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Mutant Evil is made by Real X Head, which is a small Japanese company run by Mori Katsura, who makes vinyl toys. Over the years there have been a number of figures and variations released as well as collaborations with other people or stores. Mutant Evil is the smaller size 6” figure from Real X Head, which, at a time, were very popular with Sofubi collectors, even if their popularity has now been eclipsed by the larger 8″ figures.


Name: Mutant Evil (Devil Man Tribute colours)
Line: N/A
Manufacturer: Real X Head
Price: First released – 4,000 YEN (guestimate). Now – varies 4,000 – ,7000 YEN
Scale:  6.5 Inches in height
Accessories: None.


I’ve mentioned before in past reviews that a lot of Real Head’s colour-ways are homage’s to either Japanese characters or Western ones. Sometimes noticeable quite easily, sometimes not. This particular version of Mutant Evil happens to be quite easily Identifiable if you are some what familiar with the Japanese character  Devil Man.

I’ve had this guy sitting in my collection for quite a while, I think I bought him on my second or third trip to Japan, from OneUp in Akihabara.

He’s avoided a few culls or purges of vinyl figures from my collection over the years (yes, I do sell figures I’ve either gotten over or impulse bought, I don’t keep everything like some sort of demented plastic toy hoarder ) and is currently my only Mutant Evil in my Real Head toy collection, hence why he’s still around (but with good reason, besides being the last of his kind, haha.)



One thing I like about the original Real Head figures is that they all had pretty solid sculpts, even if they used similar parts (like sharing the same body) I always liked Mutant Evil more than Mutant Head, however, even although the difference is just the head sculpt. Mutant Evil has a number of little details all over the body and head and if I didn’t know better, I think even the head sculpt itself might be a homage to another Japanese character as tends to be the case with these figures.

I would have to say compared to the chaos man releases he’s lacking the same level of detail, but I still feel its a great sculpt in its own right.



In most cases, this category is where Real Head’s figures tend to stand out the most. What is a big difference from most of the other Real Head figures I’ve reviewed is that the paint applications with this particular figure appear to have used a lot of masks to get very precise paint applications with only a little bit of free hand air-brushing.

It makes for a very clean, crisp and professional finish! I also really love this particular shade of blue that the figure has been cast in, it really pops and makes the figure look amazing!



Like most of the 6″ sized figures Mutant Evil has only three points of articulation being: Swivel head and swivel arms (at the shoulders) I don’t mind the basic articulation for these type of figures. You can change the basic pose up a bit, but ultimately all the choices will be very similar to each other. It probably helps the figure looks cool regardless and I always see the articulation as just an added bonus.



No accessories included with this figure.



There are none at all – this is an adult designer toy after all. It is made very well, so there are no issues with it.


I paid about 5,000 Yen for Mutant Evil and I’m pretty happy with that. If you can find him for around that price then you are doing well.



I feel this particular colour-way of Mutant Evil shows off the sculpt really well, plus it’s a great tribute to Devil Man as well. Those two reasons make it a win-win as far as I’m concerned. If you are looking to add a Mutant Evil to your Sofubi collection this particular version is a good choice, but the great thing about Real Head is you always have plenty of choice, when it comes to colour combinations and can always find something you like. I’m quite happy with this one.



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