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Nico Robin is the Straw Hat Pirates archaeologist and has the Hana Hana no Mi (Devil Fruit) power. She is the sixth person to join the Straw Pirates crew after Alabasta saga and was previously associated with Baroque Works. Her dream is to find the Rio Poneglyph which tells the true history of the One Piece world.


Name: Nico Robin (Strong World Edition)
Line: Portrait Of Pirates (Excellent Model)
Manufacturer: MegaHouse
Released: 2011
Price: Then: 6,000 YEN. Now: 7,000 YEN or more MISB
Scale: 1/8
Accessories: Gun/rifle and base


I’m still slowly getting through the One Piece Anime, watching it with my wife, who really loves One Piece! I haven’t seen any of the One Piece movies yet (let alone the one this figure is based on). But the reason I bought this figure was because I wanted an awesome looking version of Nico Robin and this statue does a great job of being just that.


The sculpting really matches the character and the Anime very well. If you are familiar with Nico Robin then you will recognize her quite easily. If not, then she might just appear like any other random Anime statue. But everything is there that makes Nico Robin, Nico Robin: The long legs, large bust, thin waist, long thin defined nose and large eyes not to mention dark brown hair. The hard part about making 2D drawings or illustrations 3D is that, if not done in quite the right way, the figure’s likeness can look off. In this case the transition is excellent and like other P.O.P releases Nico Robin looks fantastic! There are also plenty of nice details in the clothing and accessories!


The other important part of this figure is paint applications! For this type of figure they have to be not only neat and tidy but help to enhance the simple, yet elegant, sculpting. MegaHouse have done a great job here. There is a lot of very subtle paint application. Like on the grey stockings, for example. Just enough paint to help provide detail, but not enough to make it too obvious. The eyes appear to be a tampo style printing and are nice and crisp! Even the smaller details like the belt buckle or jacket details are nice and neat too.


This is a statue, so unfortunately there isn’t any articulation.

The great thing about MegaHouse’s One Piece P.O.P statues is you get a decent amount of extra parts to change up the figure a bit, if you want. Nico Robin comes with extra arms (for use without the jacket on), an additional head with her hair up in a ponytail, additional hand, and glasses as well as a second coat collar (to be used with the ponytailed head) and a gun/rifle of some description.

Even though the pose remains the same, you can still change whether you want Robin’s jacket on or off, whether you want her to hold the gun or not and whether you want her hair up in a ponytail or not (which you can place the glasses on this head also). So there is a good amount of variety that can be achieved. I personally prefer Nico Robin with the long hair and without the coat and gun, so that’s how I have her displayed.

Like a lot of Japanese products there is hardly much, if anything to watch out for. If buying second hand, just be sure to check the figure out thoroughly before purchase to make sure you are happy with the condition and to make sure nothing is broken.

I bought my Nico Robin from a friend of mine who was down grading his One Piece collection.  I paid $70 AUD for her. That’s a great price and you are sure to find similar price for this figure in Japan. eBay on the other hand, I can’t really say you would find a deal, as the eBay prices always seem a little high and you might be buying a knock off by mistake.


This version of Nico Robin, I think looks the best out of what is available atm. I prefer her look before the story time-jump; where she has shoulder length hair and a fringe. That’s the look I like the best. So this statue was a no brainer for me! It’s also in scale with Chopper and Zoro statues, I also bought from the P.O.P series. Good thing about One Piece is each character changes their style enough times, you are bound to find one design you like. For me, I’ve found a Nico Robin statue I’m really happy with, that ticks all my boxes. If you can find one for a good price I wouldn’t hesitate to grab it.



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