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Shockwave has a cold, brutal, scientific approach to war. His thought process is ruled by logic. He sees emotion as a weakness and a distraction. He also seeks to overthrow Megatron as leader of the Decepticons. He transforms into a powerful Cybertronian laser gun and can fly in either gun mode or robot mode.


Name: Laserwave (MP-29)
Line: Transformers Masterpiece
Manufacturer: TAKARA TOMY
Price: 12,000 YEN
Scale: Roughly  21 cm in height
Accessories: Numerous hands and gun hand and mini Laserwave gun.


I don’t know if I’ll get to reviewing every toy and/or figure featured in my “Best of 2016” list But, I’ll try my best to get through most of them at some stage.

Shockwave/Laserwave made that list and is a pretty awesome figure, even if I don’t actually own it myself, my brother is the bigger Shockwave fan, so naturally he was the one to buy him. But, that means I still have access to the figure to do a review as it’s a pretty good addition to the Masterpiece lineup.


Both robot and gun mode look great! But, out of the two modes, robot mode is easily my favorite. I really think that Takara Tomy has done an excellent job in matching the look of the character from the cartoon series and translating that into toy form.

The figure in hand looks amazing and it towers over most of the Autobots. (Even if some fans have complained about the height, the show bible height chart tends to suggest otherwise.)  There are plenty of nice little details all over the figure, If I had one complaint, it’s that the lower legs don’t stay together as well as you’d like.


I’m pretty sure Laserwave has hardly any paint application if anyone him, I’m going to assume the feet have been painted grey and maybe the outside panels on the legs, but I think that’s about it.

Otherwise, everything has been cast in the colour it’s meant to be and that’s just the way I like it! It’s a very nice shade of purple, I wouldn’t say show or vintage toy accurate, But it suits Laserwave well enough.


With the Masterpiece Transformers figures, they really have a decent amount of articulation, but some of that articulation is to assist with the transformation. So I’m not really going to try and list every joint and joint type with these kind of toys.

With that said Laserwave is still quite fun to pose and play around with. He has standard joints like ankle pivot and knee joints, elbow joints etc. Most of these joints are ratchets so you know they aren’t going to loosen up on you over time.


The Type of character Laserwave was in the cartoon, you knew he wasn’t getting too many accessories, also it didn’t help that his design he didn’t really need anything either. (Hand? Check. Gun hand for a weapon? Check.)  You get a few different hands/gun hand and you get a mini version of Laserwave in gun mode, which for some weird reason he used as his own handgun in the cartoon.

So to combat that Takara Tomy has included purple clear parts so that you can turn him into the vintage toy version as well! This is a nice touch and I really do like the look of that clear plastic.

His gun hand and gun barrel both light up and his backpack also turns into a stand for the gun, which I think is quite neat.


I can’t see there being too many problems with Laserwave, besides some sections like the legs being a bit dodgy in terms of how well they hold together he’s still a solid release. Just make sure you put those Decepticon logos on straight!


Amazon JP is the place to go if you want to get the best price for Laserwave, you can pick him up for about 12,000 YEN and that’s a pretty good price for what you get if you ask me.


Laserwave is a welcome edition to the Transformers Masterpiece Decepticon ranks. He may be lacking in accessories, but more than makes up for that in awesomeness and cartoon accuracy alone.  He is a great example of taking the original toy and updating it. If you are collecting the Masterpiece line you need to pick up this Laserwave/Shockwave figure, you won’t be disappointed that you did!


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