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Venusaur is a Seed Pokemon and the final stage of evolution of Bulbasuar, Razor Leaf and Vine Whip are two of its common and popular attacks. It is a Pokemon that is not considered as popular as some of the other main characters, however, it is still a mascot for Pokemon Green and Green Leaf versions of the game


Name: Venusaur
Line: D-Arts Pokemon
Manufacturer: Bandai
Released: 2013
Price: 3,400 YEN
Scale: 31132 inches in height (roughly)
Accessories: One base and Two Vine Whip accessories 


I didn’t get into Pokemon that much when I was younger, sure I watched the cartoon in the morning, but I felt I was just a little too old for it to appeal to me. I did really like all the original monster designs; the Gameboy versions of the Pokemon games I really didn’t want to touch due to the dreadful mono-chromatic graphics. However when the Gameboy advance version came out, I took a little bit more notice, with graphics more like what one would expect from a Super Nintendo, even if on a smaller screen, I was able to enjoy and appreciate the Pokemon series beyond just the cartoon.

Bandai is now bringing out Pokemon monsters with a large number of articulation and great sculpting. I’m reviewing the fourth release from the series, one of my favourite Pokemon – Venusaur.



This is one of the main selling points of the figure in my opinion. The sculpting is excellent; Bandai have done a great job bringing Venusaur from 2D to 3D. Comparing it to pictures from the game and cartoon, it’s easy to see that it could be from either one. Even though most of the sculpting is smooth surfaces, there is a nice amount of detail of the leaves and petals as well as the trunk that holds them. There are a few little bits of detail on the main Venusaur body, like bumps or warts, depending on what you want to call them. This figure’s sculpting really looks great and was one of my reasons for purchasing it.



Paint is kept to a minimum, but I feel it helps when considering the source material. Which weather cartoon or video game, the detail in the characters was always fairly simple. What paint we do have is mainly used for detailing, such as teeth or inside the ear, etc. It’s all very clean and crisp with little to no slop – basically what most collectors should come to expect from collectibles in this day and age.



One thing guaranteed with any Figuarts/D-Arts figure from Bandai is that it will have a lot of articulation and I mean A LOT. Sometimes even articulation where you wouldn’t even need articulation! This figure has at least 24 points of articulation, the bulk of which are ball jointed, even something as simple as the mouth is on a ball joint. Each individual petal and leaf is ball jointed and each leg is split into three sections. The body and head are also split up into a number of sections giving you greater possibility for this figure, even though most poses for this guy will be with all four feet on the ground you can get very subtle variations of expression from Venusaur. I’m very impressed with the amount of articulation here, when Bandai could have just cut some corners instead.

One issue I do have with this figure however is that the leaves can be a real pain to work with and to get them sitting right is quite a chore. If you do pop them out by mistake, they have numbers on the bottom of each leaf so they can be put back into the right place without too much trouble.



The main accessories that come with Venusaur are appropriate to the character, firstly two Vine Whips with multiple extensions. These are great! They snap into to the top of the back just under the middle leaf on either side. A small amount of force is needed to have them sitting in nice and tight. Once attached, I feel they add a lot of play value to Venusaur. My complaint with them is that sometimes the weight of them causes them to droop a bit and they come apart a little too easily. The other accessory included is a clear base for Venusaur; there is no peg to attach Venusaur and it just sits on top. The base is very cool too.



Sometimes the vines and leaves can feel a little delicate, coupled with the annoyance of adjusting and posing both, otherwise Venusaur is quite sturdy, but I can’t help but feel too much force will break something if you aren’t careful.



Venusaur is good value if you can find it at its retail price or close to that with not too much of a mark up. If you are paying more than that, unless you are a big Venusaur or Pokemon fan, I wouldn’t think it would be worth the price.



Overall I really like Venusaur a lot. There are a few annoyances with this figure – it’s not perfect that’s for sure. However if you are a Pokemon fan I think you’d be very happy having this figure in your collection. I would consider myself more of a general Pokemon fan and I get a lot of joy out of this figure, it looks partially cool having it next to the other figures from the series. It remains to be seen if we will get any other creatures to add to the series, as any of the smaller Pokemon would be pretty tiny if produced to scale.


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