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Sun Dad is made by Real X Head, which is a small Japanese company run by Mori Katsura, who makes vinyl toys. Over the years there have been a number of figures and variations released as well as collaborations with other people or stores. Sun Dad is a larger size 8” adult sized figures from Real X Head, which have proven very popular with Sofubi collectors!


Name: Sun Dad
Line: N/A
Manufacturer: Real X Head
Released: 2015
Price: First released – 6,000 YEN (guestimate). Now – varies 6,000 – 15,000 YEN
Scale: 9 Inches in height
Accessories: None.


Yet another Real Head release of new parts on the now classic base body, which in turn creates yet another character, whose name roughly, translates into “Sun Dad” or “Sun Father” I think Sun Father sounds a lot cooler then Sun Dad, but that’s just me.

I’ll be repeating myself a little bit in this review, but it’s hard not to when a lot about this toy has already been covered in previous reviews.



I’ve talked a lot before how much I love the base body the adult sized Real Head figures uses. My opinion still hasn’t changed as its still a great part of this figure. It’s still got all those cool little details which make it so awesome, but what really makes each release stand out is the paint.
The new components are Sun Dad’s head and “weapon” arm and they look great! the new head is a lot larger then any of the other heads seen thus far, it not only gives Sun Dad more height, but make him come across as a little more intimidating too. There are lots of nice little details all over the head; it really has a lot of character. The same can be said about the weapon arm.


As always the paint work really shines for this figure, quite literally too, as the main coat is a brilliant Gold. The black rub helps to really bring out the details also. There are a few small areas like the belt and face which have additional paint on them and as expected they are up to a high standard as well. The only downside, is that the nature of the black rub can make the figure seem a little untidy so to speak, But I don’t think is distracts too much.


Sun Dad has six points of articulation: head, arms, elbows and waist. All these joints are swivels and can be rotated 360 degrees. For this type of figure and the material it’s made out of, this is a great amount of articulation for the larger size. You can get a good number of subtle, yet expressive poses as well as little more extreme ones. It really is a great base body for the small, yet growing, variants and collaborations.


No accessories for this figure, besides the scarf/neck wrap if you can even call it an accessory. It still looks pretty cool and it’s good this was carried over from the smaller figures. Some other Sun Dad’s I’ve seen come with a spare normal hand, in addition to the weapon hand, but, unfortunately this particular one does not.



There are none at all – this is an adult designer toy after all. It is made very well, so there are no issues with it.


I paid about 15,000 Yen for this particular Sun Dad and the lowest I’ve seen this figure for on the secondary market is 12,000 from the usual suspects. It’s a bit of a hefty mark-up, but I was willing to pay that amount for this particular colour-way. It just depends with how comfortable you re with the price.


I like Sun Dad, but I’m not crazy about him like Pheyous or Chaos Man, I think I will be very selective with how many Sun Dad’s I buy and I don’t think I will be buying more then one as I am very happy with the paint and look of this particular one.
On his own he’s a great figure and if you are a completist you may want to pick up at least one that you like if you can find it for a good price.


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