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Kenner’s line of toys based on the Batman Returns movie consisted of numerous versions of the same Batman figure, with a plethora of various accessories, some reused from other lines and a few of the main villains from the film as well as vehicles and play sets. Kenner took its usual creative license with a number of their Batman toys which featured action gimmicks and various equipment batman didn’t use in the actual movie.

Name: Deep Dive Batman
Line: Batman Returns
Manufacturer: Kenner
Released: 1992
Price: Then: $10-$16.  Now: $20 – $35 MOSC or less if loose
Scale: 4 -5 Inches in height
Accessories: Scuba gear (torso and legs) Sea Sled and Torpedo

I remember watching Batman Returns as a child when it was originally showing in the cinemas, I’m pretty sure I saw it with my cousins and maybe my uncle too, if I remember correctly. At this point I had already seen the original Batman 89 movie on VHS with my brother and my Dad. So it was pretty exciting to go see a Batman movie at the cinemas, even if this series of movies, at this point, was quite dark in overall tone.

What I didn’t have many of, was toys from this particular movie growing up as a kid, my brother and I only had the penguins with the rockets on their backs, one set for each of us.

No Batman figures, no villains. (I know, I know Shock! Horror!) I’m pretty sure we had every chance to pick up some of these toys too, but we never did. What I do remember fondly however, was at one stage having a Kenner toy catalogue that featured Jurassic Park, Terminator 2 and Batman Returns figures in it among others.

That made me want a lot of those figures as a child, although I never had any, until later in life (Various Toy fairs and eBay purchases etc)

So now as an adult collector I have virtually all these figures I wanted (consumerism at it’s finest right!?) so what better way to do something with them then take some nice photos and try and capture in photos and communicate in words just what I like about them, that even to this day, I still find very likeable, if not sometimes a little absurd looking toys.


The Batman sculpt for this line of movie tie-in toys was partly reused from Kenner’s previous line of DC toys, their “Super Powers Collection” Although the head and legs have been changed and in this Batman’s case some extra added details to the Batman figure itself (boots for example) It’s a passing likeness to Michael Keaton. but the overall sculpt is great and you can’t mistake it as anyone other than Batman or in this case, Batman in a diving suit!

I always loved the soft goods cape that these batman figures came with too, I always thought it was a nice touch!


The paint on Batman and his accessories is kept to a minimum and most of the parts are cast in the colour it’s meant to be. This is always how I prefer toys or figures to be made where possible. What paint there is, is fairly cleanly applied and neat. The Batman logos are nice and sharp too! Eve the little details on Batman’s dive suit look great too! Obviously if you are a bit of a perfectionist, try to get a good look at the figure you are buying and make sure you’re happy with the paint apps and overall condition of the figure too.


Batman has the standard five points of articulation that most 1990’s figures came with. Cut joints which swivel at the neck, shoulders and groin. It’s enough articulation to get Batman to sort of lie down on the Sea Sled, you sure aren’t going to put the caped crusader any dynamic action poses, keeping in mind, it’s a toy figure from a time when you had to use your imagination a lot more when playing with your toys, but at least it has some articulation.


This is where this particular Batman figure really shines in my opinion and the reason why I bought this figure, Batman comes with the following accessories: Scuba gear, Sea Sled and torpedo.

The Scuba gear is great and fits snugly on the Batman figure, it’s got plenty of great little details sculpted in it too. Secondly is the Sea Sled and torpedo, it’s a fairly large accessory and Batman for the most part sits on it quite well, but not perfectly.

The torpedo fires quite far too and has a bit of power to it. Plenty of detail on the sled, it has clean smooth surfaces, vents and engines/propellers which are quite detailed too.


None that I can think of; Batman is rock solid. What would you expect from a early 1990’s toy?  Just make sure your one has a good paint job before you buy it.


I was happy with the $20 + shipping costs for a mint on the card figure; however, I wouldn’t pay too much for this figure, as he is not worth any large amount of money.


The thing that appealed to me the most when I was a kid and even now is, the number of interesting gimmicks or action features that each Kenner Batman figure came with. Even at a young age I knew none of the accessories Batman came with featured in the movie, but said extra accessories did really fire up my imagination when it came to playing with my toys.

That said, visually this is a pretty cool looking figure and I definitely enjoy looking at the figure, for die hard Batman fans, I feel just like die hard Aliens fan, you are going to struggle to see the relevance of having these toys in your collection, when now days there are many, many better toys and figures out there, but for someone like me, who’s a fan of Kenner and a their toy lines and grew up when they were originally released, I really enjoy collecting them and appreciating the creativeness that went into each figure (even if in most cases it seems like trying to get blood from a stone!).

This is definitely a Kenner Batman figure for completists only or if you like your vintage figures Batman figures that are a bit more fun and usual.



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