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Real X Head is a small Japanese company run by Mori Katsura, who makes vinyl toys. Over the years there have been a number of figures and variations released as well as collaborations with other people or stores. One such collaboration has been with Refreshment, with their Chaosman Lady character.


Name: Chaos Lady
Line: N/A
Manufacturer: Real X Head/Refreshment
Released: 2013
Price: First released – 6,000 YEN, Now – varies 6,000 – 9,000 YEN
Scale: 8 Inches in height
Accessories: None.


I picked up Chaos Lady off Yahoo Auctions Japan after one came up about 10 months ago; this was my other Christmas present from my wife after Hordak, hence why it’s taken a while to put the review up.
There haven’t been too many releases of this particular character yet and it appears that its releases have been restricted to festivals or shows only.


The head is a new sculpt and looks pretty good! It has plenty of cool little details, like a number of small hearts on the top of the head hiding in-between the other details and Lucha Libre style mask details at the back of the head. The head also has longish hair sticking out from the bottom of the mask and big, prominent Dame Edna style glasses and not to mention cat ears on top of the ‘mask’.
The body is the standard Chaos man body and even with its heavy re-use still retains its charm as always.

This is one area where this figure stands out for me, even though at first, I didn’t really like the colours used, they grew on me quite a lot once I had the figure in hand. The blend of yellows and blues are great and work well with the grey and sliver tones. If anything looks out of place it’s the pink glasses and orange eye, the pink contrasts with all the other colours, and I find it a little too distracting.

As per usual the paint application is up to a very high standard; very neat and clean.


Chaos Lady has six points of articulation: head, arms, elbows and waist. All these joints are swivels and can be rotated 360 degrees. For this type of figure and the material it’s made out of, this is a great amount of articulation for the larger size. You can get a good number of subtle, yet expressive poses as well as little more extreme ones. It really is a great base body for the small, yet growing, variants and collaborations.


No accessories with this figure.


There are none at all – this is an adult designer toy after all. It is made very well, so there are no issues with it.


I paid a little bit of a mark up, being around the 8,000 YEN mark. That’s not too bad of a price, but you are really just paying for a new head with this release.


I really like the Chaos Lady sculpt, but there haven’t been many releases of it yet, with only four different colour-ways available at the time of this writing, I’m yet to see one I really love, I think there’s plenty of potential with this character, but whether it reaches that potential is yet to be seen. With that said, this particular one is still the best release so far IMO. If any of the releases catch your eye and you have the chance to pick one up, you should, as Chaos Lady is pretty hard to find atm.


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