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The ‘Marvel Action Hour’ featured two cartoons during its original broadcast in the mid 1990s, Fantastic Four and Iron Man. The Grey Gargoyle was featured in the latter; he used to be a chemist until an accident gave him the power to turn anything he touched into stone. Now one of the Mandarin’s henchmen, he was featured fairly regularly on the show.


Name: Grey Gargoyle
Line: Iron man
Manufacturer: Toybiz
Released: 1994
Price: Then: $10-$16. Now: $16 in mint condition, or less if loose
Scale: 5 -5.5 Inches in height
Accessories: Two pieces of stone and ID card


I always enjoyed watching the Marvel Action Hour as a kid. The animation was of good quality, and it was always great watching the Fantastic Four and Iron Man do battle with whoever was the villain each week. In Iron Man’s case, the Mandarin seemed to always be the enemy and hatching some over-the-top plan to defeat Tony Stark or Iron Man. When my brother bought the Iron Man series on DVD it re-ignited my interest in purchasing some classic figures from the Iron Man series toy line by Toybiz.

Toy Biz has done a great job with the sculpting on the Grey Gargoyle. I really like the stone effect used on the figure, as, coupled with the grey plastic, almost makes it look like the toy could be made from stone. The proportions are great too and it looks like a pretty close match to how the character looks on the show. Even though I may not be a huge fan of the character, I really like the look of the toy!


Typical of most toys from this line, paint is kept to a minimum and where possible the figure is cast in the colour it’s meant to be. Here, the bulk of Grey Gargoyle is cast in a light to medium grey tone. I feel it works really well for the toy and it makes it pretty clear what his powers are and that he is made of stone. There is a little bit of blue added to the gloves and boots as well as a darker blue to the inside of his cape. The eyes and eye mask are also given a little bit of paint detailing too. Overall the paint application is pretty clean and crisp. Even by children’s toys standards it’s a lot better then what some toys have now days!


Grey Gargoyle has pretty standard articulation: swivel head, swivel arms, with one elbow having a hinge joint, swivel legs, which are restricted by the groin a little bit and hinge knees. Not a complete statue, but not super articulated either. I would say the articulation is decent at best. You can get a few poses out of him. He also has an “action feature” where if you place a stone piece in his straight arm and pull it back Grey Gargoyle will “throw it”


Like all the other non Iron Man characters in this line, he is pretty light on accessories. You get two pieces of stone and an ID card, which has a little bio of the character on it. It’s not much, but it’s better than nothing and does add a little bit more play value to the toy.

Not really much to worry about here – the figure and accessories are rock solid and can stand the abuse of children, so any collector need not worry.


I was happy with the $10 + shipping costs; however, I wouldn’t pay too much for this figure, as he is not worth any large amount of money.

The Toy Biz Iron Man figure is always going to need a few enemies to beat up on and Grey Gargoyle fits the bill perfectly. He’s a pretty neat figure by himself, but works best when with a few of the other henchmen for the Mandarin. I would only buy him if you are completing your Marvel Toy Biz Iron Man collection, like me. Otherwise there’s no point really owning this figure, unless you really need some sort of Grey Gargoyle figure in your collection.


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