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Cyborg Justice was released in 1993, published by Sega and developed by Novotrade. You play as a Cyborg who’s original organic body was heavily damaged in a spaceship crash and still functioning brain is then placed into the new robotic body, when the memory wipe process fails, you escape and seek out revenge against the controlling brain overlord!  

Title: Cyborg Justice
System: Sega Megadrive
Publisher: Sega
Developer: Novotrade
Released: 1993
Genre(s): Side-Scrolling Beat ’em up

This game was a pretty good hidden gem back in the day, I loved the fact you got to create your own cyborg before starting the story mode, there were plenty of weapons and leg types to choose from, you could eventually find a combination you were happy with. Plus great gameplay like being able to rip off the enemies torso and then use that torso to replenish your own health and add extra lives too!

A bit of a steep learning curve to master some of these techniques, but it is definitely worth the perseverance. plenty of different punches, kicks and flying attacks to learn and try out. More interaction with the environment would have been nice and also the lack of different backgrounds doesn’t help.


Nice presentation intro and a small amount of options, including arcade mode or duel (VS) mode. You get the gist of the story, but some text would be nice to help explain.

Battle to the death!


Big sprites that are superbly animated, the animation where you tear enemy robots limbs off are my favorite. Only downside is that there are only a few different backdrops and they are just different colours to add variety.


The sound is fairly good, the music is a bit basic, but it never tends to get too repetitive. The attack sound effects are great too if a little bit on the quite side.


On Emulator it’s a little difficult to play due to the control setup, this is one game I prefer playing on the original console even if Sega controls can be a little dodgy themselves. They are fairly responsive, only the jumping is difficult and thankfully you don’t have to do much jumping.


This game is best played with more then one player. Two player co-op you can really have a blast with a friend ripping the enemy apart (literiaty!) I think once you beat this game by yourself, you probably wont rush back to play it again, but the final boss is quite challenging and requires some skill to reach him and defeat the mini bosses along the way.



I always enjoy playing this game every now and then and with my brother, it’s good fun to create your own cyborg and then do battle with various combinations of robot enemies. The controls do take a bit of time to master, but once you do, it only increases the enjoyment, there’s nothing like pulling off an enemies’ arm and stealing their weapon for your own use and then take off their torso after that! brutal!

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