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Sixshot is vile, nasty and carries out his job with ferocious intensity. He is a “Solo Transformer Assault Group” seeing he transforms into six forms (Robot, armored car, tank, gun, spaceship and wolf creature) His only redeeming quality is he tends to speak well of the foes he has vanquished. 


Name: Sixshot
Line: Transformers Titans Return
Manufacturer: Hasbro
Price: 89.99 AUD
Scale: Roughly  26 cm in height (including those wings)
Accessories: Two Blaster Weapons, Revolver mini figure, Tech Spec card

Yet another addition to my small yet ever-growing Transformers Titans Return collection of toys, even although the bulk of my collection is from Takara Tomy, I still have picked up a couple of Hasbro offerings here and there. Sixshot being one of them.


Hasbro has done a great job here, Sixshot is covered in detail! Plenty of raised sections, paneling etc to make him look quite good, in robot mode and any of his other six modes too. He’s very much a modern update of the original toy in design and execution.


There’s not too much paint on Sixshot, it’s mainly just used for small details. I’m fine with that, they just help to break up the solid blocks of plastic. What paint we do have, is nice and neat overall. The stickers are a nice touch too, just try to get one with them lined up decently.


Sixshot has a lot of ball joints, swivel joints and hinge joints, which makes him really fun to play around with. You can get a lot of good poses out of him, I just wish the ankle joints wouldn’t snap into certain angles, so it would make it more fun to pose him that way.


Sixshot comes with two guns and the Titan Master mini figure, that turns into his head. The guns are pretty cool with plenty of detail, they can even be combined together to make a larger gun the mini figure can sit in.

The Titan Master mini figure is all kinds of cool! He’s got articulated head, arms, and legs, the only thing I don’t like about the Hasbro version is that Hasbro doesn’t tend to paint the faces of them, whereas Takara does!


I can’t really see anything to watch out for, except you could misplace the mini figure if you aren’t careful!


I paid the Australian retail price of 89.99 AUD for Sixshot. I don’t think that’s too bad of a price, I bought mine from my local Toys ‘R’ Us and they had a few there so it was pretty easy to pick one with a good paint application. I don’t do too much purchasing from actual brick and mortar stores these days, but it’s always been a pleasant experience when I have.


Much like Triggerhappy, Sixshot is an excellent upgrade of the original toy using today’s technology, he has a really nice design and has plenty of play options being a six mode transformer! What more could you ask for? I don’t know, but I’m very happy with my purchase and the toy in general.


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