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Terminator 2: Judgement Day was the block-buster sequel to the original Terminator movie. Where not one, but two Terminators are sent back in time: one to protect a young John Connor and one to terminate him. Robert Patrick played the shape-shifting “liquid metal” Terminator targeting John Connor, in one of the most iconic Sci-Fi/Action movies of the 1990s, if not all time.


Name: T-1000
Line: Movie Masterpiece Series
Product Code: MMS 129
Manufacturer: Hot Toys
Released: 2010
Price: Then: $260. Now: Average $400 MISB Minimum.
Scale: 1:6
Accessories: Various hands and weapons as well as figure base with T-1000 nameplate and Terminator logo.


Hot Toys have brought us a number of Terminator figures over the years and have just announced recently they will be making figures from the upcoming Terminator Genesis movie. The T-1000 was released a few years ago (2010 believe it or not), that almost makes it a retro review in book.

Being a Terminator fan, of course I bought this figure when it first came out; in fact I bought two and some loose parts to make at least three different versions of the T-1000 from T2.

Then I sold one and had only one T-1000 on display. Jump forward to 2014 and I decided I wanted all the different versions from T2 for the T-1000 for my Terminator display. (Yes, I wanted to get that nuts)

I decided to play it smart and hunt down the T-1000 in Japan as I was sure I would get one or two for a good price – and I did! I found two T-1000s MISB for $200 AUD and $300 AUD respectively. (Far below eBay and Facebook group prices) But I really had to crawl through a lot of stores and Otaku areas to find them. But, the hunt was worth it! (one plus is that over the years I have seen a lot of stores start heavily pushing Hot Toys in Japan, where as when you walk into the store it’s the first thing you see or at least has a very prominent display in said store!)

I also managed to pick up the so called “donut head” from a mate of mine for about $90 AUD.
Now I had all the different versions of the T-1000: the normal police officer (first half of the film), the highway patrol officer (second half of the film) and combination normal police officer shirt and highway patrol officer pants and boots (final act) and even a variant of that version with the donut head. So in total I now have five T-1000s which I’m sure in anyone’s book comes across as a bit obsessive. (Expect for the most hardcore Hot Toys Terminator collectors of course!)

So after this long and winding road I have now decided to get around reviewing the T-1000 from Hot Toys. I’ve had this particular figure in my collection for a long time and rightfully so, considering how much of a Terminator fan I am.


Inside the box you get the following items:
One T-1000Terminator figure
Ten interchangeable hands
Two head sculpts
One police uniform
One black Highway Patrol officer jacket
One navy blue Highway Patrol officer pants
One pistol
One submachine gun
One Police belt
One pair of black boots
One pair of hook arm attachments
One blade arm attachment
One black belt
One hand cuffs
Two pistol magazines
One Torch
One sunglasses
One walkie Talkie
One pen
Nine magnetic bullet hits
One display stand

The head sculpt for any Hot Toys figure is always going to be a critical component to how good the figure overall will be. Usually about 90% of the time Hot Toys will nail the likeness of the actor, that other 10% of the time, it’s still a good sculpt, but the likeness is just not there. I feel the T-1000 looks great, but it’s not 100% Robert Patrick to me, something is missing. Something about the shape of the head just isn’t right to me – and I’m a very passionate Hot Toys fan too. The head has a very fine skin texture on it as well, something we don’t see as much with newer releases, I think they really tone that down a bit with new offerings. The second head which has been split in half by the T-800’s shotgun blast is great too the liquid metal healing effect looks awsome. Comparing it to Enterbay’s offering in ¼ scale, Enterbay did the better job. It’s still a very good head and great expression for the character.

Hot Toys always do a great job with their paint application, especially with their head sculpts. Even though Hot Toys have continually pushed the limits with each release, the T-1000 still holds up well today with their newer releases. There isn’t any slop or blemishes to be seen (and I have a number of heads to compare over). From the head sculpt to the hands and even the accessories the paint is exceptional.

The T-1000 comes with the standard Hot Toys true type body. But this one has the difference of slim forearms to match Robert Patricks build a bit more. You get all the useful articulation you would expect from a Hot Toys figure: ball jointed neck, swivel/hinge shoulders double jointed arms, swivel/hinge wrist, ball jointed chest, ball jointed waist, swivel/hinge hips, double jointed knees and ball jointed ankles. You can pretty much pose the T-1000 any way you want, but still in a natural way – the Truetype body moves the same way as a normal human body does.



Hot Toys have given us at least two outfits here – normal police officer and highway patrol officer. Both these outfits are tailored to snugly fit the Truetype body and can be a little restrictive (the police shirt at least!) when posing. However it’s still overall great work, there are a few threads that need tidying up here and there, but besides that its still Hot Toys great standard for outfits.


The T-1000 is absolutely loaded with accessories! The options are almost endless. As stated before, you can cover almost every version or look for the T-1000 from Terminator 2 with little to no trouble. I don’t think Hot Toys have missed anything for the T-1000 he’s got everything he needs. The only problem you might have is deciding which version you want to display if space is limited (if I had no space I would definitely go with the highway patrol officer) as expected all the accessories are well made and crafted almost perfectly to match the source material.


There are only a couple of minor issues to watch out for with the T-1000 that I found, those little sliver dots on the police belt sometimes come off (at least now days Hot Toys give us spares!) and you have to watch out for the black or blue clothes leaving stains (at least one T-1000 I bought recently had stains on the plastic legs from his socks, I was more worried about the hands, but they were fine, thankfully!) Also the leather belt that comes with the T-1000 for the steel mill battle can flake a bit in you aren’t careful when trying to get it through the belt loops ( I had to buy at least one replacement one unfortunately). Otherwise this is a solid release from Hot Toys.


For all the T-1000s I bought I paid great prices for them, when they were first released and even after it has been released for years now, I still found a couple in excellent condition for a great price. So in short, if you have the patience and know where to look, you have a good chance of finding one for a great price, don’t give in to those eBay prices if you can avoid them, you should!

Even though Hot Toys’ T-1000 figure has a few flaws, it’s still an excellent figure and still overall the better release in any scale – main reason being all the accessories and clothing choices you have with the figure that really make it stand out to me. I’ve had this figure a long time and it’s remained one of my favourites with good reason: it’s a bench mark for the sheer amount of display options. If you have the MMS T-800, DX10 or DX13 you need this figure to go with him. If you’re a Terminator fan, you need this figure. It’s that simple.


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Shredder is the evil leader of the Foot Clan of ninjas, bent on world domination. He’s easily the most well known adversary of the Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles. He’s not a very nice guy and is always hatching a scheme to take over the world somehow. But, those plans are constantly being foiled by the Turtles. It seemed like he was surrounded by a good number of incompetent morons, whether they be robot or mutant. It always seemed like no matter how brilliant (or hare-brained) Shredder’s plans were, the turtles would always come out on top.


Name: Shredder
Line: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Manufacturer: Playmates
Released: 1988
Price: Then: 3.99 MOC, Now: $20-$50 Minimum MOC.
Scale: 4 inches in height
Accessories: Sword, Ninja Stars, Fist Daggers, Kama


Who didn’t grow up with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon as a kid? It combined a good mix of humor, action and interesting characters with great animation and lets not forget great toys! I quite fondly remember having a set of the turtles and a few Foot Clan thrown in for good measure, not to mention the subject of tonight’s review: the Shredder. Even though he didn’t match the look in the cartoon too much, I still remember having the toy as a child and spending many hours playing with the toys. Has he aged well with time? Let’s find out!



The sculpting for Shredder is pretty good, his look appears to be based more on the comic then the cartoon and one of the more noticeable things is that the paint application on the helmet and face doesn’t match what is sculpted, this was obvious to me even as a child and I thought it always made shredder look a little weird. Shame they never released a version where he was painted correctly. Besides this one imperfection the rest of the figure looks great! Excellent detail on the armour and torso are the stand out parts. Plus the cloth cape/gown is pretty cool too.



I don’t have heaps of Playmates figures, just the key Turtles characters and a few Toxic Crusader toys so I can’t say what their track record is really like. I’ve been lucky to get 90% of my figures with great paint applications. With that said, Shredder’s paint applications are decent, but there is a bit of an issue with the purple in some spots, where it gets a bit soft towards the edges. The blue on the head is fine and the same can be said about the black paint.



Shredder’s articulation is as follows: Swivel head, swivel shoulders, swivel forearms and ball-jointed hips. It’s a nice mix of articulation, but it is mostly hindered by the horrible pre-pose the figure has been sculpted in, yes, it suits the character, but it really makes it a chore to have any fun with the figure outside of that pose. It’s even annoying at times to even keep him standing upright! So to make it crystal clear you aren’t buying this figure to put him in any crazy poses – that’s for sure.



Shredder comes with a good number of accessories, in this case nothing but weapons; the bad part is he can’t really hold any of them. With the exception of a couple of them, most just slip right out of his hands, the sculpting doesn’t help this, but it really makes a lot of the included weapons pretty pointless. The weapons themselves are pretty neat and most of them are included with the turtles figures as well, so there is a bit of reuse.



No real issues here. If you can help it, try to get one with a decent paint application. My Shredder had a bit of excess plastic on the blue armour parts and the weapons did too. Not a big deal, I just had to clean them up, but it was annoying none the less. Otherwise, Shredder is one rock solid toy.



I paid the middle of the road price for my new Shredder MOC and I’m quite happy with that as I was re-claiming my childhood when I purchased him. However, it really depends on which version you want, if you want to get the original version or a re-issue. There have been a few re-releases and even reissues by now so; you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding one in your price range. Just don’t pay too much for him, he’s not really worth anything above $40 MOC for the 1988 edition.


Check out those weird ninja back muscles!


Shredder has a lot of good and bad points, but he’s still a fun figure and definitely needed to go with any vintage Ninja Turtles collection. I just wish they had picked a better stance or given him slightly different articulation to make him a bit more enjoyable to pose and play with. He’s still worth picking up as it’s a classic toy of an iconic cartoon villain.



Sword accessory not pictured. (Shredder pretty much just stole one of Leonardo’s swords anyway)


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Dino Riders was a short lived toy line by Tyco started in the late 1980s; it also had an accompanying carton series and combined very detailed dinosaur models with futuristic weaponry. Each dinosaur came with its own unique armour which, depended on the size of the dinosaur included 1-3 small humanoid figures, in scale with the original dinosaur.

The Triceratops’ role for its Rulon masters was to be used as a heavily armoured tank, with a number of weapons as well as a radar dish and it featured a motorized walking action.


Name: Triceratops with Hammerhead and Sidewinder
Line: Dino Riders
Manufacturer: Tyco
Released: 1988
Price: Then – $20 to $40 MIB, Now – $60 to $100 MIB
Scale: 1:24
Accessories: Two Rulon mini figures, two mini figure weapon sets


List of Parts
Inside the box you get the following items:
One Triceratops
One Rulon Hammerhead Figure
One Rulon Sidewinder Figure
Two Top Guns
Two Rear Guns
Two Side Swivel Guns
Two Seats
Two Seat Inserts
One Harness
One Radar Dish support
Two Gun Shields
One Radar Dish
One Brain Box
One Rear Seat Platform
One Harness Strap (rubber band)
Four Gun Tips
Two Sets of Rulon Weapons
One Instruction Book
One Comic Book


The artwork on the front of the box features a very colourful battle scene portraying the Triceratops battling various other Dino Riders. Upon lifting the flap you are able to view the toy inside the box as well as a number of pictures listing the highlights of the product. A cropped section of this artwork is displayed on both sides of the box, with the back of the box showing all products from the current series engaged in battle with each other.

This is a very solid box and appears to be a pretty standard design with larger toys during this time period; it has a styrofoam insert to protect the toy and its parts from damage; the dinosaur and the small figures have sections in the styrofoam cut out for them.
The accessories and armour are contained in sealed plastic bags behind the Styrofoam.
The box was always a standout for me, beautiful artwork featured on the front of the box – This was something I always loved about Dino Riders.


The Triceratops is highly detailed with a very nice scale effect all over the dinosaur, the head is made from a soft plastic material to make it easier to fit the brain box on. The animal’s face features what appears to be a sad expression, which is made more prominent when the brain box is placed on the head – apparently this is one dinosaur not happy to be a Rulon slave! The eyes are a separate piece, they are glossy and appear very realistic, as they are not painted, but done in a way to mimic real eyes.

The body is a hard plastic, which houses the electronics for the walking feature; underneath where the dinosaur’s belly is, there is a rectangular section cut into it which can be removed to place the battery inside the beast. Also on the back there is a slightly raised spine which acts as a holder for the purple harness to help it sit correctly on the dinosaur.


The Triceratops has a nicely blended combination of teal/grey/green over the top of the body and green on the underside, with green for the three horns on its face – this is a very clean and crisp application, with no slop what-so-ever. These colours really push that depressed vibe that the sculpting on the head suggested IMO. Also, in order to tell an original Triceratops from a Smithsonian version release, the eye colour of the original will be yellow, not green.

Paint for the armour is used sparingly, mainly on the tips of the side mounted guns and on the two Rulon figures, only the eyes and small sections of armour or clothes have been painted, otherwise the plastic has been cast in the colour it’s meant to be. The paint work here is also very crisp with no slop. Also as a side note, there is slight variation with Sidewinder’s armour colour where the pink/purple/maroon on some figures it’s a brighter colour then others, but that could just be from discolouration on some figures.


As far as articulation goes for the Triceratops, he’s pretty limited; this is mainly because of the walking feature; technically you can pose the head and legs to your pleasing but most of the time he will be just standing in the usual pose, of all four legs on the ground, which is just fine as I don’t see this Triceratops having the need to be doing any flying punches or kicks anytime soon – for a dinosaur and a toy from the 80s the amount of articulation is just fine.

The two Rulons figures on the other hand, have plenty of opportunity to be put in many different poses. The articulation for each of these small figures is as follows: swivel head, swivel arms – where the arm meets the body, swivel legs – where the leg meets the body and hinge joints at the knees. For an older figure this is more than enough for it to not only work well with the accessories but be seated with the armour as well. Obviously articulation has come a long way since then, but you still get quite a lot with these two figures – this was standard articulation for most of the mini figures released in this line at the time.


There are two weapon sets with the Triceratops, one for each Rulon: one crossbow, one set of binoculars, one shield, one bazooka, one electronic whip (ball and chain) and one ladder. they are quite detailed and cast in red plastic; they easily clip on to the Rulon’s arms.



Besides losing some of the parts or having gun tips break, the only main problem with second hand Dino Riders is that you have to watch out for grey plastic that has yellowed, besides the colour change, it causes the plastic to become brittle as well! – It is quite a common problem.




Depending weather it’s MIB, MISB or loose will affect the price you pay. However, from time to time you can grab a bargain on eBay. Just make sure you are happy with the condition the figure is in when you buy it for the price you are going to pay.


I’m sure any child who received this figure back when it was originally released would have had a lot of fun with it as there are plenty of play options. It’s a very cool looking figure and it’s quite hard to beat the combination of dinosaurs and futuristic weapons, together with the walking feature, you have a winner. As a collector it’s quite easy to get sucked into buying a few of these and having a small army as they look quite impressive lined up together – not to mention that you can always race them!




Trixie, is that you?


This is a repost of a review originally posted by Mighty Mike on January 19th, 2011.


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Paige is one of the newer WWE Divas, making her debut around mid 2012 on WWE’s NXT wrestling show. She has held both the NXT Woman’s Championship and Divas Championship titles and was the first NXT Woman’s title holder. She has also had feuds with AJ Lee and the Bella Twins.


Name: Paige
Line: Elite Collection Series 34
Manufacturer: Mattel
Released: 2015
Price: 28.99 MIB
Scale: 6 inches in height
Accessories: WWE Divas title belt and NXT Woman’s title.


I really enjoy collecting Mattel’s Elite wrestling figures, I’ve said in the past they make some of the best, if not the best wrestling figures. Even tho I don’t watch the WWE as much, if at all post 2003 I still keep up to date with wrestlers and characters so if I see a new wrestler I like the look of, I’ll add them to my collection, this was the case for Paige as I really liked her look and wanted to add another female wrestler to my Mattel collection.


Paige has quite a few new parts, besides her head, the torso and even lower legs all appear to be new. This is good as the old Divas body was getting a little tired looking. I do have at least one complaint with the torso, or more to the point the upper torso,it is that the neck looks really weird. It looks too thick and too short so that the head looks as if it’s just balancing on the end of it, however the neck does go all the way up to the head. The hair is also a little too stiff as well and really hampers the head articulation as well. I also feel the shoulders look a little too big and broad on Paige. Besides these nit-picks, the head scan is quite good for Mattel’s first attempt the sculpted clothing pieces look nice too. I also really love the pale flesh tones they have chosen for Paige, they look great!


Mattel always do an excellent job with their paint applications and Paige is no exception the paint apps are clean and crisp, even if kept to a minimum. She even has her fingernails painted black too! The make-up looks nice and isn’t too heavy and her ring attire looks very authentic to what she wears in the ring!


Paige features a lot of great articulation: Ball-jointed head, swivel/hinge shoulders, hinge elbows, swivel wrists, ball-jointed chest, swivel waist, swivel/hinge groin, hinge knees and ankles. You can get plenty of good poses out of Paige, however like most of Mattel wrestling figures, it can be a bit hard to get her into certain wrestling poses, (I still haven’t found any company’s figures to be perfect yet) but the figure certainly has enough articulation to keep any wrestling fan happy.


Paige comes with two title belts both the Divas title and woman’s NXT title. Paige has held both these titles and it’s nice to get two belts with the one figure. Both are new and the Divas title included is much smaller than the previous one. They are both up to Mattel’s normal standards and I love the chromed look that all the elite belts have, it just makes the belts look that much nicer!


Mattel’s wrestling figures both basic and elite are almost indestructible (my son plays with his basic Roddy Piper like nobody’s business and still hasn’t damaged it!) so I can’t see too many problems with this figure, besides perhaps a joint or two might be a bit stiff at first and potentially you could get one with a bad paint application, but that’s fairly rare.


I bought my Paige figure from Ringside Collectibles, so I paid a bit of a mark up, which I feel is fine as the figure IF it was available in Australia, (remember us Australians can’t get Mattel WWE Elite figures here as they apparently don’t “sell well” at retail stores.) it would be around that price anyway. I normally buy a few figures and get them bundled together to save on shipping costs, even more so now with the falling AUD. It’s up to you whether you feel 28.99 is a good price or not and how much you want the figure.


This first Paige figure from Mattel is a great start. There are a few things that bother me about the figure, but overall it is a great addition to the small number of Divas that I have . Paige’s purple costume and pale skin tone coupled with long black hair really make her pop for me and she will definitely be put near the front of the display, once I find a spot for her among the other wrestlers.



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