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The Kenner Predator series was released during the 1990s and is loosely based on the designs of the Predator movies – and I do mean loosely!  There were at least two series of predators released:  a version faithful to the film for series one, followed by one far more creative or crazy, depending on your opinion, series two. The Ambush predator was released in 1993 as a mail -away exclusive.


Name: Ambush Predator
Line: Alien Vs Predator
Manufacturer: Kenner
Released: 1993
Price: Then: unkown.  Now: $30-$40 in mint condition, or less if yellowed
Scale: 5 -5.5  Inches in height
Accessories: mask, body armour, two hand blade weapons and instructions


I had never owned this figure when I was  a kid and I had never even heard of this figure until about 5 years ago, when browsing eBay for Kenner Predators. Even if I had known about it, back in 1993, like with every mail away toy promotion, if you didn’t live in the United States you couldn’t get one.  On the plus side Australia always got European exclusives, so that made up for it a little bit!

At first I bought one that was yellowed on the arms, legs and head. I continued to try and find one in better condition. I managed to snag one off Australian eBay for $31.00 plus postage in almost mint condition. Although the figure was loose, there were no yellow joints in sight, one of only two on that weren’t yellowed currently on eBay. As the other was coming from the US, I went with the local choice.  Now that the toy is in hand I can say I very happy I went with the local seller and even happier I decided to “upgrade” my Ambush Predator.

Now, onto the review!



This figure is the same as the one previously released in the Alien vs Predator two-pack by Kenner. The original sculpt for this figure was excellent for the time. Based on the Predator’s look from the first movie, it differs in look as it is painted with colours similar to the Predator from the second film. I always liked the sculpt; it was very nicely detailed and screen accurate enough for me.
Now we have the stealth version. As I’ve said before, I love clear figures and toys and this is no exception. The detail may not be as clear as when it’s painted (no pun intended), but there is plenty of it and it looks great. The clear look works well and really captures the feel from the movies. The mask, chest armour and weapons are newly sculpted, and I think they look good.
The blade weapon that goes on the right arm looks a little out of place however, once attached. It’s really just sitting on top of the arm and comes off the easiest. The legs are also a little bit of a pain when trying to get the Predator in a standing pose. They sometimes don’t want to cooperate, and the Predator will fall over.



Much like the Lava Planet Predator, there is not much paint on this toy. This must be Kenner’s trademark for clear Predator figures. However, it has a black spray of paint on the head.
It looks good and helps bring out some of the details nicely. This time we get green eyes, which stand out and “pop”. They are a great contrast to the black and clear plastic.
The last bit of paint we have is on the hand weapons and mask. They are chromed and look excellent! The chrome really makes the weapons stand out and to me, and I believe replicates how the predator looked in the film; as the Predator kills people while cloaked, the weapons can be seen.



The articulation is identical to the rest of the Kenner Predator line, with moveable head, arms and legs. All articulation points are cut/swivel joints and there is generally a good range of motion from each. However, there is still some restriction, allowing for only a handful of decent poses. This is mainly from the lack of articulation, and sometimes from the sculpt itself. If only Kenner threw in some hinge joints, then we would be talking!



The accessories – the mask, weapons and body armour – are great. As stated before, the chromed mask and hand weapons look excellent; it’s the black body armour that looks a little weird. It just looks out of place and I’m sure it’s only there to give you one more extra item to put on the predator. Why they went with black is anyone’s guess; I can see why it’s not chrome, being a softer material it would chip and flake. I guess black seemed like the next best colour. It fits snug, but limits the head movement a bit. You also get a small set of instructions that show you how to put the accessories on the figure.



The main problem is obvious to me if you are a collector: the limbs and head yellowing over time. White plastic is normally the main culprit, so it’s a bit of a surprise to see clear plastic doing the same thing. But when you don’t know how certain plastics will react to heat and other conditions over time, it’s always a bit of a gamble. If you are interested in buying one of these predators try to get one that looks as clear as possible, and keep it away from heat and direct sunlight. Besides the main issue I would say paint flaking from the weapons and mask is something to potentially watch out for. Otherwise, it’s a pretty solid toy.


I was happy with $31.00 AUD for this toy, but I don’t think it’s worth paying anymore than that. The toy may technically be an exclusive, but it hasn’t aged as well as it should have.

I have to say; even with its issues, this toy is still pretty cool. Though this figure has been superseded by better interpretations, for what it is, it’s still a very good-looking toy. At the time, in my opinion, it was quite decent for what was out there. I’d recommend putting him in your collection if you are a Kenner Predator fan, or a clear toy nut, like me.. However, there are still nicer looking and more articulated predators out there in slightly larger (NECA) or much larger (Hot Toys) sizes which are better value for money.

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The Kenner Predator series was released during the 1990s and is loosely based off the predator movies (and I do mean loosely!)  There were at least two series of predators released: a more movie faithful version for series one, followed by a more creative or crazy, depending on your opinion, series two. Lava Planet Predator was released in series two and falls into the more creative style of predator figure.


Name: Lava Planet Predator
Line: Alien Vs Predator
Manufacturer: Kenner
Released: 1994
Price: Then: $15-$30 MOSC, Now: about the same
Scale: 5 -5.5  Inches in height
Accessories: mask and shoulder armor/laser cannon

I had this figure when I was a kid and it was one of my favorite Kenner Predators, it was up there with Scavage Predator and Stalker Predator. I’m pretty sure I picked my original Lava Planet Predator from Toys R Us. The figure in this review is not my original however, that one is presumably somewhere in storage. This one was purchased off eBay MOSC for a cheap price.When I was a child one thing I always liked about the Lava Planet Predator was the clear translucent red plastic used for the figure. It always looked really cool to me and still does now. The Predator and Alien figures definitely got played with by my brother and I when we were children. Even if collectors from older and younger generations might not really like these figures, I will always have a soft spot in my heart for them.

Further more, I very much looking forward to the NECA homage to Lava Planet Predator that will be out soon, I’ve got that one on pre-order for sure!



The sculpting on this figure can sometimes be a little hard to see as there is very little- to no paint or washes to bring it out very well. This mold was used before for the Cracked Tusk Predator from the first series. In a lot of ways I would say it’s very typical sculpting for a boys toy line of the time, very detailed sculpting, with many nice details, that can sometimes be missed. Overall the figure has very nice texturing  weather it’s on the skin or armor there is a lot of detail which, I feel, helps the figure from looking too bland. Also it’s a fairly nice sculpt for a predator, it sure doesn’t look cute and has the hallmarks of what you would expect: bladed hand weapon – Check. Dreadlocks – Check. Humanoid Body – Check. Shoulder Cannon – Check. I don’t think there would be any mistake of what this is meant to be.



There’s not too much to talk about here in terms of paint application, But what we do get is some bright piercing yellow eyes, helped by the black spray of paint on the head and some nice black/yellow marking on the chest. the rest of the predator is cast in a translucent red plastic which works quite well. We also have a red mask and the shoulder cannon is cast in grey and red. It looks a little weird as on the back of the box the cannon is cast in nothing but red, which would have looked nicer then the grey parts we have here. They do look out of place and hurt the overall look of the figure, in my eyes.



Pretty standard for this series of figures the Predator has five points of articulation being the head, arms and legs, they are all cut/swivel joints with different ranges of motion, the least of which being the legs, you can get some good poses, but you are restricted by the legs a lot.



The shoulder cannon and mask are the two accessories that come with the figure. The shoulder cannon has two swivel joints which help to make it a very cool accessory and very fun to pose! Not to mention the missile firing action! It is very nicely detailed much like the figure even if a little over sized and can be folded up behind the predator when not in use, I always thought that was a pretty cool feature. The mask is very good too it has two blade/spikes which come out from the bottom of the mask and help make it look a bit more distinctive, without straying too much from the traditional predator mask design.



We are talking about a children’s toy made during the 1990s here, nothing to worry about breaking at all. one thing to watch out for, is not firing the missile at your face (pretty obvious, but needs to be said) Also the mask might get lost, if not careful. Same can be said about the missile too.


You can pick up this guy on eBay with not much trouble. in most cases MOSC if you are like me and want one that’s never been opened in your collection. $30- $40 AUD is a good price, most of the time it’s best to lump it in with other figures to save on shipping cost too. The price hasn’t changed much for this guy over the years so you are getting a bargain in most cases.


I have a lot of nostalgia associated with this figure. I have a soft spot for translucent toys and figures and also the colour red. So this toy ticks a lot of boxes for me already. This Predator toy captures a time when toys where still pretty creative and interesting and incorporated movie licenses to help sell them. If you were a fan of the original Kenner figures, then I would say pick him up for that nostalgia hit! Otherwise this may not be a figure from you, when there are many new and movie accurate figures out there already.


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Royce is the main character in the newest movie in the Predator franchise, Predators, in this movie Adrian Brody plays Royce, a mercenary and former CIA agent who is captured while on a mission
He reluctantly assumes leadership of the group of captured humans he is with on the Predator’s game reserve planet. His character comes across as very brooding and Royce keeps to himself at first, but eventually works with his fellow captives to try and defeat the Predator foes.

Name: Royce
Line: Movie Masterpiece Series
Product Code: MMS 131
Manufacturer: Hot Toys
Released: 2010
Price: $133 to $250 MIB
Scale: 1:6
Accessories: Figure base with Royce nameplate and the movie logo


List of Parts

Inside the box you get the following items:

One Royce figure
One pair of gloved palms for holding gun
One gloved relaxed left palm
One gloved right palm for holding knife
One light brown colour shirt
One white colour undervest
One brown and yellow colour scarf
One pair of blue-black colour pants with pouches
One tactical vest with belt, pouches, gun holster, magazine pouch
Two packs of a total of sixteen bullets
One pair of black colour boots
One pistol
One Assault Shotgun
One machete with sheath
One combat knife
One axe
One watch
One figure base with Royce nameplate and the movie logo
One set of instructions

The head sculpt, for me, is always the focal point on any figure. Hot Toys have come quite a long way as far as character/actor likenesses go, however they still keep getting better and better and are always at a very high standard. I’d say Hot Toys don’t really release a poor sculpt anymore, in terms of quality and realism, the only thing that can affect the sculpt, will be how closely they have come to capturing the character/actor likeness, which in many cases is never an easy thing. In this case, however, they have done a brilliant job, in not only capturing the character of Royce, but the likeness of Adrian Brody as well. When looking at the figure, it is quite obvious to see it is a miniature Adrian Brody staring back at you. There aren’t too many companies out there that can match this level of detail.
The body is the same type that comes with Wolverine and features plenty of muscle detail as well as fine hair sculpted on the chest and arms. The gloves are also nicely done and are very textured and look quite realistic. The only other sculpted items are the weapons which are excellent and appear to be scaled quite well with the figure. Hot Toys’ attention to detail is always astounding.


Hot Toys’ paint applications are always done incredibly well and almost make the figures look alive. How they manage to consistently do so, on a limited, yet mass-produced scale seems like a bit of a mystery sometimes. The paint application on Royce has no slop at all and is very neat; the eyes, lips, skin tone and hair line are all done exceptionally well. From the price point, this figure is what you would want – the best, and that’s what you get here, exceptional work.



Articulation for Royce is as follows: double ball jointed neck, swivel/hinged shoulders, hinged arms (up to 90 degrees motion) swivel/hinged wrist, chest pivot, swivel waist, swivel/hinged thighs, double joined knees, and double ball jointed ankles. I might have left something out, but the point is, you can achieve pretty much any pose the human body can, not only this but it will “hang” in a very realistic way. If you ever had the pleasure of posing or “playing” with a Hot Toys body you will know what I mean. Hot Toys muscle bodies have come a long way, since the very first ones, I personally really like the direction Hot toys are taking them in; It has become a very good balance of possibility and aesthetic appearance.



Royce’s Outfit is very well made and consists of tactical vest, pants, shirt, undershirt, scarf and boots. The clothing is tailored exceptionally and fits perfectly on Royce.  The boots are sculpted however, but have a good range of motion. I have read myself that some people tend to have issues with the scarf that is included; I followed Hot Toys instructions and found no issue with getting the scarf to not only sit right but into the collar to begin with. I’ve got to admit though; if it wasn’t working I would have stuck at it until it looked good. The weapons Royce comes with are: Assault Shotgun, machete, combat knife and axe. All these weapons are well made and up to the standard you expect from Hot Toys, in other words, removable ammo clips moving parts etc. As stated before the attention to detail is mind-blowing. Also what I love about their weapons is they don’t have that cheap quality other companies in the same market have.

Potential Problems
Besides the possibility of breaking the wrist pegs, there are some parts that can be a little brittle or delicate, but otherwise fairly few as long as you handle the figure with care and ALWAYS read the instructions that come with the figure first before anything else.

I paid $170 AUD for Royce, Delivered. Shipping cost is always something to take into account as it does tend to affect the overall price you pay. There are always bargains to be had on eBay, but shop around and try to find the best price possible for this figure.

I really liked the character of Royce in the Predators movie, not only did he look cool, but I feel the character was well written for an action sci-fi movie. When Hot Toys announced they had the Predators license, you knew at least one thing; you were going to get some awesome figures from, hopefully, an awesome movie. Opinions on the movie aside, at least we have awesome figures. I for one could not wait for the prototype pictures of Royce to be released, I was really looking forward to this figure and now after having it in hand I can say, it was not only worth the money, but worth the wait! As usual Hot Toys have given us a highly detailed, movie accurate figure. If you are a fan of Royce I highly recommend purchasing this figure while he is still easy to come by or if you have either one of the Predator figures, he makes a great companion piece.

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