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Mutant Chaos is made by Real X Head, which is a small Japanese company run by Mori Katsura, who makes vinyl toys. Over the years there have been a number of figures and variations released as well as collaborations with other people or stores. There are a number of Mutant Chaos variants ranging in size and shape. Mutant Chaos is meant to be a shape shifter, which why there are a lot of variants! He also has a team of fellow mutants: Mutant Head, Mutant Evil and Mutant Bigaro, who fight against an evil mutant organisation led by Akro-Kasier.


Name: Mutant Chaos
Line: Mutant Zone
Manufacturer: Real X Head
Released: 2008 (guesstimate)
Price: First released – unknown. Now – around 5,000 YEN minimum, MIB
Scale: 5-6 Inches in height
Accessories: None.


After my previous review of Real Head’s Fighter Chaos, I still needed to get my hands on a version of Mutant Chaos that was (A) Painted and (B) in a colourway that I really loved and thought was awesome. With the exception of an unpainted red version, I really wanted to keep the numbers down of Real Head Mutant Chaos’ in my collection, mainly due to shelf space and also wanting to keep my Real Head collection as focused as possible. I really didn’t want a sprawling mess of colourways and variants if I only care for about 50% of them after all!
Once again finding myself in Japan this past June and having limited time to toy hunt (only about 4 days here and there in total, I took the approach of hitting up Mandarake’s online store for toys I wanted (even though not everything will be listed on their site, the bulk of it is) resulting in many purchases, including the purchase of the subject of tonight’s review: a pink/purple Mutant Chaos with not only sparkles, but a black rub as well!


I was blown away by the sculpting on Fighter Chaos; I’m even more blown away with the sculpting and detail of Mutant Chaos! You have plenty of detail on every part of the body; the main torso has a lot of little details that don’t seem over done at all, it feels very well thought out. The head and arms are very similar too, they have plenty of detail, but it never feels like too much. There are plenty of lumps, grooves and texturing that stand out; the figure balances these details well. The gun or probe arm (which Chaos uses to sample new forms) looks great and stands out as it’s quite large and longer than his right arm, this can sometimes make it a bit harder to have him stand upright with his arms by his sides. The single doll eye is still one of my favourite parts! It looks great and really adds something special to Chaos. The figure is cast in a pink/purple colour but glitter appears to have been added into the vinyl before moulding, making it catch the light often as the vinyl is semi-translucent. To me, this really captures the essence of Mutant Chaos, being a shape shifter, even if his outside form is still stable, the insides are always moving and changing constantly.


The paint application on this figure is limited to the black rub and some small detail work. The black rub really does a great job of bringing out those details and adding a nice contrast to the colour the figure was cast in. It just really shows that a lot of the time a rub or wash is all a figure needs to bring out the best in it. The small detail work consists of a few sprays on the body which help add variety; they work quite well with the other elements. As always, expertly applied paint!


Fighter Chaos has four points of articulation: his head can swivel 360 degrees, the same can be said about his arms and on his gun/probe arm there is a swivel joint at the elbow which also moves 360 degrees. This may not seem like much, but is fairly standard for figures from Rea X Head. You have just enough articulation to get some nice poses out of him, but not enough to ruin the sculpt. Considering these are vinyl figures, I feel the articulation we get is great and adds plenty of play value.


No accessories for this figure, but that’s OK. This figure is pretty damn awesome just by itself!

Nothing to worry about with this figure, I can’t see any problems to watch out for, except if for some odd reason you were rough with it, the eye might fall off?


I purchased this Mutant Chaos from Mandarake, it was loose, so, it was most likely second hand, but that’s fine, because it’s in excellent condition. The price wasn’t too bad and even with the small shipping charge it didn’t break the bank. I don’t have too much info on the release of this particular colourway, but I have seen it on other websites for around $80 USD so it’s a steal in my book!

The more my Real X Head collection grows the more I find myself seeking out colourways I really want, and not just accepting what is available. I feel this need to be 100% satisfied with each particular mold and colour which is a good thing, but sometimes it takes time to find the particular colourway I’m after. As far as this particular Mutant Chaos is concerned I really like it; it seems to effortlessly express the idea of Mutant Chaos’ character and power with a few simple design choices. If you want a Mutant Chaos for your collection, make sure to really check out all the many, many colourways you can find as I’m sure you will find one or two that really look awesome and that you too must have in your collection!



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