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Yuji Nagata is known mainly for his time sent in New Japan Pro Wrestling. He is the longest reining IWGP Heavyweight Champion with a rein of 392 days. He is also the only wrestler to have won all of Japan’s biggest single tournaments and notably, spent a few years wrestling for American wrestling  promotion WCW during 1997 and 1998. He is known for his stiff, shoot style wrestling technique.    


Name: Yuji Nagata
Line: Super Star Figure Collection 44
Manufacturer: NJPW/Tohkon Shop
Price: Then: Unknown, Now: 1500 Yen MOSC
Scale: 5-6 inches in height
Accessories: None

One There’s no particularly interesting story behind buying this figure of Yuji Nagagta. I just bought it online for a pretty decent price, but, I have been a Yuji Nagata fan since he days in WCW, but mainly due to Japanese wrestling video games that I’ve played. Still, if you’re collecting Japanese wrestling figures, you tend to buy your favorites first and normally get sucked in after you find out how bad ass all the other wrestlers are.


This is easily the best part of the figure, the great thing about these Japanese wrestling figures is that they appear to have 3-D scanned the whole wrestlers body and added minimal articulation, it’s definitely the biggest draw card these figures have as it makes them very realistic  and as close to match thing wrestler in real life as possible, so with all that said, with is a very real looking figure of Yuji Nagata!


Paint is kept to a minimum and where it is used, it’s normally very neatly applied, this is one area you will seldom have to worry about for these figures, unless it’s loose as it might have been roughed up a bit. With earlier releases in the series you would get the card backer rubbing off some of the paint on the rear of the figure, but, later releases fixed this issue.


A grand total of three points of articulation for Nagagta: swivel joints at the shoulders and waist. That’s not really that much and you can’t do too much with the figure beyond it’s pre-set sculpted pose, but you can get some nice, slight variants to that pose, by simply moving the arms or waist a little bit.


Yuji Nagata unfortunately doesn’t come with any accessories, some different arms would be nice, But this figure is as basic as Japanese wrestling figures  get.


The only problem you are going to encounter with these figures, is plastic discoloration which can happen depending on how the figure has been looked after even MOSC samples can have problems if left out in the sun in a shop display. So, be very care when buying any of these types of figures.


I paid 1300 YEN using a bidding service to get one for myself and a heap of other figures, so it worked out to be pretty cheap, there are a few Japanese websites that sell these type of wrestling figures and there’s also a couple of great stores in Tokyo too!


This is a great figure if you know what to expect from it: It’s going to look amazing, but it will have very limited articulation and you are pretty much buying a realistic statue. There are also a few variants of Yuji Nagata so it can be fun chasing down the others ones, if you are a big fan of the wrestler. It’s a bit of a niche market for westerners, but they are still fun to collect!

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