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The ‘Marvel Action Hour’ featured two cartoons during its original broadcast in the mid 1990s, Fantastic Four and Iron Man.Hawkeye was featured in the latter; he worked for Tony Stark under his real name Clint Barton, and with Iron Man he became Hawkeye.


Name: Hawkeye
Line: Iron man
Manufacturer: Toybiz
Released: 1995
Price: Then: $10-$12.  Now: $15 in mint condition, or less if loose
Scale: 5 -5.5 Inches in height
Accessories: Bow, quiver, three arrows, knife and ID card


I always enjoyed watching the Marvel Action Hour as a kid. The animation was of good quality, and it was always great watching the Fantastic Four and Iron Man do battle with whoever was the villain each week. In Iron Man’s case, the Mandarin seemed to always be the enemy and hatching some over-the-top plan to defeat Tony Stark or Iron Man. When my brother bought the Iron Man series on DVD it re-ignited my interest in purchasing some classic figures from the Iron Man series toy line by Toybiz.



I feel Toy Biz did a great job with having these figures match the source material. Hawkeye looks just like he did from the cartoon show. Sculpted with pretty heroic proportions, it’s almost as if every separate muscle has been defined. Hawkeye sure is ripped. There’s also a lot of great detail on parts of his costume too. I really like his cowl as well; it looks very Batman-esque to me.



Like the previous toy reviews from this series, Toybiz does a pretty decent to good job with their paint applications. Hawkeye hardly has much paint slop and the applications are fairly crisp and neat. It’s not perfect, but for a kid’s toy it’s quite acceptable. Always best to make sure you can get a one with a decent application; if possible, as sometimes you can get a dodgy one.




Hawkeye sports pretty basic articulation in his lower body, his legs can be moved at the waist and knees in a natural motion. It’s his upper body where he suffers a bit. Mainly due to Hawkeye being an archer, his arms are pretty much pre-posed for this; however, his right arm can be rotated at the elbow and both shoulders too, so he’s not totally helpless. His head can also be moved as well.



Hawkeye hit the jackpot with his accessories count! Three arrows, a bow, a quiver and a small knife. He’s packing a good number of equipment that’s all pretty much required for the character; with his bow and arrows being the most important parts (obviously) and to a lesser extent, his quiver. I like the clear plastic line used for the bowstring, it’s a nice touch. The knife looks great too and goes in a small sculpted sheath on Hawkeye’s leg. All Hawkeye’s accessories look great even if they are cast in the colour they are meant to be, with little to no paint besides the knife.



Like the other figures in this line, pretty solid and hardly anything to worry about. Expect perhaps, you could lose the arrows and knife if you aren’t careful.



Hawkeye was pretty cheap, $15 USD plus shipping. I felt that price was fair for this type of toy and am pretty happy with it. I picked up Hawkeye off eBay and that’s the best place to find one if you are after him.



I always liked the look of the original Hawkeye costume; I always thought it looked pretty cool. This one is pretty good mix of that, with modern flares; all the elements are there for a classic Hawkeye look IMO. I also like having that older style Marvel figure in my collection to go along with my Iron Man figures from this series and other Toybiz toys from around the same time period. Tony needs all the help he can get when battling the Mandarin and his allies, so he’s going to need Hawkeye to help out! Worth picking up if you are a Hawkeye or old school Toybiz fan!

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