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Luigi is the taller, lankier plumber who is the brother of Mario, from the Super Mario game series, not to mention numerous spin offs and other media. Always playing second fiddle to Mario in his adventures, (he is P2 by default after all!) Luigi is often depicted as more cowardly then his heroic brother. Much like Mario, Luigi has never received a true action figure, only statues or vinyl figures with limited articulation. Finally Bandai steps up to the plate to bring us the second release in their Mario series, the most natural choice, being Luigi.


Name: Liugi
Line: S.H.Figarts Super Mario
Manufacturer: Bandai
Released: 2014
Price: Then: 2500 YEN.  Now: depends on place of purchase – at least $30 MISB
4.5  Inches in height
Accessories: One red shell, one brick box, one pair of holding hands and one display stand.


Once again I happened to be back in Japan during December and as luck would have it, Bandai’s S H Figuarts Luigi happened to be released when I was there, obviously not as much of a build up as Mario for this release, but still plenty of great store displays featuring now both brothers!

If you happened to check out Bandai’s Showcase in Akiharbara (near McDonalds right under Akiharbara Station) you would know that Yoshi was soon to follow with a black Yoshi-shaped out line teased at that display. (Not to mention the same black outline included in all Luigi instruction booklets.)

So of course I was going to pick up a Luigi figure, no way I would pass up once again picking up a wanted figure at the time of its release, for a great price!



Once again Bandai has done a great job with the sculpting, just like Mario it’s like Luigi has walked right off the TV Screen and into our hands, based of the most recent games look and style (Super Mario Bros WII or the most recent Super Smash Bros, for example), I can’t fault the sculpting at all, it looks great!



Following Mario’s lead Luigi is cast in the bulk of the colours he is meant to be. This is a big plus in my book and it’s my preferred way to make a toy or figure. There is some great work on the eyes and the paint on the buttons and shoes is very neat. Same thing applies with the accessories too: very neat and tidy paint applications.



Luigi features about the same articulation as Mario’s joints which are swivel/hinge style joints with a couple of ball joints thrown in for good measure. Luigi’s articulation is as follows: Ball joint/swivel head, swivel/hinge shoulders, hinge elbows, swivel hands, swivel/hinge groin, hinge knees, ball jointed feet. Just like Mario it’s a good realistic range of motion and works well for Luigi. You can get all the poses you would want out of him and the stand helps a lot too.



Luigi comes with a bit more in the way of accessories then Mario; you get everything I feel should have come with Mario to begin with, like the extra hands and a turtle shell. The stand out for me is the display stand included with Luigi, it’s great and provides a number of posing opportunities for the figure.



Like with the previous Mario figure, this is a well made toy and there aren’t many faults, if any. Although some of the plastic does feel a little brittle it is still a solid toy. Just make sure you don’t lose any of the smaller parts!



I paid retail price for Luigi, that was around 2,500 -3,000 YEN and of course no shipping costs, because I lugged him back in my suitcase. It’s a great price and if you can get it for around that you are doing well.



Luigi is another strong example of how Bandai are creating an excellent Super Mario Bros toyline. With Yoshi announced, I feel this line can only go from strength to strength and I hope in the near future we get other Nintendo characters as well, beyond just the Mario Bros series. It’s definitely worth picking up Luigi if you already have Mario. He’s a great addition to an already growing collection of awesome Mario figures.




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