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The Road Rage Transformer character first appeared as a 2002 e-HOBBY exclusive with the red coloration being based off one of the pre-Transformers line, Diaclone variants of the Tracks mold.  Originally sold with the Skids repaint, Crosscut, she is his bodyguard and advisor as well as a diplomat and apparently goes from cheery and polite in robot mode to angry and reckless in vehicle mode.


Name: Road Rage
Line: Transformers Masterpiece
Manufacturer: TAKARA TOMY
Price: 4,500 YEN
Scale: Roughly 18 cm in height
Accessories: Rifle, Twincast (Blaster) boombox, Grille-gun


Road Rage is the first female Autobot to appear in the Masterpiece series of Transformers. I was particularly looking forward to receiving this figure partly due to that fact and partly because you can never have enough female Transformers.

I did have one on pre-order, but as perusal for me, I just happened to be going to Japan when she was going to be released. So I canceled my pre-order (it was in USD after all and the Aussie dollar has always been a bit stronger against the Yen) and decided to take my chances in Japan.

As luck would have it Amazon JP had her on sale well below the US and Australian sellers ( unlike a lot of these local sellers, if you have to move something in Japan, you have to move it any way you can) at a steal of 4,500 Yen which still made her a great bargain. (I’m really starting to think she wasn’t that popular in Japan and perhaps everywhere, unfortunately)

So along with bargain-basement prices for Exhaust and Star Saber I was sitting pretty and fast catching up on my needed MPs. (Inferno should hopefully go the same way, fingers crossed)



Takara Tomy on the whole do a great, if not excellent job with their Masterpiece figures. Both the officially licensed car and robot itself. What I love even more about Road Rage is, unlike the G1 version of her, this one has changed arms (biceps), hands, legs and groin as well as a new head and details on the chest piece when compared to Tracks.

It really helps to drive home that this is a different character, even if it uses most of the same mold as the Tracks version and helps evoke the feminine aspects of the character, that is still a kick-ass heroic Autobot warrior.

One complaint I have is with the neck on of the figure, there’s no way to attach it to the chest, so it kinda just floats there and the slightest touch moves it down where it appears awkward to look at.

The car mode is also great! I happened to, by chance, see someone driving this style of classic Corvette around my neighborhood on the weekend and I must say in my amateur opinion, they have done an excellent job, of recreating the car for this figure, without sacrificing details in either mode.



Road Rage’s paint application is up to a very high standard for what you would expect from a “Masterpiece”  series of figures, you’ll find no slop here, it’s all very clean and crisp.

Paint has been also kept to a minimum as well as I would say it’s mainly used for details.



Road Rage has the exact same articulation as Tracks and some of it stems from the transformation sequence more then anything else. But the figure has the usual articulation in robot mode you would expect: Ball jointed head, hinge/swivel arms and hips, hinge knees and hinge/swivel ankles.

That’s a brief summary of the basics, but even things like the wings, shoulder missiles and hands can all be turned and posed to some extent.

Sometimes parts of the robot or “kible” get in the way, but that’s always the trade off with figures like this.




She’s a little light on accessories, but I think you couldn’t really give her much more then a gun and the parts to make her flying car mode. The addition of Twincast (Blaster) is welcome and unlike Tracks she comes with the toy’s version of Track’s rifle which is a bit unwieldy, but looks mighty impressive in her hands.

The detail on all these parts is great! Especially the standout for me, the rifle itself! I won’t really be using anything else included with her.




Hardly anything to watch out for, pretty solid figure, which is well made and quite durable. Perhaps you might get a bad paint app on the face? My pet peeve with all my Takara purchases, most of the time, but thankfully not this one!




As stated earlier, I paid a great price of 4,500 Yen for Road Rage, but the ball park price is going to be around $60 – $80 in most currencies. It really comes down a few factors to decide if you want this figure or not, mainly being: if you like obscure G1 characters, red Corvettes or female Autobots to warrant buying the same mold again, if you have Tracks already and for me, I do love me some female Autobots!



This is another great addition to the Masterpiece series of Transformers it’s a fantastic use of the Tracks mold to create a character that is different, to Tracks but also shares a lot of similarities with him too. If you are on the fence, I would suggest she’s worth picking up, even for the sole reason of adding a female Autobot to your Masterpiece ranks. She more than holds her own next to the Wheeljacks and Sideswipes among others on my Masterpiece display self.



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