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I was really looking forward to the new Wolverine figure from Hot Toys after seeing the latest movie. I was hoping Hot Toys would really hit it out of the park with their 1/6 scale figure and to an extent they did, but the figure has one problem, a horrible painted mustache were there  should be only stubble. This isn’t the first time they have done this, Aliens Mark Drake comes to mind about now, another figure that needed fixing. I had really hoped by now Hot Toys would have gotten their act together in terms of actors approval, especially for the Wolverine at least!  Not one to sit on their hands and just accept the card dealt to me, I took it upon myself to fix the error.

Although I’m still waiting on my actual order from Animarket, I went and bought the head loose (just in case my painting skills had by the off chance deteriorated, thankfully not!) so looks like I’ll be also repainting the second head I get too and seeing I couldn’t just leave the newly fixed head bodiless, I also purchased the body and hands for the Wolverine too. It’s a make shift kit-bash with HT Origins Wolverine singlet, James Dean Red Jacket Ver boots and jeans to complete the look for now.

Please note, I have painted stubble on wolverines upper lip, not a flesh tone, as this suits the characters look in the movie perfectly. The Sculpting of the head is perfect and now I’ve fixed the head, it’s 100% Hugh Jackman to me.








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