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Kensuke Sasaki AKA Power Warrior is a Japanese wrestler who is one of the only men to hold all the major Japanese wrestling titles (AJPW, IWGP and GHC).  In 1992 the persona of Power Warrior was born when he teamed with Road Warrior Hawk, Sasaki used this gimmick until around 1995 and only continued using it on special occasions when teaming with Hawk or Animal.


Name: Power Warrior
Line: Deluxe Figure Collection
Manufacturer: NJPW/Tohkon Shop
Released: 2001
Price: First released – unknown. Now – 7,500 YEN minimum, both loose and MOC
Scale: 5-6 Inches in height
Accessories:  Power armour


Number two on my list of must have list of Japanese wrestling figures was Power Warrior.  At first, mainly because it was just a cool looking figure, which I knew nothing about as far as the wrestling goes, but after doing some research and watching some matches on YouTube of not only Power Warrior, but Kensuke Sasaki as well, I felt even more so, that a figure of Power Warrior needed to be in my collection. Any wrestler that teams up with Hawk and Animal as technically an official member of the Road Warriors is all right in my book!



The overall sculpt is up to par with the usual standard for Japanese wrestling figures, which in this case is quite good! It is very detailed and realistic and pre-set in an action pose. In my opinion, it’s a great representation of Power Warrior and sets the standard for these figures as the whole body is an original sculpt used only for this figure. Very nice details on the power armour as well! Being a Japanese product, there is no rounded off ends on the tips of the spikes, so make sure you don’t accidentally step on them!



The upper body of the figure is cast in flesh tone with the tights cast in a black colour. There is paint added for the hair, face paint, the design on tights, boots etc. In most cases it is very well applied, very clean. Even the design on the tights is clean. I really have nothing to complain about with the paint application, it’s very good and quite professional.



Like the Don Frye figure I reviewed previously, this figure has three points of articulation, both arms and waist. All are swivel joints and can be moved a full 360 degrees. This makes posing The Power Warrior pretty limited. So you are really only getting one-two poses out of him realistically. The pose he’s intended to be put in, looks pretty good to begin with, but the articulation is mainly thrown in for the sake of a little variation, in my opinion.



Only one, but, it’s a pretty good accessory – its Power Warrior’s power armour!  The armour fits quite snugly on him and slips over the top and you just have to slot the straps in the back to help hold it in place, but it’s not essential to do so, which is good, because mine would stay slotted in properly, however that doesn’t really hurt the armour overall.



Nothing to worry about with this figure, except perhaps breaking the spikes off the armour by accident if you put too much pressure on them. Otherwise, this is a solid toy.



I paid the market price for this guy, of around $70 with free EMS shipping, the price will always be high for this guy as he’s very popular, even in Japan and can be fairly hard to come by (I still haven’t found one when travelling on any of my previous trips to Japan yet!) so it really depends on how badly you want him in your collection and how much you are prepared to pay. But, I would not pay anything above $80.



I really think this is a great figure; it’s got great details and a killer sculpt, not to mention it just looks plain awesome on the shelf among the other wrestling figures and I feel it will always steal the attention away from other figures nearby. If you are collecting Japanese wrestling figure, then you need this guy in your collection – he’s that good. If you can find him for a decent price, don’t think twice about snapping him up!


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