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The Foot Clan are one of the most feared (fictional) ninja clans in Japan, led by Oroku Saki, known as the Shredder. The Foot Soldiers are his main minions to help in carrying out his evil schemes, originally human, they are now replaced with robots.


Name: Foot Soldier
Line: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Manufacturer: Playmates
Price: Then:$3.99 MOC, Now: $40 – $50 USD MOC, less if loose.
Scale: Roughly 4 inches in height
Accessories: Electro-Shock Mace, Turtle Shell Biter, Turtle Carver Knife and “Weapons Rack”

When growing up around the time I did, you no doubt had certain toys you grew up with during your youth. Transformers, Dino Riders, Lego, various Kenner Toy lines and definitely Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

My brother and I had the main turtles and villains, including the foot solider and I’m pretty sure we had at least two them and It’s always good to have some supporting characters during play time and the foot solider fills that role nicely.

Unfortunately for me and my brother most of our Ninja Turtles were given away to our cousins (against our will) and were never seen again.

So as you do when you get older, you want to reclaim your childhood, buying back some Ninja Turtles figures become a must. I don’t think time has been very kind to the original TMNT Foot Soldier, but I still have a soft spot for him even after all these years.


One thing Playmates original TMNT line always had going for it was the amount of detail in each figure. You could even say they had too much detail at times. The other thing was that the toys hardly ever matched the cartoon in appearance or colour palette.

However, this is still a pretty cool looking Foot Soldier; it’s very gangly limbs and thin build. I’m not sure if this one is meant to be a robot or not, but it definitely looks creepy.

Plenty of detail in the clothes and armor, the bugged out eyes are pretty cool too.
He’s pretty much sculpted in the one, slightly awkward pose, which pretty much all of the TMNT toys were.


Generally, I remember Playmates doing a pretty decent job with their paint applications, even if the toy is cast in most of the colours it’s meant to be. But, most of the time the overall colour scheme doesn’t match the source material (for me in this case the cartoon).

I’ve seen some photos of a custom figure made using this one as a base and painted in show accurate colours and it looks amazing, it’s a shame Playmates never did this themselves as I think it would have been great! The grays and blues are just a little bit too dull for me, however the purple looks great!


A grand total of five points of articulation. All of it swivel joints. Pretty standard for a toy from 1988. You are pretty much keeping him in the same pose, unless you are playing with him.


Playmates always included a decent number of weapons with each figure. They came packaged on a “weapons rack” which I always thought was Playmates just being lazy and not cutting the weapons off the mold tree. So it’s up to you to do that.

There’s a bit of variety between each weapon and they all look pretty neat. I think I prefer the Turtle Shell Biter the most.


Nothing to really worry about here. Obviously if the figure is loose you might need to scrutinize it a bit more closely before buying it.


I paid about $40 USD for one, but that MOC and back when the AUD was at parity with the US dollar. Plus shipping costs. I was pretty happy with that considering the age of the toy and I wanted one that was in excellent condition, so I paid a little more, you can still pick this guy up for next to nothing loose.


I think the Foot Soldier is a pretty neat figure, there are a few nit picks I have with it, mainly the colour palette choice, I feel could have been for cartoon accurate or at least, release a version in that style. The sculpting and accessories are the best parts of this figure and let’s not forget it’s an “army builder” toy as well. Which is always a good thing. If you have a vintage TMNT toy set, you’d need at least one Foot Soldier in there or two to round out that display a bit.

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