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ThreeA (3A) are a Hong Kong based designer toy and figure company co-owned by Australian Artist/Illustrator Ashley Wood and Hong Kong designer toy/figure producer Kim Fung Wong, founded in 2008. Adventure Kartel is a property created by Ashley Wood, the kartel, led by Tommy Mission, battles Zomb MD and his zomb minions.


Name: Andy Zomb (from The Ankou + Zomb Twoway Pack)
Line: Adventure Kartel
Manufacturer: ThreeA
Released: 2010
Price: First released (with Ankou) – $150 Now – $230
Scale: 1/6
Accessories: None.


I have tried to stay away from ThreeA’s figures, in particular the Adventure Kartel series of figures, way back when they were first released I did manage to pick up an Acolyte Zomb with orange boiler suit and that was enough for me. Besides dipping my toe in and previously owning for about 6 months, the original Fighting JC, I stayed away. That is, until late last year when I caved in and decided to fill that Boiler Zomb void that had been brewing away for so long.
Needless to say, I am well and truly all zombed out now I have a total of 13 Zombs plus about half the 10 Finger Gang and the Tracky Boss version of Fighting JC. So, yeah, I went a little nuts.

Tonight I’m reviewing the first release of the 2.0 Zomb head sculpt by ThreeA, The Commander Zomb, Andy, from the Two-way Pack with Commander Ankou.


This is the second Zomb head sculpt by ThreeA it’s easily my favorite out of the different Zomb sculpts. I love the funny ears, goofy teeth and almost painful expression on his face. The hair is a separate piece and looks a lot like this Zomb has a bit of a fringe going on. The hands are nicely done and work boots look great too! All very nicely sculpted, but what really makes them all shine is the paint application.


ThreeA have a reputation for the best weathering paint applications, then any other company and it is a well earned one. The paint apps are excellent across the board, even the whole body underneath the boiler is painted, something no other company making 1/6 scale figures were even doing at the time (including Hot Toys) I really loved the detailed and amazing skin texture on the Zomb, it really makes the following acolyte Zombs look very poor in comparison. This is the epitome of Zomb paint applications, right here.

Everything else is great too, the boots look perfectly dirty and scruffy and the body and hands match the head very well.


Andy Zomb comes with the classic Zomb Boiler suit, however this one is white, with blood stains and has “Andy” on the front. My complaint is, it’s not as well tailored as the Acolyte Zomb V2 ones, the legs are a little short and the arms are too. This is a little disappointing as it does look a bit out of place when next to other Zombs. It is however appropriately dirty and weathered, even if the blood stains look more like pink ink stains then blood.


The body underneath the boiler suit has all the articulation you would expect from a normal Hot Toys TrueType body as they both look VERY similar. The chest looks different, but side-by-side it looks like a copy, however, the quality is up to par with Hot Toys.

It features the following articulation: Ball-jointed neck, swivel/hinge shoulders, double-jointed arms, swivel/hinge wrists, ball-jointed chest, swivel waist, swivel/hinge hips, double-jointed knees, ball-jointed ankles and hinge foot.
The joints are nice and stiff and you can put the Zomb in any number of poses, basically anything not restricted by the boiler suit. He is a joy to pose, even if most poses you want to put him in will be shuffling zombie type ones.


None. Pretty much all V2 Zombs and beyond don’t come with any accessories at all. This is fine however, as they are very fun to play with by themselves.


There is only one potential problem to be had with this figure and that unknowingly purchasing a knock-off version. To avoid this, do not purchase a set from eBay from China or china in general, as you will be definitely buying a fake. I haven’t seen any comparisons between fake and real figures, but I’m sure the quality will be much lower than the expected level from ThreeA themselves.


I paid the current market price, which was around $230 USD plus shipping costs, that’s a bit of a hefty mark up, so it just depends if you are happy to pay that price or not as I don’t think you will be able to find it any cheaper.


I really like the Andy Zomb paint application over the V2 Acolyte Zomb, but that is just my personal preference. This is still your stock standard Zomb, besides that point, however, it is also a Commander Zomb so I guess he’s ranked a little higher above the Acolytes, Boiler and Hood Zombs. Still, it’s not essential you have him in your collection, so this Zomb and Two-way Pack set is really for completests only.



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