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Android is Google’s operating system designed for mobile devices and tablets. It’s an open source operating system and can be freely modified and distributed. The OS was initially developed by Android Inc, before Google purchased the company in 2005. The logo/mascot for Android is a simple looking Green robot which is the subject of tonight’s review. 


Name: Android
Line: Android mini collectibles series 1
Manufacturer: Dyzplastic/Andrew Bell
Released: 2010
Price: $13  mint in box, less if loose
Scale: 3 Inches in height
Accessories: None


I’m not going to get into a whole argument over which operating system is better: Android or Apple, I own an Android phone and enjoy its openness and freedom to easily customise layout, settings etc. On the other hand, I do also own a couple of Ipads and enjoy the “plug in and play” simplicity of it. So, this review is not going an excuse to have a rant for or against a particular company. Now on to the review!



The sculpting of this figure, much like the design of the Android mascot is very simple, there are no rough spots, it is a very clean and smooth sculpt and whether it’s been traditionally sculpted or made by newer technology, Given the simple nature of the source material, one could argue it wouldn’t be much effort to take that design and make it 3D, however the end result is an excellent 3D representation of the mascot which looks spot on to the source material and is executed perfectly.



Hardly and paint on this figure: it’s cast in a nice green vinyl with just mat white for the eyes, and white again on the normally clear sections between the arms and head. What paint we do have is expertly applied and very clean, very typical of what to expect with most designer toys.



As far as articulation goes we don’t have much, it seems like just the arms move. At first, I thought perhaps the head would move too, but it seems like that is not the case, it’s on there pretty stiffly, so it’s either a case of I got one which is stuck really good or its not meant to move. Both arms swivel 360 degrees, which gives you a little bit of variation. But like most designer toys they are primarily meant to be looked at and admired rather than placed into extreme action poses.



None. I don’t know if other figures in this series come with stuff like Dunny’s do. But, this particular figure has nothing with it as it’s meant to be the original unmodified Android mascot.


I can’t see there being too many problems with this figure; perhaps breaking the little antennae if dropped on a hard surface – there’s not too much to worry about.



I was happy with $13 + shipping costs, I would not pay anything above that for this figure; it’s just not worth a high price


I think this is a very cool and cute looking figure. It’s a decent size; it will fit in with your other vinyl figures, if you have any, quite well. I would recommend it first and foremost if you are a fan of the design or the android operating system or if you like to collect designer toys. The variants on the figure can look quite cool too!


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