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Long time readers of my blog will know I’m a pretty big Terminator fan and have plenty of Hot Toys’ figures from Terminator 1 and Terminator 2. What I also like to do is kit-bash my own Terminator figures from time to time and have made plenty of my own interpretations of the character mainly based on 2029 ‘Future War’ setting. Although I really like the all leather look from T2 I’m not crazy about the leather jacket Arnold wears in T2, plus I preferred it when he was the villain, not the hero.

With that in mind, I decided to create a leather-clad version of the T-800 I would be happy with that used parts from many of Hot Toys’ Terminator figures.


I ended up using the original MMS head from the first Terminator 2 figure that Hot Toys released as it is one of their better Arnold heads, even if it was shunned by most collectors when the DX10 was first announced and released, I feel it is still the better look to match Arnold from the film as it looks a little older and compliments the Terminator 1 MMS Tech Noir release.

One thing to note is, this head is from the second batch of T2 MMS Terminators Hot Toys made, I know a lot of fans were in up roar when Hot Toys announced they were doing a second run of Han and Chewie and Obi-wan.  But it’s not the first time Hot Toys have done this, the Appleseed Saga figures (MMS 51 and MMS 52) had two runs as did the Terminator 2 T-800 (MMS 117)  figures that I know of and there could have been more instances of this. Being a second batch, the detail on the head has been increased, especially the skin texture.


I also made up a custom body, using parts from the DX10 (arms), T1 Battle Damaged (chest) and even Tech Noir (neck connector) to get the desired look for the body. This may seem like a touch overkill, but I wanted the right look and even if I had to Dremel the head to get it to fit on the new neck, it was worth it.


Next was putting the clothes together, nothing too hard here, just T1 Battle damaged jacket, DX10 pants and gloves, MMS boots and a black shirt, from, I’m assuming, Joe Colton as the MMS black shirt, the neck fits too loose. To top it off DX10 sunglasses which are much superior to the MMS release in size and shape. Throw in a variety of weapons and this Terminator custom is good to go. Looks a lot more sinister and intimidating than the MMS or DX10, almost how Arnold should have looked in T3.


I’ll let the rest of the pictures do the talking, but I’m very happy with this kit-bash, only thing left is to team him up with Robocop, perhaps…









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Snoopy is the pet beagle of Charlie Brown in the long-running comic strip, Peanuts. Appearing in the comic strip since the 1950s, Snoopy has become one of the most iconic and recognizable characters from the series.


Name: Snoopy and Woodstock set
Line: Vinyl Collectible Dolls
Manufacturer: Medicom Toy
Price: Then: 3,990 Yen, Now: roughly 9,000 Minimum.
Scale:  (Snoopy) 11.5 cm in height, (Woodstock) 4.5 cm in height.
Accessories: None



This particular figure hadn’t really been on my radar to purchase, I knew of its existence, But never went out of my way to pick it up. That all changed after watching the peanuts movie fairly recently, seeing my wife and son both like Snoopy too, I thought why not pick up one of the best looking collectible figures available from Medicom.




It’s always going to be hard to turn a 2D drawing into a 3D figure, but I think Medicom have done a pretty good job. Snoopy and Woodstock look best from the side, front on, not so much. From the side, they definitely evoke that distinctive Peanuts look, so I guess you could say that’s their best side. Lots of very smooth surfaces and hardly any texture matching what you would assume the character would have if you turned a drawing 3D.



Snoopy and Woodstock are both cast in the colours they are meant to be, normally that’s my personal preference for most figures over painting them, so that is already a big plus for me. What paint there is, is kept to a minimum. It’s nice and very neatly applied, up to Medicom’s usual high standards.



Snoopy has very basic articulation, his head is a ball-joint and his arms are swivel joints. It’s not really too much, but once you play around with Snoopy a little bit, it’s nice to have the option to change up the basic pose even if it’s just a slight variation.



I could technically count Woodstock as an accessory, seeing Snoopy is the biggest draw of the set to me. He’s got one swivel joint where his head meets his neck. He’s sculpted just as excellently as Snoopy and it’s neat he’s included as he really rounds out the set.



None that I can see, except maybe Snoopy’s white plastic; could yellow if placed in direct sunlight and his neck joint might become loose over time if regularly posed.



I paid a fairly decent price seeing I bought mine off Ebay, pretty much the same price as he can go for on Amazon JP, which was around $90.00 AUD including shipping, from Japan. That’s not too much of a mark up when compared to some of Medicom’s other products, considering I was fairly late to the party. With this particular set, I would try and pay as close to retail price as you can.



If you are a fan of Peanuts or Snoopy you really need to have this figure set in your collection, it’s an excellent representation of Snoopy and Woodstock, I haven’t seen anyone else make a figure that comes close to looking as good as these two do.



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Dino Riders was a short lived toy line by Tyco started in the late 1980s; it also had an accompanying cartoon series and combined very detailed dinosaur models with futuristic weaponry. Each dinosaur came with its own unique armour which, depended on the size of the Dinosaur included 1-3 small humanoid figures, in scale with the dinosaur.

The Ankylosaurs’ role for its Rulon masters, was to be used as infantry support weapon with a crossbow mounted on its back which fired a ‘high explosive projectile’. Being a small toy, it didn’t have any action feature or motorised walking action. 


Name: Ankylosaurus with Sting
Line: Dino Riders
Manufacturer: Tyco
Price: Then: $7.00 – $ $17.00 MIB Now: At least $20.00 Loose
Scale: 1:24
Accessories: One Rulon mini figure, one mini figure weapon set.


The Ankylosaurus was one of those toys I vividly remember receiving as a child. The closest toy store my parents would take me and my brother to was the Big W in Chullora. (which is still open today) we were bought all manner of toys from there, Lego, Transformers, Toy Biz wrestling figures and even Dino Riders.

I remember seeing the shelves stacked with the many Dino Rider toys, my brother and I came away with an Ankylosaurus each and did end up receiving a few larger ones for Christmas and Birthday gifts. That memory for whatever reason has stuck with me all these years. So, of course I plan to review most of the Dino Rider toys that were made. (Even if it takes a while to do so)
Also this Ankylosaurus is one of the many of Tyco’s Dino Rider toys that fall under the “Colours may vary” label as the prototype shown in the toy box art and catalogue is orange as opposed to the released figure which is grey.



Inside the box you get the following items:

One Ankylosaurus dinosaur

One Sting Rulon mini figure

One Brain box and harness

One crossbow

One mini figure weapons set



The artwork on the front of the box features a very colourful battle scene portraying the Ankylosaurus engaged in battle the Dino Riders. Upon lifting the flap, you are able to view the toy inside the box as well as a number of pictures listing the highlights of the product.  A cropped section of this artwork is displayed on both sides of the box, with the back of the box showing all products from the current series engaged in battle with each other.

The excellent graphics do a great job of attracting you towards the box. (This was one thing I loved about Dino Riders when I was a child.)



Tyco have done a great job with the amount of detail on not only the dinosaurs in this series but the mini figures too. There are lots and lots of great details all over the Ankylosaurus’ body, it looks great!

The Rulon mini figure looks excellent too and has the same body as the other standard Rulons; he also has the same head type as Antor. For a small scale figure, it is very detailed and has many creases in the clothing as well as smooth armour sections.



Besides paint on the Ankylosaurus, the paint applications have been kept to a minimum. I really think Tyco tried very hard to get the best application possible on all the Dinosaur toys. The end result is wonderfully blended multi-toned grey colours for the Dinosaur. The colours work really well to contrast with the plastic grey and purple of the armour and weapons!

Sting has a little bit of paint application – mainly just for extra details on his costume or on the toys head. It’s all nice and neat. The rest of the figures parts are cast in the colour they are meant to be, which is perfectly fine as this works really well for the toy.



The Ankylosaurus has very limited articulation being his four legs with are all swivel joints, it’s not much, but this is a basic figure after all and it still helps to add plenty of play value to the toy.

Sting has the same amount of articulation that all the other Rulon figures have: swivel head, swivel arms – where the arm meets the body, swivel legs – where the legs meet the body and hinge joints at the knees.

For an older figure, this is more than enough for it to not only work well with the accessories but be put into a number of poses too.

Obviously, articulation has come a long way since then, but you still get quite a lot with Sting.



All the Rulon toys in the first series came with the same weapons: one crossbow, one binocular, one shield, one bazooka, one electronic whip or ball and chain and one ladder. You get a good number of weapons for each Rulon and I really like the red colour it’s been cast in, it really pops!



I would be careful with the brain box/harness when you are taking it off as you can potentially create plastic stress marks on parts of it due to the age of the plastic. Otherwise just avoid samples that have been yellowed.


Series 1 Mini Comic


Depending weather, it’s MIB, MISB or loose will affect the price you pay. However, from time to time you can grab a bargain on eBay.



This is one of the more basic figures that Tyco released in their Dino Riders line, obviously the cheaper price point for children whose parents wouldn’t buy them the larger toys, I have fond memories of not only receiving the Ankylosaurus, but plenty of hours playing with it and the other Dino Rider toys my brother and I were lucky to get as children. It makes for a great army builder, I actually have about four of these myself and in a group, they look pretty impressive. Worth picking up if you really want to have a complete Dino Riders Collection.



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The Snowtrooper is the cold climate version of the standard Imperial Stormtrooper. Featured in the Empire Strikes Back when the Imperial Forces attack the rebels base on Hoth. They have very unique armor and equipment design to deal with the harsh conditions they are deployed into.


Name: Snowtrooper (Imperial Stormtrooper – Hoth Battle Gear)
Line: Star Wars Saga Collection
Manufacturer: Hasbro
Price: $9.99 USD
Scale: 3.67 inches in height
Accessories: E-11 Blaster Pistol


This is one of the first figures I bought which got me back into 3.65 Inch size Star Wars figure collecting. This figure along with IG-88 were the first two I bought from my local toy/collectible store back in 2007.

Even although I was happy with having a couple of cool looking figures I didn’t really buy a lot until recently where together with my brother we bought a lot. (there are at least five of these Snowtroopers now).

It may have been a while between reviews for these Star Wars figures, but I’ll get to them eventually (like everything else I plan to review).



I really love the sculpting with this Snowtrooper. To my eyes it’s a pretty close match to what we see on the screen and the proportions are good too. I really love the helmet/mask the best, it just looks so damn cool. Plenty of fine detail work in the folds of clothing and a nice amount of detail on the armor pieces as well.

The soft goods “waist cape” is a nice touch also. I really don’t care for the head underneath the mask, I’d have preferred it if there was nothing but just a ball joint as it doesn’t really add to the figure at all.



I think Hasbro has done a great job with their paint application with this figure. Where needed they have cast the part in the colour it is meant to be and then applied paint where required (like the smaller pieces of armor on the arms and legs, for example) it all blends quite well and by having five of them, to inspect, the paint is pretty much uniform across all five figures, without too much difference or variation.

The weathering is great too! just the right amount of dirt and grime applied to the feet and armor itself ( the helmet has a very subtle wash on it to bring up those details). Very neat and slop free.



The Snowtrooper has the following articulation: Ball jointed head, swivel/hinge shoulders, swivel/hinge elbows, swivel wrists, ball jointed abs/waist, swivel legs (at the groin), swivel/hinge knees and swivel/hinge ankles. What I like about the articulation on this figure is that it’s fairly well hidden. I prefer toys like this, as it at least appears that some effort and thought was put into the design of the toy.

As far as for how useful the articulation is, he at least can aim and pose with his gun pretty well! The legs are sculpted slightly apart and I think that ruins the posability of the figure, as it makes it hard for him to do and crouching or ducking poses, without looking weird. But he’s definitely good to pose standing around, even if that backpack can make him a little off balance at times.



The Snowtrooper comes with a blaster and not much else, I guess you could count his helmet and backpack as accessories if you wanted. It’s the stock standard blaster that comes with pretty much every Hasbro Imperial figure and comes bent or warped in many various ways with each figure. My only real complaint is that most of these figures struggle to hold it firmly in their hands so it’s always moving around or falling out of the figures hands a lot. It’s sculpted well, cast in black and does the job well enough for the price point.



Besides the blaster being all kinds of deformed most of the time, there’s not too much to watch out for. Hasbro does make very solid toys that can withstand most abuse that a toy would take, seeing this figure is aimed at collectors, I doubt you would have any problems.



I paid the retail price for this guy back in the day, so I’m pretty sure it was close to $15 – $20 AUD, I was happy with that price back then as the figure just oozes quality for the price point. For this guy, I’d just try and pay what you feel comfortable paying as he’s not a major character in any way.



If you are after a great small scale representation of an Imperial Stormtrooper in Hoth Battle Gear (Snowtrooper), then look no further, this figure is awesome and easily suppresses anything that came before him. He looks especially good in a group of these guys all together. I think he’s only going to be topped by the upcoming larger Black series version. He’s also been released a few times so I’d like to think he’s not that hard to come by either if you are after one.


L – Circa 1990’s, R – Circa 2000’s – Sadly no 1980’s representative atm


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Mutant Evil is made by Real X Head, which is a small Japanese company run by Mori Katsura, who makes vinyl toys. Over the years there have been a number of figures and variations released as well as collaborations with other people or stores. Mutant Evil is the smaller size 6” figure from Real X Head, which, at a time, were very popular with Sofubi collectors, even if their popularity has now been eclipsed by the larger 8″ figures.


Name: Mutant Evil (Devil Man Tribute colours)
Line: N/A
Manufacturer: Real X Head
Price: First released – 4,000 YEN (guestimate). Now – varies 4,000 – ,7000 YEN
Scale:  6.5 Inches in height
Accessories: None.


I’ve mentioned before in past reviews that a lot of Real Head’s colour-ways are homage’s to either Japanese characters or Western ones. Sometimes noticeable quite easily, sometimes not. This particular version of Mutant Evil happens to be quite easily Identifiable if you are some what familiar with the Japanese character  Devil Man.

I’ve had this guy sitting in my collection for quite a while, I think I bought him on my second or third trip to Japan, from OneUp in Akihabara.

He’s avoided a few culls or purges of vinyl figures from my collection over the years (yes, I do sell figures I’ve either gotten over or impulse bought, I don’t keep everything like some sort of demented plastic toy hoarder ) and is currently my only Mutant Evil in my Real Head toy collection, hence why he’s still around (but with good reason, besides being the last of his kind, haha.)



One thing I like about the original Real Head figures is that they all had pretty solid sculpts, even if they used similar parts (like sharing the same body) I always liked Mutant Evil more than Mutant Head, however, even although the difference is just the head sculpt. Mutant Evil has a number of little details all over the body and head and if I didn’t know better, I think even the head sculpt itself might be a homage to another Japanese character as tends to be the case with these figures.

I would have to say compared to the chaos man releases he’s lacking the same level of detail, but I still feel its a great sculpt in its own right.



In most cases, this category is where Real Head’s figures tend to stand out the most. What is a big difference from most of the other Real Head figures I’ve reviewed is that the paint applications with this particular figure appear to have used a lot of masks to get very precise paint applications with only a little bit of free hand air-brushing.

It makes for a very clean, crisp and professional finish! I also really love this particular shade of blue that the figure has been cast in, it really pops and makes the figure look amazing!



Like most of the 6″ sized figures Mutant Evil has only three points of articulation being: Swivel head and swivel arms (at the shoulders) I don’t mind the basic articulation for these type of figures. You can change the basic pose up a bit, but ultimately all the choices will be very similar to each other. It probably helps the figure looks cool regardless and I always see the articulation as just an added bonus.



No accessories included with this figure.



There are none at all – this is an adult designer toy after all. It is made very well, so there are no issues with it.


I paid about 5,000 Yen for Mutant Evil and I’m pretty happy with that. If you can find him for around that price then you are doing well.



I feel this particular colour-way of Mutant Evil shows off the sculpt really well, plus it’s a great tribute to Devil Man as well. Those two reasons make it a win-win as far as I’m concerned. If you are looking to add a Mutant Evil to your Sofubi collection this particular version is a good choice, but the great thing about Real Head is you always have plenty of choice, when it comes to colour combinations and can always find something you like. I’m quite happy with this one.



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The Road Rage Transformer character first appeared as a 2002 e-HOBBY exclusive with the red coloration being based off one of the pre-Transformers line, Diaclone variants of the Tracks mold.  Originally sold with the Skids repaint, Crosscut, she is his bodyguard and advisor as well as a diplomat and apparently goes from cheery and polite in robot mode to angry and reckless in vehicle mode.


Name: Road Rage
Line: Transformers Masterpiece
Manufacturer: TAKARA TOMY
Price: 4,500 YEN
Scale: Roughly 18 cm in height
Accessories: Rifle, Twincast (Blaster) boombox, Grille-gun


Road Rage is the first female Autobot to appear in the Masterpiece series of Transformers. I was particularly looking forward to receiving this figure partly due to that fact and partly because you can never have enough female Transformers.

I did have one on pre-order, but as perusal for me, I just happened to be going to Japan when she was going to be released. So I canceled my pre-order (it was in USD after all and the Aussie dollar has always been a bit stronger against the Yen) and decided to take my chances in Japan.

As luck would have it Amazon JP had her on sale well below the US and Australian sellers ( unlike a lot of these local sellers, if you have to move something in Japan, you have to move it any way you can) at a steal of 4,500 Yen which still made her a great bargain. (I’m really starting to think she wasn’t that popular in Japan and perhaps everywhere, unfortunately)

So along with bargain-basement prices for Exhaust and Star Saber I was sitting pretty and fast catching up on my needed MPs. (Inferno should hopefully go the same way, fingers crossed)



Takara Tomy on the whole do a great, if not excellent job with their Masterpiece figures. Both the officially licensed car and robot itself. What I love even more about Road Rage is, unlike the G1 version of her, this one has changed arms (biceps), hands, legs and groin as well as a new head and details on the chest piece when compared to Tracks.

It really helps to drive home that this is a different character, even if it uses most of the same mold as the Tracks version and helps evoke the feminine aspects of the character, that is still a kick-ass heroic Autobot warrior.

One complaint I have is with the neck on of the figure, there’s no way to attach it to the chest, so it kinda just floats there and the slightest touch moves it down where it appears awkward to look at.

The car mode is also great! I happened to, by chance, see someone driving this style of classic Corvette around my neighborhood on the weekend and I must say in my amateur opinion, they have done an excellent job, of recreating the car for this figure, without sacrificing details in either mode.



Road Rage’s paint application is up to a very high standard for what you would expect from a “Masterpiece”  series of figures, you’ll find no slop here, it’s all very clean and crisp.

Paint has been also kept to a minimum as well as I would say it’s mainly used for details.



Road Rage has the exact same articulation as Tracks and some of it stems from the transformation sequence more then anything else. But the figure has the usual articulation in robot mode you would expect: Ball jointed head, hinge/swivel arms and hips, hinge knees and hinge/swivel ankles.

That’s a brief summary of the basics, but even things like the wings, shoulder missiles and hands can all be turned and posed to some extent.

Sometimes parts of the robot or “kible” get in the way, but that’s always the trade off with figures like this.




She’s a little light on accessories, but I think you couldn’t really give her much more then a gun and the parts to make her flying car mode. The addition of Twincast (Blaster) is welcome and unlike Tracks she comes with the toy’s version of Track’s rifle which is a bit unwieldy, but looks mighty impressive in her hands.

The detail on all these parts is great! Especially the standout for me, the rifle itself! I won’t really be using anything else included with her.




Hardly anything to watch out for, pretty solid figure, which is well made and quite durable. Perhaps you might get a bad paint app on the face? My pet peeve with all my Takara purchases, most of the time, but thankfully not this one!




As stated earlier, I paid a great price of 4,500 Yen for Road Rage, but the ball park price is going to be around $60 – $80 in most currencies. It really comes down a few factors to decide if you want this figure or not, mainly being: if you like obscure G1 characters, red Corvettes or female Autobots to warrant buying the same mold again, if you have Tracks already and for me, I do love me some female Autobots!



This is another great addition to the Masterpiece series of Transformers it’s a fantastic use of the Tracks mold to create a character that is different, to Tracks but also shares a lot of similarities with him too. If you are on the fence, I would suggest she’s worth picking up, even for the sole reason of adding a female Autobot to your Masterpiece ranks. She more than holds her own next to the Wheeljacks and Sideswipes among others on my Masterpiece display self.



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