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    • Hi Theo,

      Try ‘Mike’s Toy Store’ in Osaka (no relation, haha) they are in Shinsaibashi, but have stores in Nagoya too I believe. I’m pretty sure they would be your best bet for Smurf related toys

      Mighty Mike

  1. Hi Mike. Thanks for your toy shopping posts. I am going to Tokyo and Osaka in February (attending Winter Wonderfest) and I want to go toy hunting. I have compiled a list of 85 stores from Tokyo Underground 2, Kaiju Korner, and your blog posts. Most of these lists are pretty old so a lot of the stores have closed or moved. Do you know anyone who has done massive (went everywhere) toy hunting recently who could tell me which stores have moved or closed and if there are any new ones I am missing? I also am only interested in Kaiju, so I need to remove stores from the list that don’t have Kaiju. Thanks.

    • Hi there,

      My best advice would be if you are unsure about whether a store is still open or not is to see if they have a website and check out the site and for opening times (using google translate if needed) and I’m pretty sure that would be Andy from Kaiju Korner’s advice too.

      It can be hard to keep an up-to-date list when stores open and close all the time. If you want, you can pm me the list on my Mike’s Toy Blog Facebook page and I could at least let you know which ones I think would be best for Kaiju and which ones I know have closed down as it sounds like you have a pretty long list.

      And I don’t think anyone can truly have a comprehensive list due to the sheer amount of potential upkeep it would take. ( Even I need to do a small amount of outstanding housing keeping on my list!)

      Also, are you looking for any particular Kaiju? vintage or new school etc, vinyl, plastic etc?

      Mighty Mike

  2. Hi,

    I will be in Osaka this March 6, 2017 and would like to ask where can I buy screen accurate Star Wars costumes (501st approved) and toys? It will be my first time to visit Japan :)

    • Hi There,

      Not too sure about Star Wars costumes, I don’t recall seeing stores that carry them, but you never know.

      As for toys, you can pretty much find Star Wars toys both new and vintage pretty much anywhere and everywhere!

      Robot Robot, for example, tends to carry both new and old Star Wars figures in 3.75 inch and Black series too.

      Any of the Mandarake chain stores will have plenty of Star Wars and carry first or second hand Hot Toys Star Wars figures at decent prices too. The best thing about second-hand toys and collectibles is you are allowed to inspect them before you buy, so don’t hold back on picking the figure up out of the box and having a good look at it!

  3. hi mike!

    you blog is interesting! btw do you know where we can meet scondhand toys?
    will visiting japan end Feb 2017 and want to search some cheap toys lol especially one piece

    • Be sure to check out the UDX Flea Market every Saturday in front of the UDX building in Akihabara. Good deals on loose toys.

  4. Hi Mike, I’m in Tokyo right now and stumbled upon Mandarake. I noticed their Hot Toys are reasonably cheaper than some other shops I’ve seen. Are all the toys they carry used?

    Thanks for making this guide, it’s been very useful!

      • Sometimes the Hot Toys stock will be second hand but unopened, normally the staff will say so if you ask about a particular item you are after and FYI if the price sticker on the box has a lot of red Japanese text on it, it means there might be quite a few problems with the toy (an Abe Sapien for example, I inspected once, had torn clothes, pleather peeling and the arms had popped off, hence it was dirt cheap! But not worth it, due to the amount of work it would take to fix it!

      • Oh and box condition plays a big part in the price too! The more banged up, the cheaper it will be!

    • Hi,

      Kaws I’ve only ever seen decent amounts at Nakano Broadway stores and Murakami, I’m not familiar with.

      -Mighty Mike

    • Hi,

      I’ve found the best place to buy Bearbricks and Kubricks in Japan is normally Nakano Broadway as they tend to have stores which sell nothing but Medicom stuff, in Osaka most stores will have something, but it will be in small amounts.

      – Mighty Mike

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