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Predator 2 was released for the Sega Megadrive in 1992 by Arena Entertainment and developed by Perfect 10 Productions. It was an Isometric scrolling shoot ’em up based on the Predator 2 movie. You play as Lt. Harrigan and have to save hostages that the drug dealers have captured to offer as trophies for the Predator and ultimately defeat the Predator himself.   

Title: Predator 2
System: Sega Megadrive
Publisher: Arena Entertainment
Developer: Perfect 10 Productions
Released: 1992
Genre(s): Isometric scrolling shoot them up

Most games based off a movie license don’t tend to be very good, this game, however, is quite the different story as it combines locations from the movie with fun run and gun action and the one objective of rescuing hostages before taking on some kind of level boss, whether it’s drug dealers or the Predator himself.

Pretty basic stuff, but with little details added to create more tension and a sense of urgency as the predator will pick off the hostages if you don’t rescue them fast enough and even hunt down you if you waste too much time.

Too many deaths on your hands and its game over. You’ll be relentlessly gunning through a crowd of drug dealers to reach that hostage at any cost. You can also pick up a variety of weapons, including some of the Predator’s own weapons to use as well.

Time to get a move on!


Great opening screen and in between each level there are images taken from the movie that are used to great effect. Very basic options and a handy password system.

Opps! One less hostage to rescue!


Good sized graphics and nice animation. There was a decent attempt at making each level based off scenes from the movie, even back in the day I thought the graphics were quite good and time hasn’t changed my opinion. There is a nice variety between each level design too, so it never feels too stale.


The sound is a standout for me, each level gets its own music theme and I think each one does an excellent job at creating the appropriate mood. Some of the music really adds a sense of urgency. The gun sound effects are good too.


On Emulator and console, the controls are very responsive! Even if you don’t need to be too precise when playing this game, it’s still refreshing to have responsive controls.


Once you beat this game I don’t think you’d need to go back and play it too often, but, it is still very enjoyable I found to play it from time to time as the programming and graphics are just that good.


Even although this game isn’t too deep, it’s still a joy to play and is well made, it captures the feel of the movie quite well, it’s a shame they never made the first movie in the same type of format, as I think it would have been just as fun to play. Overall this is a fun game based off a movie license.

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