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Sting, the franchise of WCW, is one of the most well known and greatest performers in the history of WCW. He has held numerous WCW titles, including 6 WCW World Heavyweight Championships and well as the WCW United States Title and the WCW Team Titles. He has had many notable rivalries with the likes of Ric Flair, Hollywood Hogan and Lex Luger.


Name: Sting
Line: WWE Defining Moments
Manufacturer: Mattel
Released: 2015
Price: $23.00 USD
Scale: Roughly 17.5 CM in height
Accessories: Black soft goods overcoat and baseball bat


This Defining Moments series release of Sting could not be more appropriate. It captures one of the most iconic looks of Sting from his WCW career (in this case, from his match against Hollywood Hogan at Starrcade 1997) as far as I’m concerned it’s a welcome release and definitely deserving of the Defining Moments title.

Mattel continue to produce more and more WCW related wrestlers from the ‘Monday Night Wars’ era (1996-1999). As a big fan of wrestling and WCW from that time period, I’m more then happy to buy the figures they make and the list of wrestlers only continues to grow!

For the longest time it seemed like the figures of Sting, Hulk Hogan and Scott Hall among others seemed unlikely to ever be made, but look at the difference a few years has made from when Mattel started their WWE lines. We now finally have these wrestlers and many more.
I for one, could not be any more happier and I hope they continue to keep making more of these classic WCW wrestlers in the future.


Mattel normally do an excellent job with their wrestling figures, both head sculpt and body tend to be a pretty good match for which ever wrestler they are supposed to be representing in toy form. With Sting they have gone above and beyond! Pretty much everything, besides the arms, is brand new and made just for Sting, replicating perfectly how he appeared during the Starrcade 1997 PPV. It’s one of those classic looks for Sting and Mattel have pulled it off flawlessly.


Mattel has kept the paint apps to a minimum here, everything is either cast in black, flesh tone or white. The paint is mainly used just for details, like the end of sting’s gloves on his wrists or the black parts of his face make up or, in this case, even the flesh tones on the top of his head and neck. It’s all the top quality we’ve come to expect from Mattel.

The only issue I have is that the eyes on my Sting are a little wonky with one eye looking more downward and the other more upward in direction – but this is just a small fault I could fix myself if it really bothered me.


Sting has the following articulation: ball jointed head, swivel and hinge shoulders, bicep swivel, ab crunch, swivel waist, hinge elbows, swivel and hinge wrists, swivel/hinge post hips, swivel thighs, double hinged knees, boot swivel, hinged ankles and rocker feet.

This is a terrific amount of articulation and for a wrestling figure it is definitely required. Mattel’s figures could still use double jointed elbows, but we know they aren’t going to change that anytime soon and even though you may not get Sting into every pose or move you want to, you can get him into most of them.


Defining Moments Sting comes with the only two accessories he is ever going to need: his black baseball bat and his long black overcoat. The baseball bat appears a little over-sized for my liking, but it is still great. I was the most impressed with the soft goods coat and for it’s size the fit is really nice and it doesn’t restrict Sting’s movement too much when it is on.


You aren’t going to have too many problems with this figure, if any. Mattel continue to make some of THE best wrestling figures/toys out there.


I paid $23.00 USD from Ringside Collectibles. Even with the bad exchange rate, I really can’t fault the price from them, They are the best source of Mattel WWE wrestling figures, when Mattel Australia doesn’t want to sell these figures in Australia.

The best part is, I’ll just make big orders from RSC to save on shipping and in most cases it will still be cheaper then buying them from a source in Australia.


If you are a Sting fan or a WCW fan you need to buy this figure. It’s that simple. Toy Biz’s figures were great for the time, but this takes it to a whole new level! I doubt you are ever going to see a Sting figure this good, unless Storm Toys make a 1/6 scale Sting figure and there’s no guarantee that will ever happen! In my eyes this is the best Sting figure ever made and it encompasses that great time period of WCW and wrestling so well, that it’s worth picking up just for sentimental value alone.



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