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In Back to the Future Marty Mcfly (Michael J. Fox) travels back in time to 1955, where he accidentally alters his parents-to-be first meeting, causing his teenage mother to become romantically interested in him instead. He must now repair the damage done and find a way to return back to 1985 with the help of Dr. Emmett “Doc” Brown.

The original Back to the Future movie was released in 1985 and is considered one of the best sci-fi/time travel films ever made, it featured a well written story and incredible special effects for its time.


Name: Marty Mcfly
Line: Movie Masterpiece Series
Product Code: MMS 257
Manufacturer: Hot Toys
Released: 2015
Price: $250 – $280 MISB
Scale: 1/6
Accessories: Various hands and items
as well as figure base with Marty Mcfly nameplate and Back to the Future logo.



When Hot Toys finally released their official prototype images of Marty Mcfly from Back to the Future (BTTF) I was instantly impressed, the figure looked awesome and you could tell a lot of love went into making it.

Finally the long wait between pre-order period and in-stock figure is finally over and Mcfly is finally in my hands and thankfully hasn’t been changed much, if at all from those prototype images and that’s just the way I like it – the expectation from what is in hand matches what was promised!



Inside the box you get the following items:

One Marty Mcfly figure
Eight interchangeable hands
One pair of sunglasses
One watch
One Camcorder
One backpack
One Skateboard
One “Save the clock tower” Handout
One display stand

This is a great portrait of Michael J Fox as Marty Mcfly, it looks like him and it looks just like he looked as Marty Mcfly in Back to the Future. From every angle it looks excellent! I’m glad they didn’t make any changes and delivered what was pretty much an exact match to the prototype. If you are a fan of Marty Mcfly, you will love this head sculpt, because it is just that great of a representation of him.

Could Hot Toys have given him another head sculpt with a different expression that would work with most poses you would want to put Mcfly in? Probably not. This head sculpt suits 90% of the poses, so I’m quite happy with the choice of expression on his face.



With Mcfly you get the usual high standard paint application, it looks great and it really looks life like. Thankfully, Hot Toys are now really toning down that over pronounced stubble effect on the top lip that we have seen on some of their recent releases and the results are great!

Excellent skin tones on the head and hands, even the forearms and neck look like they have had a little bit of paint application to them to make them look like more than matte plastic.


Mcfly uses the standard slim Truetype body and I think the shins might have been made a little shorter than normal to accommodate Michael J Fox’s short stature (judging by parted out sets on eBay – I would not put this past Hot Toys as they are constantly improving and updating their base bodies, even in subtle ways all the time). But, the normal slim Truetype was shorter to begin with; unfortunately I don’t have any other figures with this body to compare with.

The Body has the following articulation: Ball-jointed neck (at the head and at the base of the neck), swivel/hinge shoulders, double jointed elbows, swivel/hinge wrists, ball-jointed chest, ball-jointed waist, swivel/hinge legs (at the hip), double jointed knees and ball-jointed ankles.

I had hardly any issue getting Mcfly into any of the poses I wanted when taking these photos, however, because of the number of fabrics under Mcfly’s shirt (Red vest, denim jacket, checkered shirt and maroon t-shirt!) I had a bit of difficulty moving his shoulders some times and would have to try to adjust the clothes underneath to free up his shoulders, which did become a bit of a chore.


Hot Toys have done a really great job with Marty’s outfit, the choice of material for the denim jeans and jacket is a stand out for me, as it really looks like what it’s meant to be, but shrunk down to 1/6 scale. I also love the red vest it’s a great red and just the right amount of puffy – plus it even has wire in it for that swept back effect, if desired.

The other outfit components are very good too. But my nit-picks would be that Mcflys t-shirt can sometimes get caught under his neck and like mentioned already the layers bunch up around his shoulder joints.

One more issue is the amount of layers of clothing does look a little weird with the neck when you remove some layers (IE the neck can look too long). But this is just one of those things with having cloth material clothes and many layers of them.



With Marty you get all the accessories he came with in the first part of the movie, just before he went back in time, Marty’s skateboard, his portable cassette player, his back pack and even the camcorder.

All of these accessories look great! My personal favourite is easily the skateboard – just looks so damn cool and has all kinds of little details on it. As excepted all these accessories are to a very high standard – both paint and sculpting.

Also included are sunglasses and watch for Marty to recreate that classic pose from the movie posters. You also get a 1/6 scale replica “save the town clock tower” flyer, which if I had a complaint about it would be that it could have used a little sharpening of the image before it was printed.

I’m not sure if we will get any other versions of Marty from BTTF 1 but for me, all these accessories cover any pose I would want to put Marty in.



Once again just like with the Bank Robber Joker 2.0 and even Starlord (when I get around to reviewing him) I would find some of the “buttons” missing after posing (READ playing) Mcfly. At least Hot Toys are on top of this by giving us a bag of replacement buttons of all types to fix this, if you can’t find the one that fell off. I just wish the y would stay on a little better. One thing I would like to see is just a few more of each type of button included with each release.

The other thing to watch out for is Mcfly’s head, make sure it’s setting on that ball-joint properly as even although it does sit a smidgeon high on the neck (trying to accommodate for the many layers of clothing) if it’s not on properly it will sit even higher and of course be a bit loose and floppy when posing. Keeping that red vest on is the best advice to avoid Marty looking like he has a giraffe neck!



I paid pretty much $210 for Mcfly from Animarket plus shipping, but I did the smart thing and combined it with a few of my other orders to save on shipping and it still came out cheaper than buying from local sellers.

Regardless of where you want to buy him from, try to shop around and get the best price you can for Mcfly, try not to go above $270 not including shipping.



Considering BTTF up until recently didn’t have much in the way of toys or collectible merchandise it’s great to see a good number of things being released, however Hot Toys have definitely made the best one so far. Marty may have a few minor flaws, but no figure is really prefect anyway, be it Hot Toys or any other companies’ product for that matter. If you are a BTTF fan, you need this figure! Hopefully they can make Doc Brown to go with him! I will definitely have the BTTF II version of Marty on order as soon as I am able to do so!



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Optimus Prime is the courageous and wise leader of the Autobots. He feels his role is the protection of all life. He transforms in a red over-cab truck with large grey trailer. He has excellent leadership and decision making skills and is one of the Autobots’ greatest leaders. Optimus Prime is also one of the most recognisable cartoon characters of the 1980s.


Name: Optimus Prime (convoy)
Line: Metalforce
Manufacturer: Takara/Time House
Released: 1998
Price: First released – unknown. Now – around 15,000 YEN minimum.
Scale: 11.5 Inches in height
Accessories: Ion Blaster, spare matrix of leadership (clear), spare head (clear face) and spare hands.


On my first trip to Japan, when I first visited Nakano Broadway, in their display window on floor 2, I noticed the anime version of Metalforce Optimus Prime, what I also noticed was the sign next to him saying “Not for sale” too. Still I was determined to own this Prime figure someday.

The next trip he was still there, still not for sale.

On my third trip, he wasn’t in the display window any more. When I walked inside the store there was the figure with box now for sale. Now, I don’t know if this was the exact one that was always on display, but it’s still the same version at least, bought from the same Mandarake that had him on display and worth the wait too.

There is also a metallic paint version of this figure released (I’m assuming it was released first or at the same time) and unfortunately there are knock off versions of this figure too, but it’s pretty bad re-cast, however it is out there, so be aware if you are hunting your own Metalforce Optimus Prime!


This is an amazing Optimus Prime sculpt! The one thing I love the most about it is the commanding presence of the pose, coupled with the size, makes you take notice of him, there is a bit of styling with Prime’s proportions, but it doesn’t distract from the figure. It’s obviously very anime and G1 comic inspired. Also the chest windows can be removed to reveal the inside chest compartment of Optimus, where another cover can be removed to reveal the matrix inside Prime’s chest, just like in the original 1980s movie!



The figure has excellent paint application and it is one thing that really caught my eye. The paint is very neat and very crisp with hardly any slop. Most of this figure was cast in white vinyl and then painted. Only a couple of small pieces were cast in the colour they are mean to be. But that isn’t an issue as the painted parts are very professionally done and they match the casted colour parts quite well. The white base really helps the colours pop and really hammers home the anime vibe!


Even for a vinyl figure, Optimus Prime has a decent amount of articulation: Ball-jointed head, swivel arms (at the shoulders) swivel biceps, ball-jointed wrists and swivel knees. The articulation helps a little bit, but you are mainly going to keep him either with arms down by his sides or one arm raised with rifle. The leg articulation is only there to help keep him upright and once you have fixed his legs, it isn’t even needed. The arm articulation however, is well thought out and quite handy, making his arms a joy to pose. Even the ball-jointed head is a great addition.


Optimus comes with a small number of accessories: mainly some spare parts or alternate hands. However, he does come with one very important accessory – his Ion Blaster! Unfortunately you do have to trim a lot of excess molding off the two separate sections and then assemble it yourself. The same can be said for pretty much all the other accessories – they have plenty of excess molding that will need to be removed if you want to use them.

The other parts besides the rifle really aren’t needed, but it’s nice to have some options. The extra clear face and matrix are a little puzzling, but I guess you can make a version of the head with a ‘light piping’ effect, if you really wanted.


Only very minor issues with Optimus- being slightly bent smoke stacks and slightly bent-in legs – which appear quite common with this figure. However, these are easily fixed with a hair dryer and cold water, which is what I did. Now my Optimus Prime is pretty much near perfect.



I’m pretty sure the price wasn’t too bad for this figure from Mandarake, but in all honestly the price was never going to be an issue for me, I saw the figure, finally on sale and I wanted it, no matter what!


It was great to be able to finally get hold of Metalforce Optimus Prime, even better to get one for a decent price, in Japan (also to be sure I wasn’t buying a knock off!) Although it doesn’t Transform, I think it really captures the look and feel of how Optimus Prime appeared in the cartoon series and comic books released back then. The addition of articulation really helps add variety to the poses. If you are looking for an almost perfect representation of G1 Optimus Prime, then this is it.



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