has a pair of black padded underwear to fill out his lower body and thighs a bit better, it’s a nice touch but can make it slightly difficult when changing over pants.



Drax comes with decent amount of accessories, Hot Toys pretty much gave him everything they could from the movie, outside of prison pants. If they had done that, that would have definitely been going above and beyond in my eyes.

With that said, in some fans eyes, the price of the figure isn’t justified with the amount of accessories included. But, I feel that’s a bit of an unrealistic view, considering other factors that we the fans aren’t privy to.

All the accessories are up to the usual high standard and look and feel great, the rocket launcher is pretty cool, but the blades are what I’ll be displaying my Drax figure with and they are about perfect. The extra hands are great too and all appropriate for the type of poses you would want to put Drax in.


With most Hot Toys figures there are always things to watch out for and Drax is no different. Firstly, there’s potentially paint rub if you handle or pose the figure too much, like on the neck, when moving the head, secondarily, you have to watch out for those wrist pegs as well, you don’t want to break one of them if you can avoid it. That goes double for any stiff joints like his arms or shoulders too.

Most of these potential problems can be avoided by reading the instructions and having plenty of experience with Hot Toys figures in the first place. But, even I never skip having a quick read through the included instructions, just in case.


I paid about $205 USD from Animarket and as usual, I was not only happy with the price but their customer service as well. I’m going to assume he’s somewhat popular now he’s released, but everyone selling him for a ridiculous price will most likely have trouble moving him. My best advice would be to shop around and don’t always rely on eBay as your source of figures.


Drax is a pretty great figure, however, he isn’t without a few flaws, mainly in the articulation department. However, I think it’s still an excellent effort by Hot Toys and he’s going to be gladly added to my Guardians of the Galaxy display to join the rest of the team. I feel the wait for him was worth it and I’m very happy with him now I have him.


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Marvel Studios smash hit Avengers: Age Of Ultron was the next big adventure in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, by not only introducing us to Ultron but bringing us a number of new characters too. The Iron Legion being one of them. The Iron Legion are a number of Iron Man Armours controlled by J.A.R.V.I.S, whose main role is to guard and protect civilians during battles involving the Avengers in populated areas.


Name: Iron Legion
Line: Movie Masterpiece Series
Product Code: MMS299
Manufacturer: Hot Toys
Released: 2016
Price: $123 USD – $185 USD
Scale: 1/6
Accessories: Various accessories and figure display stand.


Truth be told, I didn’t buy this figure for myself. I was actually a birthday present for my Dad that I went halves in with my brother. But after seeing it in hand I still felt the need to review it, so I borrowed it for a quick photo shoot. I think my Dad and brother are the bigger Iron Man fans in the family, but that doesn’t mean I can’t also enjoy their purchases too from time to time or review them from time to time either.




Inside the box you get the following items:

One Iron Legion figure
One pair of interchangeable rocket forearms
One pair of hands with articulated figures
One pair of battle hands (to be used with the light-up feature)
One figure display stand




The figure is beautifully sculpted with plenty of smooth surfaces, small details and looks quite screen accurate to me. Not having to have to worry about having a human inside, it’s a little bit sleeker than you standard Iron Man figure, it’s also made of plastic and is therefore quite light too.


I’m very impressed with the paint application on the Iron Legion, as expected it’s almost flawless even the wear and tear scratches all over the armour look great! All the detailing and logos are nice and crisp too. On a side note, I really love the colour design of this armour, it really pops in my opinion.


The Iron Legion has a lot of articulation, so hopefully, I don’t miss anything; you have a ball jointed head, neck, shoulders, hands, and hips. Hinge arms and double hinged knees what appear to be rocker ankles and a slight ab-crunch as well as hinged toes. All in all, you have an outstanding amount of articulation and it doesn’t ruin the sculpt at all either. No complaints from me, as I could get the figure in the poses I wanted with little-to-no trouble at all. I’d say Hot Toys have the articulation for Iron Man figures down to a fine art by this stage.


I didn’t have any issues with the Iron Legion figures head, chest and hands light up features, but Hot Toys have always had a bit of a dodgy track record when it comes to the electronic components of their figures. But, then again, it’s not like you are going to leave the lights turned on all the time. It’s just there as a nice addition to the figure after all.



Not a lot of accessories come with the Iron Legion, unfortunately. The two interchangeable rocket forearms are nice and the two types of hand choice are also good. I just wish perhaps we got a pair of fist hands to go with the other two pairs, that would be pretty neat. I enjoyed using the articulated hands the most and you can get a number of expressive poses with them.


I don’t think there are too many things to watch out for, perhaps check the figure over for any possible missing parts (it does happen after all). Otherwise, as far as Iron Man figures go, this is pretty sturdy and I would like to think somewhat durable too and as always make sure you read the instructions, so you know the posing limitations.


I paid quite a cheap price for this figure as I went halves with my brother in it as it was going to be a birthday gift for my father, but you can normally pick him up for what I’ve seen as quite decent prices, Mint in sealed box.


My only real complaint with this figure is that it is not an essential character/figure to have in your collection or display, it holds true to the expected fine level of craftsmanship that you have come to expect from Hot Toys, I just don’t think there’ll ever be a big demand for this guy after the Iron Man fans and Marvel completists  have bought one for themselves, hence why he’s still readily available atm. It’s still a great figure in its own right, it’s just a shame it might not get as much attention as it should deserve. Also, the lack of accessories by Hot Toys is a tiny bit of a letdown, but there was always only so much they could have included anyway.

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Hot Toys recently posted on their official Facebook page an update of what figures are to be released soon!

We know all of our fans have been waiting, so today we are filled with much excitement to share great news on a number of upcoming releases that will surely be one of the most eagerly anticipated news for Hot Toys fans and collectors!

In order to bring amazing collectible figures with high standards, fans have grown to love over the years, Hot Toys’ dedicated team is constantly working diligently to ensure our collectible figures can capture all the movie-accurate and remarkable fine details of the characters in our products.

The following collectible figures are expected to come soon:
– Captain America: Civil War – MMS Diecast Mark XLVI
– Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – Wonder Woman
– Guardians of the Galaxy – Drax
– Suicide Squad – The Joker (Purple Coat Version)
– Suicide Squad – Harley Quinn
– Star Wars – Snowtrooper
– Star Wars – Yoda
– Alien – Ripley
– Terminator Genisys – Endoskeleton

For more news on Hot Toys product updates in the future, please continue to stay tuned!

The two figures I’m most looking forward to are: Drax and the Endoskeleton from Terminator Genisys.
But, there is pretty much something for everyone in that picture! It’s going to be an exciting couple of months, that’s for sure!


Marvel Studios Captain America: Civil War continues the story after the events of The Winter Soldier and Age Of Ultron. After a series of unintentional accidents where the Avengers actions have lead to collateral Damage, Iron Man and Captain America take different sides on deciding what direction should be taken to oversee the Avengers actions. Leading to a climatic battle between the two sides, Scarlet Witch joins the side of Steve Rogers battling against her former teammates. 

Name: Scarlet Witch (Civil War Version)
Line: Movie Masterpiece Series
Product Code: MMS370
Manufacturer: Hot Toys
Released: 2016
Price: $199 – $250 USD
Scale: 1/6
Accessories: Various hands and items as well as a display stand

I’ve already reviewed the first version of Scarlet Witch from Hot Toys here. I’ll be repeating myself a little bit as this figure has a few things in common with that release. However, it does improve on some of the lacking aspects of the previous release (quality of hair, boot articulation etc.)

This is the first Scarlet Witch figure that I bought for myself, I waited for one to come up for the right price and promptly made my purchase and soon enough she was on her way from Japan via EMS and the price wasn’t half bad either.

Even if I’m a little behind on the release schedule (Scarlet Witch was released in December 2016 after all!), the wait was worth it, now that I have her in hand.


Inside the box you get the following items:

One Scarlet Witch figure
Seven interchangeable hands
One necklace
Four Scarlet Witch power flame effects
One Tiny Ant-Man figure (in running pose)
One display stand



This is the same head sculpt that came with the first two versions of Scarlet Witch and some collectors aren’t happy about that. It’s almost like they expect Hot Toys to make a new head sculpt with every new release. I’d rather they do what they are doing now, where they nail the head sculpt the first time and keep using it, just keep improving the paint application with each new release.

They have done a great job capturing the likeness of Elizabeth Olsen, so why ruin it by trying to improve on perfection? The body is pretty much the same too, but the hands and boots are not.


I don’t think there’s anything new I can really say here as far as paint applications go. Hot Toys continually put out the best mass produced painted figures in the market, no one can come close to surpassing them yet, they are all still struggling to keep up and it’s not just the heads, it’s the whole package! A lot of companies don’t bother to paint things like hands or bodies properly, not Hot Toys, it’s things like this that make them the best.

The care and attention to detail is second to none. Civil War Scarlet Witch is another shining example of this. The paint application on the face is extremely realistic and brings an unparalleled level of realism to the figure and excellent job by JC Hong and his team.

The head sculpt maybe the same, but the paint apps aren’t, I feel out of the three heads released thus far, this is the best version to date, just something about it looks a little stripped back, but it somehow makes the sculpt look even better, perhaps Scarlet Witch was just hiding under too much makeup the first time around.

They’ve even fixed up the flat flesh tone issues that the first Scarlet Witch had (the hands now having gloves on them helped in this instance.) Hot Toys have brought their usual paint application A game with this figure.


Scarlet Witch uses what I guess we can call by now the standard Hot Toys female TrueType body, which appeared around the release of Jill Valentine, Baby Doll, and Resident Evil Alice figures. Which we haven’t seen a release of it by itself yet, either, but we can only hope and pray for that!

It’s a great base body and has a few different leg, arm and bust variants to make it quite versatile. This particular version has the following articulation:

Ball jointed neck, ball jointed chest, ball jointed shoulders, double jointed elbows, swivel/hinge wrists, ball jointed waist, ball jointed hips, double jointed knees and ball jointed ankles.

You can get Scarlet Witch into a good number of poses and she’s not hampered too much by her clothes, like the first figure, the only part where she struggles are her boots, this time, though, it’s not a bad thing that she has extra added articulation where the ankles are, instead of solid boots, its that said articulation makes her a bit more unsteady on her feet ( I think the shin/calf part of the boot makes the ankles become a little looser than they should be), but at least this version of Scarlet Witch can now do much deeper stances, I’d recommend using the stand for her, however. Otherwise, it’s all good, nice and tight joints, she is a pleasure to pose.


Yet another category Hot Toys by default excels in.  They have mass produced 1/6 clothes down to a fine art. Now there are other companies that are catching up. (in my opinion, Blitzway are the closest) But Hot Toys still consistently nail it with each new release and keep pushing that envelope more and more.

I’m very impressed with Scarlet Witch’s outfit as a whole. The long red coat is the stand out for me, it just looks amazing, it’s incredibly detailed and it also has some wire in the ends so it can be posed flared out and even some tiny buttons to keep it pinned to her body at the waist!

I also like the look of the corset and ‘leather’ tights visually, for whatever reason, I find this outfit very appealing compared to the previous releases, even if it’s a bit more subdued than say, her Avengers outfit. So kudos the film’s costume designer and Hot Toys for replicating it in 1/6 scale.


You aren’t getting a lot of accessories with Scarlet Witch. A few extra hands and four “power effects” it’s a little bit more I guess then the first Scarlet Witch and the extra “power effects” are great and add a little bit more variety to your display options.

I feel the choice of hands is great, there is enough variety to get a lot of cool looking poses from Scarlet Witch and I did have a lot of fun trying different combinations out and playing around trying to get the best poses out of her.

The included mini Ant-Man is a nice touch as well.


There aren’t really too many things to watch out for with this figure, handle her carefully and read the instructions are two good pointers. Also, take care changing the hands out, I haven’t had a problem with the female figures wrist joints yet, unlike some of the males ones, but it never hurts to heat up the hands a little to make them a touch softer, if you want to be extra careful!


I paid about 24,000 YEN for Scarlet Witch and I’m pretty happy with that, beats the local price here ($340 -$ 360 AUD, you are kidding me!) Obviously, shop around and try to get the best price you can, but don’t delay too long as she appears to be quite popular. (When the price is right of course!)


This is my favorite Scarlet Witch figure from Hot Toys to date. If you haven’t picked up a Scarlet Witch figure yet, I’d say go out of your way to get this one. Otherwise just choose the one with the costume you like the most, either way, you won’t be disappointed. I feel this version has the best paint applications on the head sculpt and best rooted hair (out of the three releases) too. She’ll look great with the rest of your Avengers figures and better still look great with Quicksilver too.


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Finally, the last 1/6 scale Iron Man exclusive to the Roppongi Hills Mori Tower Marvel Age Of Heroes exhibition has been revealed by the Hot Toys Japan website!

After a slow trickle of information on each exclusive Iron Man armour, the final suit has been revealed at long last! A repaint of Mark 41 in retro colours! The details of the upcoming event are:

Hot Toys Pop-Up Store @ Marvel Age of Heroes Exhibition
Date: April 7 – June 25, 2017
Time: 10:00 – 22:00
Venue: 50/F, Roppongi Hills Mori Tower
Address: Roppongi Hills 6-10-1 Roppongi , Minato-ku, Tokyo

If you are in Tokyo during this time, be sure to check the exhibition out, normally most Hot Toys exhibitions in Japan are quite amazing to see in person!

Marvel Studios smash hit Avengers: Age Of Ultron was the next big adventure in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, by not only introducing us to Ultron but bringing us a number of new Avengers too. Quicksilver being one of them. Even if he initially wanted to destroy the Avengers he and his sister Scarlet Witch soon realized the error of their ways after Ultron revealed his master plan to them and they joined with the Avengers to help in defeating him.   


Name: Quicksilver
Line: Movie Masterpiece Series
Product Code: MMS 302
Manufacturer: Hot Toys
Released: 2016
Price: $185 – $260 USD MISB
Scale: 1/6
Accessories: Various hands 
as well as a display stand


Having just reviewed Scarlet Witch, how could I not review Quicksilver too? He was my favorite character in Age Of Ultron, even if he didn’t make it to the end credits. His banter with Hawkeye was quite amusing, I do have to say.

A lot of Hot Toys fans didn’t have high hopes of Quicksilver being made, I myself hoped they would make him, but the only thing that’s for sure about Hot Toys, is nothing’s for sure (to paraphrase Sting) and after Hot Toys posted a picture on their Facebook page of the “complete Age Of Ultron set of figures” and Quicksilver wasn’t there a lot of people weren’t happy, thankfully after a short time, they updated that picture to include Quicksilver and all was right in the world.

Finally, I have Quicksilver in my hands and even although I’m heading over to Japan soon, I wanted to at least get a few more reviews out before I left and I just felt inspired to do so.


Now onto the review of Hot Toys Age of Ultron Quicksilver!





Inside the box you get the following items:

One Quicksilver figure

Eight interchangeable hands

One display stand





After the initial pre-order announcement for quicksilver came up, much like Scarlet Witch’s head sculpt being a close match to Elizabeth Olsen, the head sculpt was a very close likeness to Aaron Taylor-Johnson.  Even the test shot photos shared by Hot Toys master painter JC Hong showed an excellent portrait and paint application.

Of course, there were still a few nay-sayers, who for whatever reason just couldn’t see the likeness in the sculpt. Thankfully these people were ignored and what we have is pretty close, if not even more so improved from the prototype.

I’m very happy with what I have in hand and hopefully, my photos have done the head sculpt justice too, it’s an excellent representation of Quicksilver from AOU, in fact; all of the previously released characters from the Avengers so far have been immensely improved from their previous versions.

Needless to say, I’m happy with the head sculpt and you should be too.





Once again another great effort here, the paint really helps bring the figure to life and makes that sweet head sculpt even better. Even the paint on the hands is up to the expected standard we’ve come to know and love, he may be lacking accessories, be he’s not lacking craftsmanship and quality.



Quicksilver has a little bit of a Frankenstein’s Monsters body in a lot of ways. Hot Toys have built up a vast catalog of arms, legs and torsos with each new figure they needed to make new parts for. Which means now they have a lot of parts to pick and choose from when putting together a body for a figure.

His arms are similar to the Advanced Truetype put out years ago, his torso similar to Indiana Jones or Hawkeye (with the shorter neck that torso has) and his shins are from the Tony Stark body they developed. So it truly is a bit of mix and match, but it works quite well I have to say.

Quicksilver has the following articulation: Ball jointed neck, Ball jointed torso, swivel/hinge shoulders, double jointed elbows, swivel/hinge wrists, ball jointed waist, swivel/hinge hips, double jointed knees and ball jointed ankles.

And it’s the ankles where he tends to fall down – literally. I had heard from other reviewers that Quicksilver had really loose ankles so I was curious to find out if I had the same issue.

Unfortunately, I did, but the fault lies in design. For whatever reason Quicksilver has the same long foot pegs that came with the T-800 (MMS/DX) which is fine if you have long boots to help hold the legs, not if you have nothing but the balance of the figure to hold you up and it didn’t help the ball joint was loose in the shoe too.

I changed out shin and ankle joints, matching the height but reducing the ball joint length, the ball joint was still a little loose in the shoe, but not as bad as he was at first. Still, I shouldn’t have to do that straight out of the box and I can’t help but wonder what Hot Toys green horns would do in that situation.



Here’s another category that should be an obvious win, but once again its a bit of a let down. Quicksilver’s outfit maybe basic, but it still is executed quite well, I love the look and feel of the running pants, they have even used a similar material that you would find normal running pants made of. (Hopefully, it does attract too much lint!)

However, the shirt, although looks great, I find it a touch too thick and it’s difficult to move Quicksilver’s arms and torso. Not to mention it can cause the hands to pop off too. But, that is remedied once you change hands a few times and the hole for the wrist peg stretches a bit on each hand.



You get some different hands and that’s it. But, they are all pretty appropriate, I guess. You get relaxed hands, fist hands, grabbing hands and running hands, two pairs of each, left and right. Considering all Quicksilver did was run and punch, you couldn’t expect much more than that. They are all sculpted and painted to the usual high standard we come to expect from Hot Toys.



There is really not too much to look out for, besides loose ankles and the always present fear of snapping a wrist peg, I find these larger male wrist pegs more susceptible to snapping than any of their older stuff, so of course, they then use it for everything!

Always be careful with Hot Toys wrist pegs, it takes 5 seconds to heat them up for an easy swap out, especially when it looks like if you broke one of Quicksilver’s ones you’d have to take off his shirt to change it out. Yeah, no thanks.



I paid $185 USD from Animarket, great price and as per usual great customer service. Best to shop around and get as good of a price as you can seeing Quicksilver isn’t one of the main Avengers or characters from AOU.



I was quite excited when Hot Toys finally announced Quicksilver from Age Of Ultron and now I have him in hand, I’m still quite pleased with the finished product. He has a few flaws, but I’m still happy to have him in the fold. Really up to you if you need him in your collection or not. Personally, I did, hence why I bought him, plus he adds a little more depth and flare to my Avengers line up, even if he just looks like a guy out for a jog.



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