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Keiji Mutoh is a Japanese wrestling legend having wrestled for a number of promotions in Japan and in the USA as well. He has also held at least 22 championships in his long career. Most well known for his “Great Muta” wrestling gimmick; he has had many feuds with high profile American and Japanese wrestlers.
Name: Great Muta
Line: Super Star Figure Collection 3
Manufacturer: NJPW/Tohkon Shop
Released: 1997
Price: First released – unknown. Now – 1,500 YEN minimum
Scale: 5-6 Inches in height
Accessories: None


One of the first Japanese wrestling figures I bought was the red version of this figure. So when I found out via the wrestling figures database that there were more variants, even an nWo Muta variant, I knew I had to track them down on my next trip or two to Japan. Eventually I was able to find this version and the nWo one MOSC for a good price. (One thing I did notice when hunting them down, there were nWo Muta’s everywhere on that particular trip! But tonight I’m reviewing the first release of this figure, the black attired version of the Great Muta.

This figure has a terrific sculpt! Like previous reviews from the same series of figures, the likeness to the character and the wrestler themselves is outstanding! You can even tell it is Keiji Mutoh under that face paint! The arms and torso are also very realistic as well, something I really love about these figures. Also like the other wrestling figures, the figure comes in a pre-set pose, I don’t think this distracts too much from the excellent sculpting. But it does make Muta (and any of the other figures in the series) a little bit of a one trick pony.

The paint is very neat and clean on Muta and is mainly used for details like Muta’s face paint or pants design. I can’t fault it at all. Even the Japanese characters on his face a crisp! The paint application is definitely up to a very high standard.


Like all the wrestling figures in this series, Muta has only three points of articulation: each arm and his waist. These are all swivel joints and the arms can be popped off with a small amount of force. It’s not a great amount of articulation, but does add a slight bit of variation to the main pose Muta has been sculpted in.


No accessories come with this figure.


Nothing to worry about with this figure, this is a solid toy.

I paid about 1,500 YEN for Muta, MOSC from one of the smaller stores located in Nakano Broadway. I was very happy with that price and I think if you can find one for around the same, you are doing well. Do not pay the over inflated eBay prices for this figure, it’s just not worth it.


I think this is an excellent Great Muta figure! Considering there are a lot of them produced from Japanese companies, it’s not very hard to find one you like from almost all stages of Keiji Mutoh’s career. However this particular figure I like the best. It conveys the Great Muta character just like what comes to mind when I think of the Great Muta. The only other problem would be, if I prefer the red version or the nWo version more than this one.



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