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Don Frye is one of the most celebrated UFC/Pride Fighters in the history of the sport, not to mention, very popular, if not, the most popular Gaijin (foreign) wrestler in Japan. His MMA record is 31 matches – 20 Wins, 9 Losses, 1 draw, 1 no contest.


Name: “Knight of Violence” Don Frye
Line: Deluxe Figure Collection
Manufacturer: NJPW/Tohkon Shop
Released: 2001
Price: 3,500 YEN
Scale: 5-6 Inches in height
Accessories:  shirt and two title belts

Ah. The treasured gem that is Japanese wrestling figures circa 1997-2003. If you are like me and discovered these figures a few years after their release, then you know the feeling. Toy Biz weren’t doing too much with TNA and Jakks was producing their usual WWE garbage with giant heads, seemingly forgetting about their previous achievements around 2001, 2002. Mattel was just on the horizon and I had become jaded with wrestling toys. Something had to fill the void. Enter the Japanese wrestling figure

Finding out about these figures on my first trip to Japan, in the store called “Toys Golden Age”, located in Akihabara, Thanks to Super7’s “Tokyo Underground 2”, I picked up the Great Muta – red version and Chono both loose, for about 1,000 YEN each. To top this off, I had just seen Muta wresle live the previous week, so it seemed fitting to purchase him in figure form and Chono, how could you not? If there was a bad ass combo better then these two, I’d like to hear it!

Apon arriving back in Australia, I checked out the main source for wrestling figures – wrestling figs, figure database, under the Japanese section I began to browse the images and pick out figures I wanted to add to these two, one name in particular stood out: Don Frye. Being a Don Frye fan, I had to make sure this figure was in my collection, a few months of eBay searches later, he was on the way, from Japan via EMS.

Which brings us to this review finally being written…



You Get the following in the blister style packaging:

One Don Frye NJPW figure (but of course!)
One BATT (Bad Ass Translate Trading) t-shirt which fits the figure
One UFC Ultimate, Ultimate 1996 champion belt
One UFC VIII Tournament champion belt



There’s no mistaking this is Don Frye, apart from maybe the HAO figure of Frye, this is the best likeness of Frye in figure form at this stage we are ever going to get. When I look at this figure it instantly says “Don Frye” from the large traps to the thick neck and trademark Frye mustache it’s unmistakeably him. What I really liked about this series of figure was that not only are all the likeness’s spot on, all bodies are intended for just the one figure it’s meant to be for, no reuse here. So that means not only will the head sculpt be great, but the body will be very close to the wrestler as well! The only negative is that sometimes, because of Frye’s stance, he’ll fall over, if he’s not on flat ground, is posed so he’s unbalanced or knocked slightly.



The figure is cast in the flesh tone with paint added for the hair, tights, boots etc. In most cases it is very nicely applied, very clean. There is some slop on the tights where the designs have been printed, but that’s about it. If I really wanted to complain I’d say the paint on the fingerless combat gloves doesn’t really match the skin tone of the rest of the figure properly, but that’s really grasping at straws.



Unlike the real Frye, this figure has only a couple of punches he can throw and no take down ability. There are a total of three points of articulation which is pretty standard form this series, arms and waist. That’s it. So if you want to be able to get these figures to wrestle, its not gonna happen. They are best for being posed and admired.



As stated before, because this is a deluxe figure you get some nice accessories! One shirt and two belts come with Frye and they are all nicely done and look great! The shirt fits fairly well on Frye, if you want to put the shirt on him, its best to keep Frye’s arms on as the shirts can be put on him without too much trouble. Taking it back off, it makes it easier to just gently pop both Frye’s arms off and then take the shirt off. It could be because my shirt stayed unused for so long, but there was residue left by the tape on the shirt, no big deal to me as fry will not be wearing his shirt, but be mindful of this.

Next accessories are Frye’s two champion belts he won while in the UFC, these belts are very nicely detailed and look great, Frye wore these belts when wrestling in NJPW  which is most likely why they have included them.



Not really much to write about here. These wrestling figures are sturdy (in most cases) and durable. Perhaps the black shirt might stain if left on for long periods?



I paid 3,500 YEN so 40-50 AUD plus shipping costs. When I was in Japan last month I did see one MOC for about the same price. If you can get one around this price you should be happy with that, considering on eBay Muta goes for much, much more and can easily be found still in Japan in most Mandrakes. Frye maybe considered “rare” But, my experience so far is: rare, but reasonably priced.


I really like this figure being a fan of Don Frye, beyond that, you have a really neat figure which looks great of the shelf  and puts most other wrestling figures to shame just on looks alone. If you want a super poseable wrestling figure, best to stick to Mattel Elite Collection. I highly recommend this figure to anyone who’s a fan of Don Frye, Japanese wrestling figures or MMA figures.


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