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Negora is a small Godzilla-like feline, the original design created by Japanese artist KONATSU and the figure being  produced by the American company MAX TOY CO.


Name: X-Ray Negora
Line: N/A
Manufacturer: Konatsu/Max Toy Co.
Released: 2013
Price: $50 USD – Now: $100 +
Scale: 4-5  inches in height
Accessories: One fish

Right around the time this figure was released, I became aware of its existence. One thing I knew right away was that I must have it. I’m not a VIP member of Max Toys Co’s website so if I was to have any chance I had to be on the site the moment it went up – I call this phase 1 . I had the slight advantage of being on holidays, in Japan at the time and spent most of my morning checking the web store and Facebook for updates. I’m pretty sure I missed my window of opportunity by 30mins to an hour by falling back asleep. As once I refreshed it was listed and obviously sold out.

Feeling a little bummed about this, I went out that day and bought a Konatsu Negora from Sibuya Manadarke – by chance they had one, which turned out to be one of my favourite Japanese vinyl figures I had bought up to that stage. After this purchase I entered phase 2 saving an eBay search so hopefully it would show up for a decent price.

After  a few months of this fruitless searching due to missing out or auctions going to ridiculous prices $200 USD plus! I noticed that my favourite Sofubi seller, Vicious Fun had one for sale, a bit expensive, but cheaper then what I had seen so far. Being a limited run and considered rare, I was happy with the price, of course this was an instant buy and soon X-Ray Negora was finally on the way into my collection!

So, was it worth the searching and hype? Let’s find out.



The first thing I noticed was that this figure is not the same mould as the previous Negora, which isn’t necessarily bad thing. As with the first Negora, it’s very nicely sculpted, once again in an anime style, there is plenty of nice detailing on the stomach and around the face as well as other small sections on the figure. It’s in a standing pose with its arms outstretched and mouth slightly open, but still a variation on the other figure.

I think this version is great in its own right and even though different to the other one I own, it’s still obvious that this is a very cool looking Godzilla styled feline!



Negora is cast in clear vinyl with little bits of paint added to parts of the body. There are semitranslucent yellow eyes (which I think really pops!), red for the mouth, pink paws and ears and a silver spray for the scales on the back. All the paint is expertly applied and there is no slop at all; the paint really works quite well and does a great job highlighting the details.

What really makes the figure stand out, however, is the paper inserts in both Negora and in the fish, these single-handedly elevate this figure from great to awesome! I can’t really explain why, but it just does. It’s that magic combination of idea and execution that has been done so well.



There is only one joint here and that’s a cut waist which swivels 360 degrees it adds a little play value and doesn’t look too out of place; I don’t find it too distracting. However, it it restricted by the paper insert.


Finally I have a fish to go with Negora! It’s a pretty sweet accessory and just seems to add that little bit more play value to Negora.



Not really anything I can think of, unless you somehow scratch the paint, this is one rock solid toy.


$100 price tag I paid isn’t really that bad, considering the price some people are asking for ($249! Insane!) and the limited nature of the figure is part of the reason why people can demand such high prices. If you can find this figure at $100 or less you have a great dea;l anything more is really pushing it.


I really like X-Ray Negora, It’s a fun little toy which not only looks cool, but won’t take up too much space either, I feel it looks pretty sweet next to the Konatsu version and the little differences between the two are quite nice.

If you are like me and in the process of filling out your soft vinyl figure collection, at least one Negora should be in your collection and the X-Ray one would be an awesome choice!


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