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Dino Riders was a short lived toy line by Tyco started in the late 1980s; it also had an accompanying cartoon series and combined very detailed dinosaur models with futuristic weaponry. Each dinosaur came with its own unique armour which, depended on the size of the dinosaur included 1-3 small humanoid figures, in scale with the original dinosaur.

The monoclonius’ role for its Rulon masters, was to be used as a tank, with two large weapons on either side of the beast as well as spiked tail armour. This Dinosaurs’ action feature involved moving either its tail or head in one direction and having the opposite end move in the opposite direction!


Name: Monoclonius with Mako
Line: Dino Riders
Manufacturer: Tyco
Released: 1988
Price: Then: $8.00 – $18.00 MIB Now: At least $30.00
Scale: 1:24
Accessories: One Rulon mini figure, one mini figure weapon set and one Dinosaur trap.


Inside the box you get the following items:
One Monoclonius Dinosaur
One Mako Rulon mini figure
One Harness
Two Rocket Tips
One Laser Canon Tip
One Laser Canon weapon
One Duel Rocket Pod weapon
One Brain box
One Seat Insert
One Driver’s Seat
One Seat Platform
One Tail Spike
One Dinosaur Trap
One mini figure Weapons Set


The artwork on the front of the box features a very colourful battle scene portraying the Monoclonius in battle against the Dino Riders. Upon lifting the flap you are able to view the toy inside the box as well as a number of pictures listing the highlights of the product. A cropped section of this artwork is displayed on both sides of the box, with the back of the box showing all products from the current series engaged in battle with each other.

This is easily my favourite box art for the Dino Riders toyline, for whatever reason I really love the artwork for the Monoclonius. (The gorgeous box art was one thing I loved about Dino Riders when I was a child.)

The box isn’t as solid when compared to the larger toys as it has only plastic trays to hold the toy in place.

The Monoclonius is highly detailed with a very nice scale effect all over the Dinosaur; the legs, head and tail are separate from the body. It’s a great looking Dinosaur!
The eyes are a separate piece, they are glossy and appear very realistic, as they are not painted, but done in a way to mimic real eyes.

Mako shares the same body as all the other first series Rulon figures – with the same head as Hammerhead. For small scale figures they are very detailed and have many creases in their clothing as well as smooth armour sections. The work on the head is excellent and one of my favourite part of the mini figure – it has many nice details sculpted on it.


Besides paint on the Monoclonius, the paint applications have been kept to a minimum. I really think Tyco tried very hard to get the best application possible on all the Dinosaur toys. The end result is wonderfully blended multi-toned teal and blue colours for the Dinosaur. The colours work really well to contrast with the plastic gray and purple of the armour!

Mako has a little bit of paint application – mainly just for extra details on his costume or on the toys head. It’s all nice and neat. The rest of the figures parts are cast in the colour they are meant to be, which is perfectly fine as this works really well for the toy.

The Monoclonius Has pretty standard articulation being that you can move each of its legs and technically it’s head and tail, but those parts are really just part of the action feature.

Mako has the same amout of articulation that all the other Rulon figures have: swivel head, swivel arms – where the arm meets the body, swivel legs – where the leg meets the body and hinge joints at the knees.

For an older figure this is more than enough for it to not only work well with the accessories but be seated with the armour as well.
Obviously articulation has come a long way since then, but you still get quite a lot with Mako.

All the Rulon toys in the first series can with the same weapons: one crossbow, one binocular, one shield, one bazooka, one electronic whip or ball and chain and one ladder. You get a good number of weapons for each Rulon and I really like the red colour they have been cast in, it really pops!

The second accessory is the Dinosaur trap which is awesome! It really adds a fun play element to the toy and can be used with other similar sized Dinosaurs from Tyco.


Besides losing some of the parts or having gun tips break, the only main problem with second hand Dino Riders is that you have to watch out for grey plastic that has yellowed, besides the colour change, it causes the plastic to become brittle as well! – It is quite a common problem.

Monoclonius is no different to any other Dino Rider toy where you have to choose carefully and sometimes pay more to get one in good condition.


Depending weather it’s MIB, MISB or loose will affect the price you pay. However, from time to time you can grab a bargain on eBay



The Monoclonius is a great, smaller sized Dinosaur. For the price point you get a plenty of play options too. I never had this figure as a child, but that didn’t stop me from picking up a few in recent years. If you are a Dino Rider fan and are collecting these toys then of course you need at least one Monoclonius or maybe two in your collection!




Perhaps this one is Trixie?


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