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GTA Vice City is an open world video game published by Rockstar games in 2002. It was set in the fictional city of Vice City and follows the story of Tommy Vercetti who seeks out those responsible for a drug deal gone wrong. The Vice City Kubrick set was released around the time of GTA Vice City Stories game in 2006. But was re-released in 2013 and sold through the Rockstar Warehouse.


Name: GTA Vice City
Line: Kubrick
Manufacturer: Medicom
Released: 2006, reissue released in 2013
Price: Then – 6000 YEN Now – 6,000 – 10,000 YEN
Scale: Between 2.5 and 3 Inches in height
Accessories: Tommy Vercetti – Shotgun, Candy Suxxx – camera, Lance Vance – M4, Ricardo Diaz – machine gun, Ken Rosenberg – bottle of champagne


Gta Vice City was a great game at the time of its release; I personally really enjoyed playing it myself, on PC and loved the 80’s setting and references (like Scarface). I don’t think it has aged as well as it could even with nostalgia glasses on. But, it still remains one of my favourite in the GTA series.

For me the Kubrick figure is a type of toy/collectible I would only ever associate with Japan, even tho it shares similarities with Lego, the design is still what I would call ‘very Japanese’ so much so that if I were to put together a short list of toys that instantly make you think of Japan Kubrick would be one of them. Their simplicity is one aspect that really appeals to me, how a character is broken down to about as basic as it can be, but still is a great representation of the character, is definitely part of the Kubrick charm in my opinion.
In the Vice City set you get a good selection of characters being:

Tommy Vercetti
Candy Suxxx
Lance Vance
Ricardo Diaz
Ken Rosenberg

It’s a nice mix of the most important and memorable characters in the game. I’m reviewing this set as there really seems to not be a lot of information or quality reviews out there for this great and unique Kubrick set. I don’t normally review sets or more than one or two characters in a review, so I’ll be using blanket terms, unless singling out a specific thing about one of the characters in particular.


Kubricks are made using a base body and then adding extra pieces to them to make up a character, the base body consists of smooth flat surfaces it works well as a blank canvas for the character to be created on. Most of the characters in this set have an additional chest piece and unique hair sculpt. Most of the sculpting is quite well done, but the chest pieces do look a little soft and the details aren’t as sharp as I would like. But besides this, the combination of chest piece and hair really helps to make each character look like the game character they are meant to be. But this doesn’t really come together until we get to the paint application.


The paint category is not only where these figures shine the most, but where everything comes together. All the paint applications on these figures are clean and crisp. No slop or blemishes what-so-ever. The simple faces really work well with the style of the characters based off the drawings and in-game graphics. Great pastel colours on the suits as well.


Kubricks will in most cases share the same amount of articulation unless hindered by an accessory (the Alien space suits for example) Kubricks have the following basic articulation: swivel head, ball-jointed shoulders, swivel hands, swivel waist and ball-jointed hips. These joints are meant to mirror human movement and they accomplish that quite well for each joint’s simplicity. You can get some decent poses and the chest pieces don’t restrict the waist articulation much, if at all. The only issue I had was that Candy Suxxx’s hair limits the head to no movement at all. (Insert adult joke here.)



Each character gets their own accessory. They are all pretty appropriate for each character, for example Ken Rosenberg with his champagne bottle or Lance with his m4. As they all have the same hand you can swap them between characters if you desire. I wish Tommy came with his samurai sword, but I guess the shotgun will have to do.



Not too many things I can think of. Perhaps, losing the tiny accessories or even the hands as they can come out fairly easily. These are made for collectors however, so they should be well taken care of.



I paid around $70 AUD for this set plus shipping and I’m pretty happy with that considering its limited to apparently 3000 pcs worldwide for five Kubricks that’s a pretty good price IMO. I think anything above $100 is really pushing it and I don’t think its worth much more then that even for die hard GTA fans.



I really think this is a neat set. You don’t normally get much in the way of toys or figures from GTA, besides that one off GTA 3 Claude 12 inch figure from Sideshow. So it’s great that we get a few sets from the different games from the series. A lot of fans have been asking for GTA 4 and 5 Kubrick sets and I would like to see that happen also as I’m sure they would be just as cool. This set is worth picking up if you are a fan of Kubricks, GTA or GTA Vice City.





Say goodnight Mr. Diaz!



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