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    • Thanks! Yes, it’s always great when you find just what you are looking for or sometimes something you weren’t even expecting! :) Nakano Broadway never seems to disappoint!

  1. Thanks for a great article!
    I am looking for designer toys, such as those you can see on toyartgallery.com
    I am in Japan now, but can’t seem to find many of those special one-of-a-kind toys. The big stores in Tokyo seem to sell mainly what I would call mainstream toys – if you now what I mean. Do you know where it is possible to find those unique toys?

    • You can always try Kaiju Korner’s website (I’ve got a link on my side bar) or the direct link to Andy’s Toy Map page at the start of my toy guide, his map covers a lot more of the designer toy stores then I do. Where you might have more luck finding what you are after. (Sorry for the late reply too!)

  2. Helpful! We’re in Tokyo right now and looking for LPS (Littlest Pet Shop) toys which I belive are made by Hasbro. Don’t know if we’ll find them here but will give some of your suggestions a shot. If you have any specific recommendations I’d appreciate, tomorrow our last day here.

    Frank (bbqboy)

    • Hi Frank,

      Sorry for the late reply, most of the time it’s pretty hard to find western toy brands that you would find easily elsewhere unless also made for the Japanese market. Even places like Kiddy Land or Toys R Us still have mostly Japenese brands so sometimes it’s pure luck if you find more mainstream western toys.

  3. Awesome guide Mike. Thanks for putting this up. I read the part 1 and 2. I’m visiting Osaka and Tokyo in May. I’m using it all the time. Very excite to visit Japan for the first time.

    I’m particularly looking more for some figures. If you could share a bit more your wisdom after reading it would be immensely helpful and appreciated.

    Yu Yu Hakusho – Yusuke and Hiei

    Samurai X – Kenshin and Saitou

    Saint Seya – Seya and Ikki

    Evangelion – Rei and Asuka

    Gurren Lagann – Kamina and Viral

    Naruto – Naruto and Sasuke

    Sailor Moon – Moon and Mars


    The target is to bring one of each and the stores / places that I’m planning to visit to achieve it are:


    1. SEGA Akihabara,
    2. Kaiyodo Hobby Lobby
    3. Kotobukiya
    4. Mandarake,
    5. Liberty 8
    6. Yodobashi Akiba
    7. Bandai Tokyo Skytree


    1. Entertainment Hobby Shop Jungle
    2. Hero Gangu

    Does it looks the right spots? Am I’m missing something here?


    • Hi Alex,

      That’s a mighty big list you have there! I’ll have a look through it and let you know how you might go finding those type of toys and figures in the stores you have listed.

      -Mighty Mike

  4. Thank you Mike.

    In addition to the one’s mentioned in Osaka part, I think I’m going to walk by Kotobukiya, Animate Osaka and Toy’s Seya as well.


    • Hi Alex,

      I finally got the chance to sit down and have a look at the links to the figures you have posted, considering most of those are anime or manga statues/figures made by Japanese companies (Banpresto, Bandai, Megahouse etc.) There’s a good chance you’ll be able to find at least some of what you are looking for in your travels. I can’t guarantee you’ll find everything on your list. But, I’d like to think you’ll find some of it.

      Akihabara is always a good place to start as there are stores selling these types of figures almost on every corner. So if you see a store that even vaguely looks like it might have what you want, don’t hesitate to check it out.

      As for your store list, everything looks pretty good, make sure you check out the Mandarake branches in Osaka too. Also sometimes even Book-off can have the unexpected surprise (not a chain store I normally visit but when I have popped my head in to have a look they do have the occasional toy section to have a browse in! Oh and don’t forget JUNGLE’S Akihabara branch too!(It’s two levels of toys after all!) (That reminds me I still have to do a bit of tidy up on my guides too!)

      So my advice would be, try to visit all the stores in your list, Make sure to take your time where possible in each store so you don’t miss anything and don’t be afraid to show the store staff a photo of what you want and ask “Do you have this? Please.” Because pictures are much easier to communicate with!

      -Mighty Mike

  5. Hi Mike,
    I’ll be in Kobe in May. Can you tell me the best shop for Bandai Soul of Chogokin or other Robot toys (even used)?
    thanks a lot

    • Hi Mauro,

      Haven’t been to Kobe myself, but I do have a friend who lives there atm, I’ll ask them if they know of any, but he’s not into collectibles or anything like that so he might not be the best source of info. Hopefully, he gets back to me in good time!

      -Mighty Mike

  6. Hi,Mike.
    Very Nice Guide..i’ll be in Tokyo and Osaka on June.It’s first time to visit Japan.
    Please help me, im looking for gashapon gundam. Im collecting gundam RX-78-2. (my IG: gundam_rx782). Do you know the best place to buy it?

    im looking for Banpresto:
    looks like this:



    Thanks A lot


    • Hi Randy,

      Good thing with Gashapon and Gundam is that it’s obviously very popular in Japan, although I find at times buying Gashapon sets can be a little tricky, I find plenty of stores in Nanako Broadway and Akihabara the best bet, as most of the time they will have them in sets or as single items for sale, Just be aware that some of these stores have a “display” toy on the rack and behind it are the ones you can actually purchase, so if there’s only one toy there, double check the top of the baggy it’s in for a price or not.

      I’ve definitely had the most success in Nakano and Akihabara when hunting down either complete sets or single toys.

      Good luck with your search! and don’t be afraid to check stores not listed in my guide, that you might happen to come across, But I really do need to add some more good stores I’ve found to Akihabara when I’m back in Japan next!

      – Mighty Mike

      • Hi,mikey
        Thanks to you.
        Appreciate it.

        I’m back from japan last weeks.
        Im follow your guide in Tokyo & Osaka.
        Im very happy to visit the mandarake in nakano (a lot of used toys).
        My favorite Toy Shop:
        Liberty (akiba)
        Yellow Submarine (Osaka)
        Radio kaikan (Akiba)
        Jungle (Tokyo & Osaka)
        Mandarake (Tokyo & Osaka)

        Please check your email, I’m sent the photos of my toys from my trip in Japan. Im so sorry, i want to post here,but i can’t copy the link images.

        Japan is really has a lot of toys.
        *sorry for my bad English, I’m really want to thanks for your guide. (1st Trip in Japan)

        Thanks Mike

        • Hi Randy,

          Great to hear you enjoyed your tip to Japan! Happy to help! and if my guide has helped you out, all the better! Definitely all those stores are great, a lot of them are my favourite too! If you haven’t already you can always Private Message me any pics from your trip through the Mike’s Toy Blog Facebook Page, I find that’s the best way to do it!

          – Mighty Mike

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