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Shredder is the evil leader of the Foot Clan of ninjas, bent on world domination. He’s easily the most well known adversary of the Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles. He’s not a very nice guy and is always hatching a scheme to take over the world somehow. But, those plans are constantly being foiled by the Turtles. It seemed like he was surrounded by a good number of incompetent morons, whether they be robot or mutant. It always seemed like no matter how brilliant (or hare-brained) Shredder’s plans were, the turtles would always come out on top.


Name: Shredder
Line: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Manufacturer: Playmates
Released: 1988
Price: Then: 3.99 MOC, Now: $20-$50 Minimum MOC.
Scale: 4 inches in height
Accessories: Sword, Ninja Stars, Fist Daggers, Kama


Who didn’t grow up with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon as a kid? It combined a good mix of humor, action and interesting characters with great animation and lets not forget great toys! I quite fondly remember having a set of the turtles and a few Foot Clan thrown in for good measure, not to mention the subject of tonight’s review: the Shredder. Even though he didn’t match the look in the cartoon too much, I still remember having the toy as a child and spending many hours playing with the toys. Has he aged well with time? Let’s find out!



The sculpting for Shredder is pretty good, his look appears to be based more on the comic then the cartoon and one of the more noticeable things is that the paint application on the helmet and face doesn’t match what is sculpted, this was obvious to me even as a child and I thought it always made shredder look a little weird. Shame they never released a version where he was painted correctly. Besides this one imperfection the rest of the figure looks great! Excellent detail on the armour and torso are the stand out parts. Plus the cloth cape/gown is pretty cool too.



I don’t have heaps of Playmates figures, just the key Turtles characters and a few Toxic Crusader toys so I can’t say what their track record is really like. I’ve been lucky to get 90% of my figures with great paint applications. With that said, Shredder’s paint applications are decent, but there is a bit of an issue with the purple in some spots, where it gets a bit soft towards the edges. The blue on the head is fine and the same can be said about the black paint.



Shredder’s articulation is as follows: Swivel head, swivel shoulders, swivel forearms and ball-jointed hips. It’s a nice mix of articulation, but it is mostly hindered by the horrible pre-pose the figure has been sculpted in, yes, it suits the character, but it really makes it a chore to have any fun with the figure outside of that pose. It’s even annoying at times to even keep him standing upright! So to make it crystal clear you aren’t buying this figure to put him in any crazy poses – that’s for sure.



Shredder comes with a good number of accessories, in this case nothing but weapons; the bad part is he can’t really hold any of them. With the exception of a couple of them, most just slip right out of his hands, the sculpting doesn’t help this, but it really makes a lot of the included weapons pretty pointless. The weapons themselves are pretty neat and most of them are included with the turtles figures as well, so there is a bit of reuse.



No real issues here. If you can help it, try to get one with a decent paint application. My Shredder had a bit of excess plastic on the blue armour parts and the weapons did too. Not a big deal, I just had to clean them up, but it was annoying none the less. Otherwise, Shredder is one rock solid toy.



I paid the middle of the road price for my new Shredder MOC and I’m quite happy with that as I was re-claiming my childhood when I purchased him. However, it really depends on which version you want, if you want to get the original version or a re-issue. There have been a few re-releases and even reissues by now so; you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding one in your price range. Just don’t pay too much for him, he’s not really worth anything above $40 MOC for the 1988 edition.


Check out those weird ninja back muscles!


Shredder has a lot of good and bad points, but he’s still a fun figure and definitely needed to go with any vintage Ninja Turtles collection. I just wish they had picked a better stance or given him slightly different articulation to make him a bit more enjoyable to pose and play with. He’s still worth picking up as it’s a classic toy of an iconic cartoon villain.



Sword accessory not pictured. (Shredder pretty much just stole one of Leonardo’s swords anyway)


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