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Kevin Nash is one of the more polarizing and out spoken personalities in the wrestling business, either you love him or you hate him. But, he has done it all, holding a number of titles in the WWE and WCW, but he is probably best remembered for helping kick start the nWo storyline, ending Goldberg’s undefeated streak and his Tag Team with Scott Hall, The Outsiders, oh and that ridiculous finger poke of doom thing.


Name: Kevin Nash
Line: Elite Collection – Flashback (Ringside Collectibles Exclusive)
Manufacturer: Mattel
Price: $27.99
Scale: Roughly CM in height
Accessories: Sunglasses, red spray can, Wolfpac nWo Sleeve-less shirt and WCW World Title with “nWo” on it.


This is the Kevin Nash figure a lot of people were waiting for, myself included as it’s pretty much the definitive version and sums up what most people think of when they picture Kevin Nash from the late 1990s. He’s got the black singlet top and black leather pants with the red tassels and almost as importantly he has the proper belt, which was the buttons to one side, something 2K seem incapable of getting right for their games (but we know those are half assed attempts at wrestling games anyway)

So when this Ringside exclusive figure went up for pre-order you know I ordered more then one! Firstly, because I loved the new head scan and wanted to put it on some of my other Mattel Kevin Nash figures , but secondly because Kevin Nash is one of my favorite wrestlers of all time.

Now after we got a Scott Hall figure as a Ringside exclusive, you just knew a Kevin Nash one was not going to be too far behind.

Mattel continue to produce more and more WCW related wrestlers from the ‘Monday Night Wars’ era (1996-1999). As a big fan of wrestling and WCW from that time period, I’m more then happy to buy the figures they make and the list of wrestlers only continues to grow!



Mattel have given us a new head scan with this Kevin Nash figure and it is definitely an improvement over the first one and a hundred times better then the Diesel head. The proportions are much better improved and Nash’s nose is now much smaller as well. He’s got a slight smile or smirk and it really adds a lot of character to the head, it works quite well with most poses too. This is unmistakably Kevin Nash.

The body is the same as the first Outsiders Nash release and matches Nash’s physic quite well, the pants are definitely the stand out here, matching Nash’s pants from that time period perfectly and there is plenty of detail in them too with many creases and folds, not to mention those cool tassels on the side as well.



Mattel normally do a great job with their paint application, but I have a bit of a bone to pick with them with the Kevin Nash figures, firstly the goatee is paint pretty horribly, what you see in the photos is the repaint I did, so it’s not how the product comes out of the box, they really dropped the ball on that.

Secondly, I do not understand why for this particular chest piece, the so-called “Undertaker” torso, that they have to paint the skin tone, every other torso with a singlet top is cast in the flesh tone then painted.  But for whatever dumb reason this one is not and it really bothers me because it is very noticeable difference between the arms, head and torso.

besides these two issues the rest of the paint apps is what you would expect, even if in some parts the torso paint could have been applied better.



Nash has the following articulation: ball jointed head, swivel and hinge shoulders, bicep swivel, ab crunch, swivel waist, hinge elbows, swivel and hinge wrists, swivel/hinge post hips, swivel thighs, double hinged knees, boot swivel, hinged ankles and rocker feet.

Now I’m sure I could make some quad joke or knee joke or even a joke that Nash doesn’t need that much articulation etc, But I’m not some bitter internet “Smark” so, I won’t, but you can get Nash in a good number of poses and the articulation is great for most poses you want to put Nash in.



Nash comes loaded with accessories, he’s got the WCW World Heavyweight Title (most likely won from Goldberg) with nWo spray painted in red on the front (we aren’t getting that awesome looking nWo Hollywood Hogan any time soon after all!)

He’s also got an nWo shirt, sunglasses and red spray can.  While a lot of these accessories are well thought out, the one thing they should have given him was an arm pad! You’ll see in most of the photos Nash has one I grabbed off a corporate Kane Basic figure and it really makes a significant difference with the look of the figure.

besides the missing arm pad, all the accessories are great and add a lot of play value to Nash.


Only the coolest of the cool wear their sunglasses inside.


You aren’t going to have too many problems with this figure, if any. Mattel continue to make some of THE best wrestling figures/toys out there.


Is it a spray can or a baby’s milk bottle?


I paid $27.99 USD for this Nash figure and it really wouldn’t matter if it was a little more, after seeing the prototype images I was getting this figure, no matter what. Being a Ringside Collectibles Exclusive means there’s only one place to get this figure from, for a decent price and that’s RSC. Best to buy it from the main source after all.



This is a great Nash figure from Mattel, it really reminds me of ToyBiz’s great series of WCW/nWo figures back in the late 1990s, But I really think Mattel has eclipsed these great figures, so as long as they keep putting out WCW figures I’ll be happy. If you are a Kevin Nash fan you need this figure as it’s pretty much the definite version of him you are going to get from Mattel.




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