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The Terminator is one of my all time favorite movies, along with Terminator 2 they are movies I could watch again and again and never get bored. To me, they just have that cool factor about them. This is a kit-bash I made a long time ago right around the time Hot Toys T1 figure was released.

I based my kit-bash off the scene in The Terminator where a Terminator infiltration unit, played by Franco Columbo, assaults a resistance base. I used the Arnold Schwarzenegger T1 head, as it’s one of my favorite Hot Toys head sculpts. I wanted to envision what that character might look like if it was infiltrating resistance bases in the future. I like what I came up with, I think it captures the feel of the movie quite well and looks pretty cool. The T-800 even has a Phased-plasma rifle in the 40 watt range too!







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One thing I love to do is kit-bash my own 1/6 scale figures from bits and pieces of various figure sets to make something unique. Tonight my post is of a kit-bash I recently finished, being my take on the T-800 as it appears in the video game Terminator – The Redemption, which was released a few years ago. My main inspiration being the front and back of the box graphics and artwork. I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking, but I’m quite happy with how this one turned out.
(The clean paint application on the terminator’s head sculpt where the endoskeleton sections are shown was re-painted by my good friend Darren and is not stock standard.)













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What Hot Toys have created, is simply put, amazing. You can have a very detailed female head, yet still have rooted hair, it is a very ingenious way of having the best of both worlds and I am surprised no other company has thought of this sooner.

The following tutorial is a guide to modifying Hot Toys female heads, which have rooted hair.

You will need the following tool:


I tend to find the hobby knife the best tool for the job, when removing the scalp from the rest of the head, just be careful and try not to cut yourself or cut too much into the head, you only want to use this knife to pry the glue on the scalp away from the head.


Firstly let’s start with our unmodified Cuban True Type Female figure. The brown hair looks nice, but I already own a cuban with brown hair! I want to make the second one stand out abit from the first.


What I need to do is gently remove the head from the body, holding it in my hand, I’m going to brush away the hair so I can see just where the rooted hair scalp meets the rest of the head.


As you can see in the above picture, what you need to do is separate these two sections to remove the scalp . You will need to take your blade and gently separate the scalp from the head.

This will be the hardest part, as this section will have the most glue attached to it, sometimes you get lucky and it’s not too much trouble, but it’s really hit and miss.


You want to separate the scalp as much as you can until you reach the ear or just under it, where as you can see in the above picture, the “lip” of the scalp is located, this lip runs all along the scalp to the other side, separate the scalp on both sides if possible, first. As far as my understanding is, the lip helps the scalp sit in the right position on the head as well as acts as a point where you can place glue and not affect the hair.


Once you get to this point you want to take the scalp in your hands and try to pry it away from the head without damaging it, take your time and use care as you don’t want to tear the lip as damage to this could ruin the rooted hair. Also use your knife to remove excess glue that you may encounter.


Once the scalp below and around the ear has be removed take the top of the scalp in your hands and gently pull it away from the head. There shouldn’t be any glue attached to the top of the scalp, but if there is you should be able to just pull the scalp free.


Even if some of the scalp is still stuck to the head, it should be easy to remove now you have the bulk of it off.



You should now have a head completely free of any rooted hair.



You should also now have a scalp separate from the head.


The cuban is now ready for new hair, even tho, right now she may be limited to just a few choices. In this case Silken Floss and Black Widow’s former hair.



The following are two other Hot Toys female figures I have modified, Black Widow and Silk Spectre II



And lastly a modified Abigail Whistler, this head required more modification then the above however.




Please note. This post has been republished due to issues with the original post. First Published March 15, 2011.

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