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Real X Head is a small Japanese company run by Mori Katsura, who makes vinyl toys. Over the years there have been a number of figures and variations released as well as collaborations with other people or stores. Shinto-san is a larger size figure then the usual RealXHead figures, who shares similar features to a certain anime character who also wears an orange gi, not to mention a colour-way homage too.

Name: Shinto-san
Line: N/A
Manufacturer: RealXHead
Released: 2009
Price: 5,500 YEN
Scale: 9.5 Inches in height
Accessories: None


While looking for other RealXHead products I came across a Shinto-san, a flesh coloured version from One Up Akiba. I ended up buying that and a black and white version too. At a later date I was able to pick up this pink version from RotoFugi (If you get the chance, check out their website as they have some great stuff on there!) which I think looks pretty cool too. Seeing information and reviews are scarce for Shinto-san I decided to share my thoughts on this awesome figure from RealXHead.



As with all RealXHead products the sculpting is always really well done. On one side of his body Shinto-san has fur-like texturing, while the other side is smooth. I’m not sure why this is the case, but I really like the contrast. The head reminds me a lot of a troll doll mixed with the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toys, with funky anime style back swept hair and the small tail is cool too. He also sports a tattered gi and wrist/ankle wraps. Shinto-san is definitely ready to rumble!



Shinto-san sports mainly black paint for his outfit, with light pink highlights and red hair with white eyebrows. All paint applications are clean and crisp, with no slop what-so-ever. His skin tone is cast in pink with speckles in it and once again we have those brilliant doll eyes which look so cool!



Articulation for Shinto-san is limited with head, waist and both arms at the shoulder being able to swivel 360 degrees. The head is restricted by the top of his gi however. This is pretty much the standard for most RealXHead figures. The articulation allows you to get a few good poses out of him, but as I said before is limited.



No accessories are included with Shinto-san.



No problems at all.



I paid about $70 for Shinto-san plus shipping, being a larger figure I don’t think that’s too bad, however Shinto-san can be bought for anywhere between 3,500 – 5,500 YEN so if possible it’s best to shop around for a good price.



I like Shinto-san as it’s nice to have a larger Sofubi figure which towers over the other smaller figures on a shelf. As a stand-alone figure, I think Shinto-san is great as its size is impressive and appearance pretty cool in a retro kind of way. If you are thinking about buying one, I would say don’t think about it for too long as Shinto-san seems pretty popular and you won’t regret the decision once you have one in your collection!


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Real X Head is a small Japanese company run by Mori Katsura, who makes vinyl toys. Over the years there have been a number of figures and variations released as well as collaborations with other people or stores. One such collaboration is with the store Ichiban –Boshi, which sells new and vintage vinyl toys. One of their custom figures is the subject of this review: Ryusei Ninja.

Name: Ryusei Ninja
Line: Ichibanboshi Ninja Gaiden
Manufacturer: Real Head X Ichibanboshi
Released: 2006
Price: First released – unknown, now – $50-$60 MIB
Scale: 5.5 Inches in height
Accessories: One eye patch


I became aware of the Ryusei Ninja when thumbing through the excellent ‘Tokyo Underground 2 Toy and Design Culture in Tokyo’ it really is a great book and I cannot praise it enough as it has made my trips to Japan so much easier than if I was relying on some unhelpful internet guide with Google maps links. (You know who you are.)

Even though there was a very cool photo of some Ryusei Ninjas in the book, I never actively searched for them until my third trip to Japan (I travel to Japan at least once a year to visit family in-laws and friends).

I had made a purchase off eBay, of an uncoloured red vinyl version which I received just before I left on that third trip. After having one in my hands, I wanted more! At least a few different colours and variations would do me. I ended up buying a black version which sparkles in the light and a flesh coloured version on that trip. Since then I’ve added a glow in the dark one and the subject of this review, the clear grey Ryusei Ninja to my collection, which I am quite happy with and proud of.



This is a category where the Ryusei Ninja stands out! It is cast in a semi-clear grey vinyl material and looks awesome! The details can be a little hard to make out at first due to the dark material, but the sculpting, as expected from Real X Head products, is top notch! There are some great details on the face, including a star in the middle of its forehead and some solid work on the chest armour/torso with some good details added to this part of the figure. The arms and legs look great too. With an uncoloured version of the Ryusei Ninja you can really appreciate the details a lot more.



Seeing the figure is cast in clear grey vinyl with a doll eye, there is no paint to talk about.



The figure has a grand total of three points of articulation: swivel neck and swivel arms. That’s it. While it may seem like this makes the figure pretty boring you can still get a couple of nice poses out of him and thankfully it does look cool posed with arms by the side.



The Ryusei Ninja comes with an eye patch which in most cases, all Ninjas will come with. It is mainly used to cover the eye, which is the source of the Ryusei Ninja’s power, I would also like to think it makes the eye colour of each figure a surprise as well as it can change depending on the figure.



No problems at all.



I picked this particular Ryusei Ninja up from a neat little website called Vicious Fun, they carry a large range of vinyl figures and the prices are quite good too. If you aren’t living in the USA, it’s best to send them an email to make your order, as the shopping cart can be a little troublesome.

The Price I paid was around $50 USD and that’s what I would expect to pay for this kind of figure, considering nowhere else had this particular version – worth every penny in my opinion!



I think the Ryusei Ninja is a very cool looking vinyl figure! It looks really cool in my display cabinet with a number of other ninjas and vinyl figures. The best part about any Real X Head product is that there are a number of variations and colours so you can always find something you like. I would recommend picking up one if you can as they are too good to pass up!


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Fighter Chaos is made by Real X Head, which is a small Japanese company run by Mori Katsura, who makes vinyl toys. Over the years there have been a number of figures and variations released as well as collaborations with other people or stores. There are a number of Mutant Chaos variants ranging in size and shape, one being Fighter Chaos, which all swap various body parts or have all new sculpts, with the exception of sharing the same Mutant Chaos head . Mutant Chaos himself is meant to be a shape shifter, hence why there are a lot of variants! He also has a team of fellow mutants, Mutant Head, Mutant Evil and Mutant Bigaro, who fight against an evil mutant organisation led by Akro-Kasier. 

Name: Fighter Chaos
Line: Mutant Zone
Manufacturer: Real X Head
Released: 2007 (guesstimate)
Price: First released – unknown. Now – around 5,500 YEN minimum
Scale: 5-6 Inches in height
Accessories: A red bandanna


Collecting designer toys is not a new thing for me, having collected, and still am collecting, Dunnys. However, having fairly recently gotten into collecting Japanese vinyl toys (mainly new stuff, not vintage) largely due to the Super 7/Collection DX’s Tokyo Underground Toy shop guide book. There was always a chance of that happening due to the excellent photos of vinyl toys in that book, not to mention the various stores, which have a large number of vinyl figures on display, (I’m looking at you Mandarake and One Up!) not to mention, myself and I’m sure other collectors too, who always will have that impulse to jump into something new to collect if your main interests start to dry up.

So, being in Japan last June/July and having some spare Yen I wanted to spend, I decided to buy some designs I liked and hopefully find some figures with paint applications I liked the look of most. One of these said purchases is the following, Fighter Chaos.



The sculpting for this figure is one of the best I’ve seen as far as vinyl figures go; you have plenty of detail on every part of the body, the main torso is fairly smooth with some nice detailing on the belt and shorts. This main body part is shared with the other mutants on Chaos’ team. The head and arms are where we find the most detail. These parts are from the main Mutant Chaos figure and can be interchanged with the other sized figures from this line (something that works really well for these figures and increases variants ten-fold!) There are plenty of lumps, grooves and texturing that stand out; the figure balances these details well. The gun or probe arm (which Chaos uses to sample new forms) looks great and stands out as it’s quite large and longer than his right arms, this can sometimes make it a bit harder to have him stand upright with his arms by his sides. The single doll eye on the figure is one of my favourite parts too! It looks great and really adds something special to Chaos and makes him stand out from his team mates. The inspiration for these figures is meant to be 1980’s toys and TMNT and in the sculpting I can really see that inspiration shine through. When compared to Playmates Muckman for example, the similarities are pretty obvious.



For once I don’t really have anything to say about paint application, only because this figure is cast in semi-clear white vinyl. It also has what appears to be white flakes all over the body, which when viewed close up really makes for a nice effect. FYI painted Real X Head figures are of a very high quality with very clean, crisp and professional paint applications.



Fighter Chaos has four points of articulation: his head can swivel 360 degrees, the same can be said about his arms and on his gun/probe arm there is a swivel joint at the elbow which also moves 360 degrees. This may not seem like much, but is fairly standard for figures from Real X Head. You have just enough articulation to get some nice poses out of him, but not enough to ruin the sculpt. Considering these are vinyl figures, I feel the articulation we get is great and adds plenty of play value.



Not much in the way of accessories, but what we do get is quite cool. Fighter Chaos comes with a red bandanna. In some ways the bandanna has become a bit of a trademark for Real X Head figures; it’s a really nice touch and contrasts with the sculpting. It makes Fighter Chaos really push past the mundane variant/repaint territory and into a cool figure in its own right.



Nothing to worry about with this figure, I can’t see any problems to watch out for, except if for some odd reason you were rough with it, the eye might fall off?



I purchased this Fighter Chaos from Mandarake, so it was most likely second hand. But that’s OK, because it’s in excellent condition. The price wasn’t too bad and you will pay less in most cases for unpainted versions of Real X Head figures, depending on how it was released and the number of figures made per release of course.



For me, collecting Japanese vinyl figures has been a very enjoyable experience so far. I’ve been able to find variants I like fairly easily and at good prices. I’m going to place the blame squarely on Super 7 and collection DX for getting me into these figures. But, I’m sure it would have happened naturally during my trips to Japan as I continue to explore various off-shoots and sub-cultures of toy/ hobby collecting each trip. As far as Fighter Chaos goes, I highly recommend him, if you like vinyl figures or enjoy Japanese toys/figures in general you should have at least some kind of Real X Head or mutant Chaos figure in your collection, the figure is too cool to pass up regardless of the variant and/or version!



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