4 comments on “MIKE’S TOY BLOG BEST OF 2016 (That I Bought)

  1. Excellent review as always a very well researched and articulated view of action figures in all scales and styles. I need to try and joon you on one pf your toy expeditiins in the future.
    Thanks for keeping it real

  2. So, now I’m 50 years old and I still have a love for science fiction toys. Believe me when I say I’m okay with that, I saw the original Star wars trilogy in the theater, I can not put into words how awesome that was. so now my topic of conversation, new action figures, open them or leave them in the original package? there is nothing that compares to a vintage action figure or vehicle that’s still in the box, but, what if I get hit by a bus tomorrow and I have thousands of dollars worth of collectibles in my closet? I’m thinking “I have denied myself a certain amount of enjoyment that these fantasy objects have to offer”. That being said, what if the owner of those 1977 Stare Wars action figures felt the same way, they would not even exist now fore us to look at in amazement let alone to spark our desire to possess such an object. please email me with your thoughts on this subject.

    • Hi There,

      Thanks for the comment. I think when it comes to leaving a toy in box or not, it really depends on the owner, myself, I really can’t stand leaving something in box, if it’s a really cool toy or figure I want to display, I want to display it outside of the box, in all its glory. But, the other side of that coin is, if I’m buying a vintage toy or sometimes even a new one, I prefer it in as close to untouched condition as possible.

      But, that’s me being more of a perfectionist more than anything else. Furthermore, the value of a toy or collectible also comes down to what people are willing to pay and the condition it has been kept in over the years, things like white plastic going yellow can have a severe impact on a price someone could reasonably ask for a figure. It is interesting going forward to see what figures now command higher prices and with hindsight, you could have made potentially a tidy profit on something.

      Like anything, it is hit and miss and market trends can not always be predicted or assured. I’m more for buying a toy or figure because I want to own it, not for profit later down the line, that said if something I do own I can sell for more at a later stage, that’s always a pleasant surprise, but not something I will always count on happening.

      – Mighty Mike

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