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In Terminator Genisys Arnold Schwarzenegger returns as an unstoppable cyborg killing machine sent back in time from the year 2029, only this time not to terminate Sarah Connor, but to protect her from Skynet. The movie serves as a soft reboot and incorporates scenes from the Terminator into the film and changes the story considerably, it also features an extended future war battle where we see John Connor defeat Skynet.   

Name: Endoskeleton
Line: Movie Masterpiece Series
Product Code: MMS352
Manufacturer: Hot Toys
Released: 2017
Price: $230 – $250 USD
Scale: 1/6
Accessories: Endo Rifle as well as a display stand

Being the big Terminator fan that I am, you think that I would have had this figure on pre-order from day one. Well, I keep my pre order list pretty small these days as there are always plenty of options to buy Hot Toys figures from, once released.

This particular figure was released last week in Hong Kong and I wanted to get it into my hands asap. So I paid for one as “fast stock” ordered mid week, last week and It’s Monday here in Australia and the figure showed up at 9:30 am at my house, so it was definitely fast stock.

And just for the record I did add a small amount of paint wash to the Endoskeleton’s teeth to make them stand out just a little bit better and obviously , the figure does not come with a phased plasma rifle, I used a spare one from Hot Toys original Terminator Endoskeleton release.



Inside the box you get the following items:

One Endoskeleton figure
One Endo Rifle
Six interchangeable hands
One display stand


This was the make or break part of this particular figure, just how close to what was seen on screen was this figure going to get? I think Hot Toys have done a pretty good job of getting the Endoskeleton to match how they appear in Terminator Genisys. It’s got plenty of hoses, tubing and piston and all other manner of small details.

I do have one complaint however, the Endoskeleton appears just way too tall, it really needs to be at least one inch shorter then the height it is at. It towers over all my other Terminator figures and that makes it look just a bit too silly.
If we are comparing it to the original Endoskeleton release, then it’s definitely an improvement, but not without fault.

The light up feature is hidden well, pretty much the same as the 1/4 scale Endoskeleton, as you can see in the photos the eyes work just fine, no issues there.


As usual Hot Toys do a great job with their paint application, it really looks like the Endoskeleton has been chromed and then roughed up from time out on the battlefield. It’s a very shiny and metallic finish, which suits the Endoskeleton just fine and I really like the little bits of wear all over the figure.

The B.F.G


The Endoskeleton has a lot of articulation, hopefully, I don’t’ miss anything: ball-jointed head, swivel/hinge shoulders, hinge elbows, ball-jointed wrists, ab-crunch, twisting waist, limited ball-jointed hips, hinge knees and ankle pivot.

Some of the articulation is hindered by hoses and tubes as well as just by the design of the Endoskeleton, but you’ve still able to get the figure in a number of poses without too much trouble. You aren’t going to be getting anything too extreme out of this figure, but plenty of Terminator style poses aren’t beyond this figure. The joints were nice and stiff, he was a joy to pose for the photos.


Well, it’s an Endoskeleton, so there’s no outfit to speak of.


You get one “Endorifle” or more appropriately, a BFG and six interchangeable hands, being: one pair of fists, one pair of relaxed hands and a pair of weapon holding hands.

I really like Hot Toys decision to just make separate hands instead of one pair of posable ones, not only do they look nicer, but, are more proportional too. The Endorifle is huge! and unfortunately, it’s a bit hard to get the Endoskeleton to not only hold it properly, but stand up while holding it too. I really didn’t enjoy fiddling with the Endo trying to get it to work, it was quite frustrating.

He looks much better with the spare Phase Plasma rifle I had, just waiting to put in his hands! The display stand we’ve seen before and apparently doesn’t light up, I didn’t even bother checking this out as I really don’t care for this type of oversized display base anyway, I’m sticking with the classic oval display stand.


One of the main problems I can already see happening, is potentially breaking the ball-joints on the hands of the figure, there is three of them and they are quite small and even although don’t seem brittle, I’d still be very careful when changing over hands.

For the tubes that connect to those small ball-joints, you get spare ones, so maybe you could loose them if you weren’t careful either I suppose? I can’t really see any other problems you could have with the figure, other than trying to put it into poses it’s not meant to be put into, so in other words, read those instructions!


I bought fast stock, hence I paid a fast stock price. I was happy with that, as I wanted this figure asap. Now that it’s here, im very happy with it. But, if your not in now rush, I’m sure it can be picked up for a more reasonable price in a month or so.

Funnily enough, The price I paid was only a little more over my local distributors “retail” price so, it wasn’t that expensive after all.


This Endoskeleton isn’t perfect, (mainly just the overly tall height and ridiculously over-sized weapon) but it’s definitely head and shoulders above the old MMS release from way back when, I think it’s even a little better than the 1/4 scale one, but are talking about from an engineering point of view only.

They both have their differences, but are still both great in their own way. Hot Toys design and engineering have improved greatly over the years and this new Endoskeleton is proof of that. Worth picking up to upgrade, but, it would be great of Hot Toys could release the classic Endoskeleton at some point in 1/6 too.


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In The Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger is an unstoppable cyborg killing machine sent back in time from the year 2029 by the artificial intelligence network, Skynet to terminate Sarah Connor, the woman who will give birth to the future’s Resistance movement leader, John Connor.
The original terminator movie was released in 1984 and is considered one of the best sci-fi films ever made, It featured terrific action sequences, a well-written story, and incredible special effects for its time.


Name: T-800 Endoskeleton
Line: Quarter Scale Series
Product Code: QS002
Manufacturer: Hot Toys
Released: 2013
Price: Then: $399.99 USD, Now: $570 – $730 USD
Scale: 1/4
Accessories: Plasma Rifle as well as a display stand

You’d think being a Terminator fan I would have bought this figure the day it was released, well I didn’t, main reason being, where was I going to put this beast? I had seen my friend’s Enterbay Battle Damaged T2 T-800, and was obviously impressed with the sheer size and amount of detail on the figure. (Not really impressed by Enterbay’s choice of materials or their ‘hit and miss’ factory paint application.)

So at this point the thought of potentially owning the Hot Toys 1/4 scale Terminator Endoskeleton was in the back of my mind, I did come very close to picking it up the year before when I was in Japan as the price was still very good and brand new in box, I couldn’t complain. But alas, I had no space in my suitcase by this point and nowhere to put it.

However, the year after I was better prepared for such a potential purchase. Two suitcases devoted to mainly toy purchases, you can’t go wrong! ( I ended up sandwiching The Endoskeleton box with Hot Toys Godfather’s box in the one suitcase, another great deal on that one too!)

So finally I had this figure in my collection, but I still have no way to display it properly, so it just sits in its box for now. This review was the first time I was able to take the figure out and have a good and proper look at it and a good play around. Which probably worked out better that way as it makes it almost like I bought it brand new and hadn’t opened it before. Still, that sense of wonderment and excitement you get from your first couple of Hot Toys’ figures was definitely there as I removed this figure from the box, it’s easily one of Hot Toys best figures they’ve released so far!


Inside the box you get the following items:

One 1/4 T-800 Endoskeleton figure
One Plasma Rifle
One display stand


One of the best aspects of 1/4 Scale figures is the amount of extra detail that is applied to each figure, being much larger in size you can really take in the subtle skin texture on a figure, for example. But, this review is about the Terminator Endoskeleton. The extra detail you get to appreciate here is all the tubing, pistons and other mechanical like details of the Endoskeleton design in general, and boy is it detailed!

This is easily one of the best versions of the Endoskeleton in any scale and unlike Sideshow’s statues, for example, they haven’t given it funny looking teeth.

This figure just oozes awesomeness! The only very minor nitpick is that on the neck, there’s a very obvious mold line in the middle at the front. But, besides that, the sculpting is great!


I’m going to assume the Endoskeleton parts have all be chromed or vacuum metalized, however, this isn’t some shiny ‘fresh off the production line’ T-800, this one has been out in the battlefield for a bit and has a fair amount of wear on the surface of that chrome. The overall effect is quite nice. But, it’s that shininess that sets the figure apart from other Hot Toys releases of Endoskeletons and makes it really stand out.


I don’t know if I even want to try and work out just how much articulation this figure has! But there sure is a decent amount and a lot of it well thought out and also well hidden, that it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb either. Being a mechanical looking skeleton, it’s quite easy to hide some joints and other joints, obviously being just part of the design.

Things like the neck and hips are restricted a bit by the pistons and hoses, but overall he’s very poseable. You can at least get him in all the Terminator type poses you would want, and without the aid of the display stand as seen in the photos, but, I wouldn’t recommend leaving him displayed without the stand, however! The last thing you want is this expensive big figure taking a tumble!


Well, it’s an Endoskeleton, so there’s no outfit to speak of.


You get one Plasma Rifle and that’s about it. If you bought the Special Edition version of this figure, then you got two Plasma Rifles, which would be pretty sweet. But, one is enough for me.

As expected, the usual focus on detail and craftsmanship is ever present here. I was impressed back in the day with the 1/6 scale version of the Plasma Rifle that came with the original 1/6 scale Endoskeleton, But the larger scale means more detail and the ability to appreciate that detail more so as the scale is increased.

I can’t fault the rifle, with the exception of perhaps the colour as movie stills and some props lead me to believe the rifle is silver and black, but I actually prefer the all black/grey/gun metal grey colour, I think it makes the rifle look that much nicer in hand.

The other accessory is the display stand, I really don’t like the look of it, I think it looks quite boring and lame actually, I would have preferred some kind of simple black cover as an option and be able to swap out between the two. But, the paint and sculpting on the base aren’t up to the high standards of the Endoskeleton itself and that’s a little disappointing.


The only real problem I can think of is, that I reckon the arm and/or ankle joints might loosen up over time, especially the arm or arms holding the Plasma Rifle, even if it isn’t that heavy, those arms look like they would have trouble over time. Other than that, finding space for the damn thing!

I’m not devoting a whole shelf in my cabinet just for the terminator, but if I were to get one of those large acrylic boxes, I’d have found my solution to the problem, so alas, the Endoskeleton stays in its box for now.


I was lucky enough to pay around $350 AUD for this guy back in 2014 thanks to the many second-hand toy stores in Tokyo. The plus side to it being second hand is you are encouraged to inspect the item before you pay, so if there are any problems, hopefully, you can spot them!

I was happy with the price and it was my big splurge on that trip as I hadn’t really bought anything notable up to that point of my holiday.


If you are in the market for some 1/4 scale goodness, then you can’t go by this amazing figure from Hot Toys, even though I don’t buy many 1/4 scale figures (This being my only purchase in the scale so far) I needed this guy in my collection at some point, as I am a big Terminator fan and besides 1/1 scale stuff, it doesn’t get and bigger or better then this!

If you can find one for a decent price these days, all the better as the prices only seems to go up for all 1/4 figures, be it Hot Toys or Enterbay. If you are a Terminator fan and have the space and the budget I’m sure you already have this, if you don’t I wouldn’t sit on your hands too much longer as it lives up to the hype. It may have one or two minor nitpicks, however it is still truly an extraordinary figure to have and own!


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Terminator 2: Judgement Day was released for the Sega Megadrive in 1993 by Flying Edge and developed by Bits Studios. It was a side-scrolling shoot ’em up and driving game based on the Terminator 2 movie. You play as the T-800 and have to find and protect a young John Connor and his mother Sarah Connor from the T-1000.

Title: Terminator 2: Judgment Day
System: Sega Megadrive
Publisher: Flying Edge
Developer: Bits Studios
Released: 1993
Genre(s): Action-Adventure

This game is most likely always confused with the more popular T2: The Arcade game which was also ported to Sega and Nintendo around the same time.

This game had the potential to be a fun and enjoyable game, but quite a few things hold it back, like no continues at all and incredibly frustrating driving controls and navigation in the driving levels themselves.

Plus the difficulty really ramps up after you rescue Sarah Connor (the following driving level is one of the hardest parts of the game if you haven’t memorized the best way to get there.)

At least it follows the plot of the movie quite closely and you get to visit pretty much all of the important locations in the film. (with the exception of the future war, which would have been a nice touch.)


As basic as it gets. Some nice artwork for the Endoskeleton head before the title screen, but the rest is quite drab even the final images when you finish the game are very washed out and boring to look at.


The graphics for this game are serviceable at best. Black is used a little too much during night levels and some of the background sprites are just plain uninspired and ugly. The Terminator and other characters look quite nice and are animated well and the explosions look pretty nifty. Some levels like the first one, for example, are nicer to look at than others, say the steel mill. The isometric driving levels graphics are quite small but decent to look at.


The sound effects in this game are decent at best. The gun sounds kind of sound like gun sounds and the explosion sounds are ok. What really doesn’t sound that good is the music. As far as I can tell there are only two tracks, one for the side-scrolling parts and one for the driving parts, the side-scrolling music is really repetitive and gets old real fast. The Driving one, not so much, because you’ll be too distracted by the frustrating driving controls and difficulty of each part to notice the music much.


On Emulator the game responds ok and on the actual Sega Mega Drive itself the responsiveness isn’t much worse. There is a slight delay between pressing the fire button and the guns actually firing too.


If you manage to get to any of the later levels not using an emulator or cheats you are doing well for yourself. After you finish this game, you most likely won’t want to play it again anytime soon.


Terminator 2: Judgment Day is not that great of a game, it has some flashes of brilliance, but, overall it’s a bit of a mess, I was lucky to be able to rent it back in the day from my local video store and at least it wasn’t bad paying $5 to have it for a few days and when said video store was selling it picking it up for next to nothing. I wouldn’t recommend paying too much for a copy of this game with the box, better off just playing it on emulator as the ability to save as you go really helps to get through some of the tricky parts.


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Long time readers of my blog will know I’m a pretty big Terminator fan and have plenty of Hot Toys’ figures from Terminator 1 and Terminator 2. What I also like to do is kit-bash my own Terminator figures from time to time and have made plenty of my own interpretations of the character mainly based on 2029 ‘Future War’ setting. Although I really like the all leather look from T2 I’m not crazy about the leather jacket Arnold wears in T2, plus I preferred it when he was the villain, not the hero.

With that in mind, I decided to create a leather-clad version of the T-800 I would be happy with that used parts from many of Hot Toys’ Terminator figures.


I ended up using the original MMS head from the first Terminator 2 figure that Hot Toys released as it is one of their better Arnold heads, even if it was shunned by most collectors when the DX10 was first announced and released, I feel it is still the better look to match Arnold from the film as it looks a little older and compliments the Terminator 1 MMS Tech Noir release.

One thing to note is, this head is from the second batch of T2 MMS Terminators Hot Toys made, I know a lot of fans were in up roar when Hot Toys announced they were doing a second run of Han and Chewie and Obi-wan.  But it’s not the first time Hot Toys have done this, the Appleseed Saga figures (MMS 51 and MMS 52) had two runs as did the Terminator 2 T-800 (MMS 117)  figures that I know of and there could have been more instances of this. Being a second batch, the detail on the head has been increased, especially the skin texture.


I also made up a custom body, using parts from the DX10 (arms), T1 Battle Damaged (chest) and even Tech Noir (neck connector) to get the desired look for the body. This may seem like a touch overkill, but I wanted the right look and even if I had to Dremel the head to get it to fit on the new neck, it was worth it.


Next was putting the clothes together, nothing too hard here, just T1 Battle damaged jacket, DX10 pants and gloves, MMS boots and a black shirt, from, I’m assuming, Joe Colton as the MMS black shirt, the neck fits too loose. To top it off DX10 sunglasses which are much superior to the MMS release in size and shape. Throw in a variety of weapons and this Terminator custom is good to go. Looks a lot more sinister and intimidating than the MMS or DX10, almost how Arnold should have looked in T3.


I’ll let the rest of the pictures do the talking, but I’m very happy with this kit-bash, only thing left is to team him up with Robocop, perhaps…









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Terminator 2: Judgement Day was the block-buster sequel to the original Terminator movie. Where not one, but two Terminators are sent back in time: one to protect a young John Connor and one to terminate him. Robert Patrick played the shape-shifting “liquid metal” Terminator targeting John Connor, in one of the most iconic Sci-Fi/Action movies of the 1990s, if not all time.


Name: T-1000
Line: Movie Masterpiece Series
Product Code: MMS 129
Manufacturer: Hot Toys
Released: 2010
Price: Then: $260. Now: Average $400 MISB Minimum.
Scale: 1:6
Accessories: Various hands and weapons as well as figure base with T-1000 nameplate and Terminator logo.


Hot Toys have brought us a number of Terminator figures over the years and have just announced recently they will be making figures from the upcoming Terminator Genesis movie. The T-1000 was released a few years ago (2010 believe it or not), that almost makes it a retro review in book.

Being a Terminator fan, of course I bought this figure when it first came out; in fact I bought two and some loose parts to make at least three different versions of the T-1000 from T2.

Then I sold one and had only one T-1000 on display. Jump forward to 2014 and I decided I wanted all the different versions from T2 for the T-1000 for my Terminator display. (Yes, I wanted to get that nuts)

I decided to play it smart and hunt down the T-1000 in Japan as I was sure I would get one or two for a good price – and I did! I found two T-1000s MISB for $200 AUD and $300 AUD respectively. (Far below eBay and Facebook group prices) But I really had to crawl through a lot of stores and Otaku areas to find them. But, the hunt was worth it! (one plus is that over the years I have seen a lot of stores start heavily pushing Hot Toys in Japan, where as when you walk into the store it’s the first thing you see or at least has a very prominent display in said store!)

I also managed to pick up the so called “donut head” from a mate of mine for about $90 AUD.
Now I had all the different versions of the T-1000: the normal police officer (first half of the film), the highway patrol officer (second half of the film) and combination normal police officer shirt and highway patrol officer pants and boots (final act) and even a variant of that version with the donut head. So in total I now have five T-1000s which I’m sure in anyone’s book comes across as a bit obsessive. (Expect for the most hardcore Hot Toys Terminator collectors of course!)

So after this long and winding road I have now decided to get around reviewing the T-1000 from Hot Toys. I’ve had this particular figure in my collection for a long time and rightfully so, considering how much of a Terminator fan I am.


Inside the box you get the following items:
One T-1000Terminator figure
Ten interchangeable hands
Two head sculpts
One police uniform
One black Highway Patrol officer jacket
One navy blue Highway Patrol officer pants
One pistol
One submachine gun
One Police belt
One pair of black boots
One pair of hook arm attachments
One blade arm attachment
One black belt
One hand cuffs
Two pistol magazines
One Torch
One sunglasses
One walkie Talkie
One pen
Nine magnetic bullet hits
One display stand

The head sculpt for any Hot Toys figure is always going to be a critical component to how good the figure overall will be. Usually about 90% of the time Hot Toys will nail the likeness of the actor, that other 10% of the time, it’s still a good sculpt, but the likeness is just not there. I feel the T-1000 looks great, but it’s not 100% Robert Patrick to me, something is missing. Something about the shape of the head just isn’t right to me – and I’m a very passionate Hot Toys fan too. The head has a very fine skin texture on it as well, something we don’t see as much with newer releases, I think they really tone that down a bit with new offerings. The second head which has been split in half by the T-800’s shotgun blast is great too the liquid metal healing effect looks awsome. Comparing it to Enterbay’s offering in ¼ scale, Enterbay did the better job. It’s still a very good head and great expression for the character.

Hot Toys always do a great job with their paint application, especially with their head sculpts. Even though Hot Toys have continually pushed the limits with each release, the T-1000 still holds up well today with their newer releases. There isn’t any slop or blemishes to be seen (and I have a number of heads to compare over). From the head sculpt to the hands and even the accessories the paint is exceptional.

The T-1000 comes with the standard Hot Toys true type body. But this one has the difference of slim forearms to match Robert Patricks build a bit more. You get all the useful articulation you would expect from a Hot Toys figure: ball jointed neck, swivel/hinge shoulders double jointed arms, swivel/hinge wrist, ball jointed chest, ball jointed waist, swivel/hinge hips, double jointed knees and ball jointed ankles. You can pretty much pose the T-1000 any way you want, but still in a natural way – the Truetype body moves the same way as a normal human body does.



Hot Toys have given us at least two outfits here – normal police officer and highway patrol officer. Both these outfits are tailored to snugly fit the Truetype body and can be a little restrictive (the police shirt at least!) when posing. However it’s still overall great work, there are a few threads that need tidying up here and there, but besides that its still Hot Toys great standard for outfits.


The T-1000 is absolutely loaded with accessories! The options are almost endless. As stated before, you can cover almost every version or look for the T-1000 from Terminator 2 with little to no trouble. I don’t think Hot Toys have missed anything for the T-1000 he’s got everything he needs. The only problem you might have is deciding which version you want to display if space is limited (if I had no space I would definitely go with the highway patrol officer) as expected all the accessories are well made and crafted almost perfectly to match the source material.


There are only a couple of minor issues to watch out for with the T-1000 that I found, those little sliver dots on the police belt sometimes come off (at least now days Hot Toys give us spares!) and you have to watch out for the black or blue clothes leaving stains (at least one T-1000 I bought recently had stains on the plastic legs from his socks, I was more worried about the hands, but they were fine, thankfully!) Also the leather belt that comes with the T-1000 for the steel mill battle can flake a bit in you aren’t careful when trying to get it through the belt loops ( I had to buy at least one replacement one unfortunately). Otherwise this is a solid release from Hot Toys.


For all the T-1000s I bought I paid great prices for them, when they were first released and even after it has been released for years now, I still found a couple in excellent condition for a great price. So in short, if you have the patience and know where to look, you have a good chance of finding one for a great price, don’t give in to those eBay prices if you can avoid them, you should!

Even though Hot Toys’ T-1000 figure has a few flaws, it’s still an excellent figure and still overall the better release in any scale – main reason being all the accessories and clothing choices you have with the figure that really make it stand out to me. I’ve had this figure a long time and it’s remained one of my favourites with good reason: it’s a bench mark for the sheer amount of display options. If you have the MMS T-800, DX10 or DX13 you need this figure to go with him. If you’re a Terminator fan, you need this figure. It’s that simple.


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Terminator 2: Judgement Day was the block-buster sequel to the original Terminator movie. Where not one, but two Terminators are sent back in time: one to protect a young John Connor and one to terminate him. Arnold Schwarzenegger reprises his role as the T-800 reprogrammed to protect; in one of the most iconic Sci-Fi/Action movies of the 1990s, if not all time.


Name: T-800 (Battle Damaged Version)
Line: DX
Product Code: DX13
Manufacturer: Hot Toys
Released: 2013
Price: Then: $280. Now: $360 MISB Minimum.
Scale: 1/6
Accessories: Various hands and weapons as well as T-1000 display piece.


Hot Toys have released a number of Terminator collectibles, with some of their first Movie Masterpiece releases being Terminator figures. They have covered characters from each of the first two Terminator films and Terminator Salvation. One of the most fan requested was the T-800 from T2 as it looked at the very end of the movie: Battle Damaged. Ever since the first MMS Terminator 2 T-800, fans have been asking for this figure. Finally, Hot Toys have delivered with their DX13 T-800.

The reason why I have been so late in getting to my review of this figure is simple: I could not decide if I wanted it in my collection or not, I pre-ordered one and received it when it was originally released, decided I didn’t want it, sold it.

Bought another one from Mandarake a few months later, decided once again I didn’t want it and sold it.

Finally, this year I decided to be true to myself and focus my Hot Toys collection more on the figures I love, namely Terminator and other 80s/90s movies, therefore I needed DX13. I was lucky enough to get one off Yahoo Auctions Japan MISB for $270 AUD as well as the spare clothes to make the second one (I already had the spare body at home) and had it shipped to me while I was in Tokyo. First thing I did after unpacking when I got back to Australia, was assemble the Terminator as both versions: some-what battle damaged and really battle damaged.

So after having this figure for a few weeks now and having previously owned it on two separate occasions, have my thoughts on it changed much? Let’s find out!


Inside the box you get the following items:
One T-800 Terminator figure
Eight interchangeable hands
Two head sculpts
Two leather jackets
One damaged grenade launcher
One pistol
One machine gun
One bandolier
Twelve Grenades
One rod
One T-1000 Statue
One display stand

The two heads that come with DX13 are excellent! They aren’t perfect, but are some of the best Arnold sculpts we have ever gotten from HT. However, the heads appear a little big and that could just be because they had to fit PERS and a light up feature in the head(s). The only problem I have with the head sculpt is Arnold looks a little too pouty around the lips, so the portraits border a little on caricature, but otherwise great and it is definitely Schwarzenegger at every angle!
The torso is also newly sculpted to show the damage done to the T-800’s chest. We lose the torso articulation just under the pectorals, but it doesn’t matter too much as the new body looks fantastic and more than makes up for it.

Hot Toys always impress with their paint applications and this time they’ve done an excellent job! Especially on the damaged and bloody parts of the figure, they look great when compared to the source material, the skin tones, as the norm for Ht figures, are amazing.

The only negative I have with the paint is the “stubble” affect on the face with all the heads I’ve seen it can sometimes comes a bit too dark; it’s hard to tell from these photos, but it looks like the T-800 has 5 o’clock shadow and a number of photos online and figures I’ve seen in person all have this same problem, it bugs me a bit.

the DX10 had an issue with an over pronounced stubble mustache, but they really pushed it a bit too much here, they’ve toned it down for the T1 Battle Damaged Terminator, but it’s something Hot Toys really need to address, when the Terminator, in the bulk of his scenes looks clean shaven, please don’t go giving him a “stubble” effect just because it’s more realistic HT!

It seems like I’m the only one, who has noticed this problem, but it really bothers me, the two heads I’ve got, it isn’t too bad, but it can be worse or the same depending on who painted the figure at the factory, they got it right with the MMS and Tech Noir T1 I really hope HT can stay away from copying Enterbay on this matter!



The articulation is almost the same as the DX10 body, (or “Arnold” Body if you will) Ball-jointed neck, swivel/hinge shoulders, double jointed elbows, swivel/hinge wrists, swivel/hinge waist, swivel/hinge groin, double jointed knees and ball-jointed ankles. Hot toys do a great job with their bodies for their figures and this one is no exception. All the terminator type poses you want to put the T-800 in you can and it will look realistic and “hang” naturally. The boots and chest do restrict the posing a little, but not enough to ruin any enjoyment of this figure. Considering most poses involve the Terminator standing there and pointing a gun, achieving these poses isn’t a problem.





Hot Toys really impress with the outfit as well, the ripped up and dirty grey T-Shirt looks great and the damage on both jackets look amazing too. Even the pants are impressive with the rips and tears made to the “leather”. The outfit isn’t real leather like the DX10, it’s the same material as the MMS release, however they have really improved the fit and quality of the jacket in between releases.
The weathering is fantastic and adds to the awesomeness of the figure, HT have outdone themselves here.


You get a number of great accessories with DX13, pretty much all of weapons as used by the T-800 at the end of the movie and one massive accessory being the t-1000 statue that can be used when posing the T-800. I really think the T-1000 statue, while cool, is a bit of a waste of space. It’s not something I would want to display with my DX13 when I already have a few T-1000s already, which look a lot cooler next to DX13.

The weapons are up to the usual standard from HT and as expected all look great! We are given 12 grenade rounds for the bandolier even though Arnold doesn’t have that many by that part of the film, it’s still nice to have them.

We are also given the typical over-sized DX base, anyone who knows me, knows my thoughts on these bases are this: I don’t like them and prefer the smaller classic style bases from HT. In fact for my DX13s on display I’m using the MMS display bases instead. They are just that much nicer in my opinion.




Nothing really to worry about, I think Hot Toys have the PERS figured out quite well by now, I don’t think it will break as easy as the DX01 used to (not that I’m trying to break it when I use it!). However still be careful when using PERS and don’t forget to read the instructions that come with the figure.

Also be careful if you are changing the arms over on your figure, the arm joint is a lot smaller to accommodate the destroyed arm, make sure you use a hair dryer to soften the arm components so they change over as easy as possible, you don’t want to break that smaller joint.




I paid a really good price for my DX13, considering people are asking much more for it, $270 AUD is a steal. If you are able to find one at a good price, then go for it. Just try not to pay over $400 AUD for one as they can still be found for good prices if you know where to look!


Even after not really being sure if I wanted this figure in my collection or not, now after making a firm decision and welcoming it back in the fold, I am happy to say it is very deserving of the DX title. It’s not perfect, but it is one of the best Terminator figures released and in my mind even tops Enterbay’s ¼ scale Terminator, mainly due to the sheer amount of display options and ability to have multiple figures from just one set. If you are a Terminator fan, you must have this figure. If you are a Hot Toys fan it’s definitely worth picking up for its excellent craftsmanship of an iconic character.



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