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Mark XXI AKA ‘Midas’ was one of a large number of Tony Stark armour suits featured in Iron Man 3 when Stark activates his “House Party Protocol” in order to combat Aldrich Killian and his Extermis soldier forces. During the final battle Stark uses a number of his armour suits to help himself in one way or another to defeat Killian.

Midas was released in 2013 as a “Summer Exclusive” figure, meaning it was pretty much an additional Toy Fair exclusive for 2013 and limited by a certain number for each country. When I saw the pictures of Midas put up on Hot Toys’ Facebook page, when they announced it. I knew I needed to have one. Something about the gold finish elevated it above simple Mark 7 repaint to me. Plus it’s also a great homage to one of Iron Man’s first costumes.


Name: Midas (Mark XXI)
Line: Movie Masterpiece Series
Product Code: MMS 208
Manufacturer: Hot Toys
Released: 2013
Price: Then: $260.  Now: $550 MISB Minimum.
Scale: 1/6
Accessories: Two open hands, two articulated hands, two forearm rocket attachments, two shoulder missile launchers and one display base



Inside the box you get the following items:

One Midas figure
One removable chest armor
One pair of interchangeable forearm rockets
One pair of articulated hands and light-up repulsors (white light, battery operated)
One pair of forceful fists
One pair of repulsor palms
Two sets of interchangeable shoulder armors
One circular figure stage with transparent pillar



One thing Hot Toys always does a great job on is sculpting, sure they have their share of hits and misses, but most of the time they hit it right out of the park! Midas is no exception! The figure is beautifully sculpted with perfect smooth surfaces, plenty of small details and looks very screen accurate – with the exception that apparently we never saw Midas on the screen during the battle scene. Either way, it’s instantly recognizable as an Iron Man armour suit that’s incredibly detailed and that ticks all the boxes for me as I’m more of a casual Iron Man fan.




The other thing Hot Toys does really well is paint application; they aren’t called “high end” figures for nothing! The paint apps on the Iron Man suit are pretty much flawless. There are a number of gold tone variations and they all work great together to make Midas look awesome! There’s also a little bit of silver here and there. But like the name implies it’s mostly gold. I really can’t see any faults with the paint and with Hot Toys it’s pretty much a given the paint apps will be close to perfect every time.



Midas has a lot of articulation, so hopefully I don’t miss anything; you have a ball jointed head, neck, shoulders, hands and hips. Hinge arms and double hinged knees what appear to be rocker ankles and an ab crunch as well as hinged toes. All in all, you have an outstanding amount of articulation and it makes putting Midas in most Iron Man type poses a joy to do. Midas also balances quite well as there are and heavy pieces on the figure. One thing I wasn’t sure on was if the elbows were double jointed or not. They don’t seem to be and I wasn’t going to crack open any other Iron Man figure to find out if they are all like that. So besides that one little nit-pick I am very happy with how easy it is to pose Midas.





Midas is a bit light on accessories you get a few different hands and some weapon attachments, no second head or battle damaged parts though. Personally this lack of accessories doesn’t bother me too much as I can get all the poses I want out of what’s here, but If I wanted anything extra included, I would have liked to have seen a second head with Tony Stark’s face squished inside of it. The display stand included is pretty damn impressive too! Quite large and attention demanding, it really stands out due to its size and part of this stand has already been seen before with the Tony Stark workshop set. I would have also liked the standard Hot Toys black display stand included too, but the stand in the box does its job well.



Some parts on Midas felt a little weak and I didn’t want to force anything too much. So I would say just watch out for the normal things with Hot Toys figures, like not being too forceful when posing it, not trying to put it in any extreme poses, taking out all the batteries from the figure and reading the instructions, you can’t go too wrong! Expensive figures need to be handled with care after all.





I paid $550, shipped, for mine from a great seller who is in a Facebook group for Australian 1/6 scale Enthusiasts, One Sixth Oz. I was very happy with that price seeing all other outlets, like eBay for example, had it for much more. Midas is pricey, but funnily enough Midas still isn’t the most expensive toy in my collection (Vintage Japanese exclusive Transformers take that cake and eat too!) so Midas is my most expensive Hot Toys figure at least, the cheaper you can get Midas the better, as I think it’s not worth anymore than $550 considering it is a repaint of Mark 7.



Midas was one of those figures I needed to have in my collection; I didn’t rush to get him and waited until I could pick one up for a decent price. For some collectors I can understand it’s not a priority to have this figure in their collection and that’s perfectly fine. Midas’ appeal is really only to die-hard Iron Man collectors or I think, people like me who are the casual Hot Toys Marvel fan – as far as buying the figures go and want something a little different Iron Man wise in the display cabinet. So with that said, Midas won’t appeal to everyone, but on its own merits it’s an excellent figure and is another great effort from Hot Toys.





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