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In Terminator Genisys Arnold Schwarzenegger returns as an unstoppable cyborg killing machine sent back in time from the year 2029, only this time not to terminate Sarah Connor, but to protect her from Skynet. The movie serves as a soft reboot and incorporates scenes from the Terminator into the film and changes the story considerably, it also features an extended future war battle where we see John Connor defeat Skynet.   

Name: Endoskeleton
Line: Movie Masterpiece Series
Product Code: MMS352
Manufacturer: Hot Toys
Released: 2017
Price: $230 – $250 USD
Scale: 1/6
Accessories: Endo Rifle as well as a display stand

Being the big Terminator fan that I am, you think that I would have had this figure on pre-order from day one. Well, I keep my pre order list pretty small these days as there are always plenty of options to buy Hot Toys figures from, once released.

This particular figure was released last week in Hong Kong and I wanted to get it into my hands asap. So I paid for one as “fast stock” ordered mid week, last week and It’s Monday here in Australia and the figure showed up at 9:30 am at my house, so it was definitely fast stock.

And just for the record I did add a small amount of paint wash to the Endoskeleton’s teeth to make them stand out just a little bit better and obviously , the figure does not come with a phased plasma rifle, I used a spare one from Hot Toys original Terminator Endoskeleton release.



Inside the box you get the following items:

One Endoskeleton figure
One Endo Rifle
Six interchangeable hands
One display stand


This was the make or break part of this particular figure, just how close to what was seen on screen was this figure going to get? I think Hot Toys have done a pretty good job of getting the Endoskeleton to match how they appear in Terminator Genisys. It’s got plenty of hoses, tubing and piston and all other manner of small details.

I do have one complaint however, the Endoskeleton appears just way too tall, it really needs to be at least one inch shorter then the height it is at. It towers over all my other Terminator figures and that makes it look just a bit too silly.
If we are comparing it to the original Endoskeleton release, then it’s definitely an improvement, but not without fault.

The light up feature is hidden well, pretty much the same as the 1/4 scale Endoskeleton, as you can see in the photos the eyes work just fine, no issues there.


As usual Hot Toys do a great job with their paint application, it really looks like the Endoskeleton has been chromed and then roughed up from time out on the battlefield. It’s a very shiny and metallic finish, which suits the Endoskeleton just fine and I really like the little bits of wear all over the figure.

The B.F.G


The Endoskeleton has a lot of articulation, hopefully, I don’t’ miss anything: ball-jointed head, swivel/hinge shoulders, hinge elbows, ball-jointed wrists, ab-crunch, twisting waist, limited ball-jointed hips, hinge knees and ankle pivot.

Some of the articulation is hindered by hoses and tubes as well as just by the design of the Endoskeleton, but you’ve still able to get the figure in a number of poses without too much trouble. You aren’t going to be getting anything too extreme out of this figure, but plenty of Terminator style poses aren’t beyond this figure. The joints were nice and stiff, he was a joy to pose for the photos.


Well, it’s an Endoskeleton, so there’s no outfit to speak of.


You get one “Endorifle” or more appropriately, a BFG and six interchangeable hands, being: one pair of fists, one pair of relaxed hands and a pair of weapon holding hands.

I really like Hot Toys decision to just make separate hands instead of one pair of posable ones, not only do they look nicer, but, are more proportional too. The Endorifle is huge! and unfortunately, it’s a bit hard to get the Endoskeleton to not only hold it properly, but stand up while holding it too. I really didn’t enjoy fiddling with the Endo trying to get it to work, it was quite frustrating.

He looks much better with the spare Phase Plasma rifle I had, just waiting to put in his hands! The display stand we’ve seen before and apparently doesn’t light up, I didn’t even bother checking this out as I really don’t care for this type of oversized display base anyway, I’m sticking with the classic oval display stand.


One of the main problems I can already see happening, is potentially breaking the ball-joints on the hands of the figure, there is three of them and they are quite small and even although don’t seem brittle, I’d still be very careful when changing over hands.

For the tubes that connect to those small ball-joints, you get spare ones, so maybe you could loose them if you weren’t careful either I suppose? I can’t really see any other problems you could have with the figure, other than trying to put it into poses it’s not meant to be put into, so in other words, read those instructions!


I bought fast stock, hence I paid a fast stock price. I was happy with that, as I wanted this figure asap. Now that it’s here, im very happy with it. But, if your not in now rush, I’m sure it can be picked up for a more reasonable price in a month or so.

Funnily enough, The price I paid was only a little more over my local distributors “retail” price so, it wasn’t that expensive after all.


This Endoskeleton isn’t perfect, (mainly just the overly tall height and ridiculously over-sized weapon) but it’s definitely head and shoulders above the old MMS release from way back when, I think it’s even a little better than the 1/4 scale one, but are talking about from an engineering point of view only.

They both have their differences, but are still both great in their own way. Hot Toys design and engineering have improved greatly over the years and this new Endoskeleton is proof of that. Worth picking up to upgrade, but, it would be great of Hot Toys could release the classic Endoskeleton at some point in 1/6 too.


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