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Kenner’s line of ‘Aliens’ Space Marine toys was fairly short lived. After only 1 & 1/2 series of figures the Marines were dumped in favor of Predators instead to do battle with the Aliens. What marines we did get however were quite cool and in most cases had action features to add more play value. Ripley, the main character in the Aliens film franchise, also received a figure in this toyline.


Name: Ripley
Line: Aliens
Manufacturer: Kenner
Released: 1992
Price: Then: $10-$15.  Now: $15-$25  mint on card,  less if loose
Scale: 4 -5  Inches in height
Accessories: Flamethrower, Small gun, set of stickers and comic


I really can’t remember why my brother and I decided to collect the Kenner Aliens toys when we were kids – being a toyline based off an MA 15+ series of movies – but they did look cool. The Alien designs were nice and there were a variety of figures. But you can’t just have Aliens… You need Marines as well! Regards of what collectors at the time and collectors now think of this toyline, I still like what Kenner did with about 90% of the figures they made. Now on to the review!



Kenner’s sculpting has always been pretty solid. There other lines of figures like Jurassic Park or Star Wars featured good if not great sculpting. The Aliens line and Ripley figure is no different. What I like the most about this sculpt is, even though it’s not a very good likeness to actress Sigourney Weaver, I believe it still captures the feel of the character. Also, this is one of my favorite female head sculpts for a small sized figure.  The rest of the figure is also well done, albeit that she’s stuck in the one pose. But this is mainly due to the action feature the toy has.



Not too much paint here. It’s mainly used for detailing on the figure and that’s about it. The paint application is fairly crisp; minimal to no slop on this figure. One thing to look out for is the placement of the eyes. They seem to be a bit of hit and miss, and in some cases really aren’t applied very well at all.



Here, we have fairly standard Kenner – and to an extent, most 1990s articulation – swivel head, arms, waist and legs. Due to the figure needing to hold a two handed weapon, most of the articulation suffers due to the need to cater for this function. The action feature is quite neat and works well. On the flame thrower there is a small red peg, which is placed into the yellow pouch on Ripley’s leg, when you turn Ripley’s upper body, the flame “shoots” out of the end of the flamethrower. I always liked the action feature. It does its job flawlessly by adding more than enough extra play value to this figure.  Below is a scan of the instructions which came with the figure, showing you how to use the action feature.



Ripley comes with a small number of accessories. The big ticket item is of course the flamethrower. It’s slightly over sized and not really a good representation from the movie. But, It looks great in its own right. The other accessories are a small gun, and a comic (the comics weren’t very good, but did help establish the characters a little bit as there was no TV show tie-in for these toys). There are also stickers included, but my problem with these are they don’t tend to stick very well.



I can’t see there being too many problems with this figure, beyond getting one with a bad paint application. It’s well made and durable, nothing really too fragile here.



I was happy with $10 + shipping costs; however, I wouldn’t pay too much for this figure, as she is not worth any large amount of money.



I have fond memories of playing with this figure and the other marines/aliens/predators from this line. I feel the figure itself, although limited in some aspects, still stands up fairly well today for children’s toy standards. From a collectors’ point of view, this only worth picking up if you want to reclaim your childhood or like having a variety of Aliens collectibles both old and new in your collection.




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